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Author Liane Moriarty

Pages 512

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2017-02-07

ISBN 0399587209 9780399587207

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NaomiZukor shared a tip "I read this after watching the TV version, and I loved them both."

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amyelle24 shared a tip "Worth. The. Hype."

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "This book was a wild ride, that's for sure!"

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aerdroped_hunter shared a tip "Good"

rachel_schuh shared a tip "One of my favorites! I love this book!"

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kathleen_8679 shared a tip "LOVED IT!"

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shawna_monroe shared a tip "It has been years since I read it but the ending, of course."

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tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Haven't read the book, but have watched the show and it's phenomenal! The cast is amazing!"

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hunter_brimi shared a tip "Season One: Yes! Season Two: Meh."

Anisha Cook's profile image

anisha_cook shared a tip "It was so good!!"

allie_jernigan shared a tip "I haven’t read this one yet but I want to❤️I’m finishing Where the crawdads sing"

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mayra_4962 shared a tip "I don't yet. Sorry."

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amanda_weisgerber shared a tip "This book is great!!"

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deva_d shared a tip "i haven’t finished but i like that it’s written from a third point of view. i really like the humor too."

tina_goode shared a tip "I liked the plot twists. Good character development. I’ll have to watch the series!!"

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vivian_nash shared a tip "I don’t have a favourite but one that stands out is the night circus! What about you?"

Melanie Markwith Frantz's profile image

melanie_markwith_frantz shared a tip "Yes I watched both seasons. I always like the book better but the show was good too."

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sara_nicholas shared a tip "Book was so much better !"

paua_m._wade shared a tip "Great shoe!!"

paua_m._wade shared a tip "Great show!"

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tiffany_roth shared a tip "It's kind of a bigger book, but so good. I've read most of this author's books too. Liked them all so far"

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valerie_collins_9871 shared a tip "This was a great book but am I the only one who had it figured out halfway through? A little disappointed.."

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shannon_ungricht shared a tip "I haven't watched the series. This book was 5 stars!!"

teri_hansen_1019 shared a tip "The Last Rose of Shanghai"

shawnacy_herron shared a tip "Yes. I loved it. Super fun read😊"

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lynn_mccarthy_4323 shared a tip "Are you a real person? Just started this app?"

liz_lowery_9441 shared a tip "I enjoyed the book more than the movie!"

kylee_houdashelt shared a tip "I have too many! Lol My latest favorite is probably Where the Crawdads Sing!"

pat_beach shared a tip "I liked it."

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sandra_boorh shared a tip "P"

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danielle_gallant shared a tip "Yes! Did you watch both seasons?"

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samantha_bowen shared a tip "Hi! I’m not a tv fan so I watched like one episode and that was it."

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anastasia_waly shared a tip "Did not recommend. Did not read"

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ali_huerta shared a tip "The book was great, I strongly recommend 😊"

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nancy_houle shared a tip "I have not!!"

Briel Hawkins's profile image

briel_hawkins shared a tip "Jane what about you"

elaine_ebach shared a tip "I love all Lianne Moriartys books. They are a great escape and delve a little deeper into the emotional side of her characters"

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rhianna_bell shared a tip "Loved it!"

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dianna_hughes shared a tip "We love a twisty, mysterious page-turner that doubles as a biting social commentary!!"

Jennifer Dyer's profile image

jennifer_dyer shared a tip "Hi Matt, yes I have lots of recommendations! The Push is very good and the woman in the window also."

jennifer_mounsey shared a tip "An incredibly woven story"

Monie Monet's profile image

monie_monet shared a tip "I loved the suspense, it kept me guessing and I was shocked by the ending. It was a great read!"

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molly_spears shared a tip "Great read"

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christina_garrison_2190 shared a tip "Omgeeee Where the crawdads sing"

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nreger shared a tip "Yes this is great! I also liked ‘what Alice forgot’ and ‘the husbands secret’ by this same author."

barbara_hicken shared a tip "Definetly"

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devin_dickerson shared a tip "It’s good read it a few years ago."

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r_drolet shared a tip "Yes. Both were terrific in their own way. I really loved the audiobook!"

kimberly_giles shared a tip "Yes, loved it!"

ann_leclair shared a tip "The show is great. I'm sure the book is better!"

paige_miller_7960 shared a tip "Yes, she makes for light, engaging reading."

saanmugi_shanmugadasan shared a tip "Yes. You should also watch the show."

stacey_engel shared a tip "So good! Better than the series."

kayla_4321 shared a tip "I had a hard time putting this book down...keeps you guessing!"

aradia_zenobia shared a tip "Definitely!"

Khyati Naphade's profile image

khyati_naphade shared a tip "Such a good read. Shocked by twist at the end. Enjoyed the most"

donna_duwell shared a tip "Liane Moriarty is a wonderful story teller. I listened to this on audio. I loved the Australian accent of the reader."

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janiesha_williams shared a tip "This is the first I've read from the author but so far so good."

Stephanie Markus's profile image

stephanie_markus shared a tip "One of my favorite books!"

lyndsey_okeeffe shared a tip "By far her best book. I loved the style this book was written in and loved all the different twist and turns."

