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Katherine Arden’s bestselling debut novel spins an irresistible spell as it announces the arrival of a singular talent with a gorgeous voice.   “A beautiful deep-winter story, full of magic and monsters and the sharp edges of growing up.”—Naomi Novik, bestselling author of UprootedWinter lasts most

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Author Katherine Arden

Pages 336

Publisher Random House Worlds

Published Date 2017-01-10

ISBN 1101885947 9781101885949


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Lisa Marchese 's profile image

lisa_marchese shared a tip "One of the best trilogy's I have read in a long time!!"

Mariah Kate 's profile image

themariahmethod shared a tip "Obsessed unabashedly so"

Book Obsessed's profile image

book_obsessed shared a tip "Could not put this book down! Loved it!!"

Sarah Ford's profile image

sarah_ford_6738 shared a tip "January - Arctic - Russia"

Kate Elizabeth's profile image

kate_elizabeth_3748 shared a tip "You might like this"

Gray Micheletti's profile image

gray_micheletti shared a tip "Morozko was quiet and standoffish, yet caring. Also we love our baddass vasilisa ❤️"

kk_1708 shared a tip "Reading random stuff for the fall on KU, nothing as deep as this lol"

Megan H's profile image

meghei shared a tip "Narrated by Kathleen Gati."

Jodi 's profile image

jodi_4174 shared a tip "I absolutely love this book."

Madelyn Pena's profile image

madelyn_pena shared a tip "Made me want my very own ice boi"

justin hawkins's profile image

justin_hawkins_1085 shared a tip "It was a wonderfully cold atmospheric novel filled with magic."

Tabitha Uchtman's profile image

tabitha_uchtman shared a tip "Started off slow but picked up at the end."

alessandra aschenbrenner's profile image

alessandra_aschenbr shared a tip "One of my favorite book series of all time, which is saying something!"

Pros and Khans's profile image

pros_and_khans shared a tip "Beautiful, dark fairy tale"

rebekah_cribb shared a tip "This book I will hold dear forever ♥️"

Kristi Smylie's profile image

kristi_smylie shared a tip "Beautiful writing and captivating story throughout the entire series"

Kamari Boggan's profile image

kamari_boggan shared a tip "This series was abosulute perfection! I couldn't stop reading. Definitely a fantasy masterpiece."

Lily belle's profile image

lily_belle shared a tip "A wonderful light read. In the beginning its slow but the adventure is worth it! I miss the whole series."

Katherine Langston's profile image

katherine_langston shared a tip "A big fan of the series, it was nice to read a story about non-western mythology!"

Nadia Klepfer's profile image

nadia_klepfer shared a tip "Love the folklore aspect"

Abby Tillotson's profile image

abby_tillotson shared a tip "Honestly any part with Solovey. What about you?"

Britany Caulford's profile image

britany_caulford shared a tip "AMAZING trilogy, I cried when I finished it because I didnt want it to end lol"

Hannah Peacock's profile image

hannahisreadingsomething shared a tip "4/5 stars"

Hannah Peacock's profile image

hannahisreadingsomething shared a tip "4/5"

Sara Kamibayashi's profile image

sara_kamibayashi shared a tip "It was truly lovely."

Jessica Kirkpatrick's profile image

jessica_kirkpatrick_646 shared a tip "This is 100% out of my wheel-house. I read it in two days. I very much recommend this book."

Devin Weiche's profile image

devin_weiche shared a tip "I read all 3 books in two weeks. Couldn't put them down. Historical fantasy at its best."

Sarah Ridgeway's profile image

sarah_ridgeway_3826 shared a tip "I loved the magic realism. It was lyrically and beautifully written."

ana villasenor's profile image

ana_villasenor_217 shared a tip "My favorite service to date. Everything abolitionist was so beautiful."

katelyn_2646 shared a tip "It’s steady and picks up a grand pace. I shed tears by the end. Underrated and deserves SO MUCH MORE."

Gabrielle Thomas's profile image

gabrielle_thomas_1168 shared a tip "It's amazing and the series gets even better as it goes on"

sallie_l shared a tip "So well done!"

Virginia A's profile image

virginia_a shared a tip "This whole series became one of my favorites super quick! I absolutely love this book. The world is so magical!"

narjis_al-ansari shared a tip "The best book ever"

kate_mankowski shared a tip "Loved this series"

Julia 's profile image

julia_5440 shared a tip "Have you ever read "the Thief" by Megan Whalen Taylor? It's a 6 book series that I fell in love with"

Aria Crane's profile image

aria_crane shared a tip "My favorite from childhood is the Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, but recently I’ve loved Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt"

merry_madiou shared a tip "Currently reading Guilded and it’s quite good!"

Sarie 's profile image

sariexyz shared a tip "This remains one of my favourite series. The folklore is rich and the story builds over three novels. Absolutely beautiful."

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