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lindsay_wise shared a tip "I think you may be taking about little fires everywhere"

kelsey_anderson_7693 shared a tip "This is one of my tops. I'll always have the Harry Potter series at the top too."

cynda_anderson shared a tip "I’ve always loved this author. Unpredictable book for sure!"

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heather_hunter_8131 shared a tip "All of Liane Moriarty's books are worth it in my opinion!"

melissa_barnette shared a tip "Yep, good quick read!"

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sandy_missios_dolson shared a tip "I really liked Gone Girl and Girl on a Train. Do you have any favourites?"

karen_sheydwasser shared a tip "I think my favourite of all time and a completely different genre from BLL is Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible."

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jacquelynn_cookson shared a tip "Good book but I did enjoy the show more, surprisingly."

Amy Sticco's profile image

amy_sticco shared a tip "Ha! Could not give just one..."

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candace_wynne shared a tip "I love American Dirt, Where the Crawdads Sing, Ally and Bea, The Henna Artist. There are so many!!"

Dominique LW's profile image

dominique_lw shared a tip "I loved the Elin Hilderbrand Paradise trilogy!"

Michon Mackey's profile image

michon_mackey shared a tip "I really liked The Husband’s Secret. The others are just ok for me. Kristin Hannah The Great Alone was also really good."

donna_diana shared a tip "Definitely worth reading"

donna_diana shared a tip "I loved The Push. Highly recommend this book"

karin_frederick shared a tip "I read it quite some time ago, but I remember liking the humor along with the suspense."

karin_frederick shared a tip "I can’t think of one specific part. Liked the humor along with the mystery."

Krystal Gascon's profile image

krystal_gascon shared a tip "Loved this book"

lady_sarah_thurston shared a tip "I’m currently reading Little Fires Everywhere!"

julia_randazzo_9885 shared a tip "Short chapters and it keeps you wanting to read"

awesome_user_565704 shared a tip "The twist at the end. You will never see it coming."

Martha Lenk's profile image

martha_lenk shared a tip "We were liars!"

margaret_hinely shared a tip "Best Liane Moriarity book hands down. And far better than the TV series, which was also good so that’s saying something!"

Maureen Balogh's profile image

maureen_balogh shared a tip "They made it into a miniseries and it was excellent."

Morgan Flanagan's profile image

morgan_flanagan shared a tip "I'm in the middle of Play Dead by Harlan Coben, he's always pretty solid but it's not one I "can't put down.""

jeannine hearon's profile image

jeannine_hearon shared a tip "Read it before the series was out. Loved it. Read the Chemist. Excellent"

roberta_vernon shared a tip "The book is always better than the movie"

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sherri_walker_4333 shared a tip "I’m reading another one by the same author. 9 perfect strangers. Been good so far!"

wyntyr_oberlin shared a tip "The drama is worth it!"

Vanessa Gratton's profile image

vanessa_gratton shared a tip "Jane Eyre, Into Thin Air, The Beach."

Courtney Paige's profile image

courtney_paige shared a tip "Love the book. The show is so far not as appealing."

Desperate Simlives's profile image

desperate_simlives shared a tip "The Witching Hour by Anne Rice"

ashley_9182 shared a tip "Murderer across the table, the silent patient, behind closed doors"

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gina_horn_192 shared a tip "I loved nine perfect strangers. It will be a series in august"

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imwiththehippies shared a tip "Loved this one!!"

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sarah_godhard shared a tip "I read all of Liane Moriarty's books and really liked them!!"

anne_miller_2107 shared a tip "Hi! Most recent fave was Circe. Have you read it??"

anjali_chillar shared a tip "ofc!! if you like this book, you should watch the mini series of it in hbo also!!"

Kendra Gilliland's profile image

kendra_gilliland shared a tip "Yes! I loved it!"

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erica_shoebridge shared a tip "Absolutely"

Michelle Markey's profile image

michelle_markey shared a tip "I read the wife upstairs by Rachel Hawkins"

Nurse Toí Jones's profile image

NurseToi911 shared a tip "Anytime! It was fantastic! Better than the show as always."

terry_sands shared a tip "Great book. Watched some of the series but not all of it. Moriarty ‘s books are always good."

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ashley_aguirre_3244 shared a tip "Yes I really enjoyed it."

Amanda Homsanith's profile image

amanda_homsanith shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

angela samuelsen's profile image

angela_samuelsen shared a tip "Sooooo good but i watched it first (unfortunately) lol"

Maren Butler's profile image

maren_butler shared a tip "One of my favourite books ever!!!"

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leslie_leake shared a tip "I’m really into Colleen Hoover books right now! They are great reads!"

Tara Selby's profile image

tara_selby shared a tip "Hi! It’s so hard to pick just one favorite! My top 3 are Rebecca, Where the Crawdads Sing, and Gone Girl"

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cj_young shared a tip "I loved the character development!"

Jillian Euscher's profile image

jillian_euscher shared a tip "A great read with a twist"

sharon_williams_4441 shared a tip "Love all her books."

Andrea Bouchard's profile image

andrea_bouch shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

pamela_gustafson shared a tip "You will love it!!! Also very good The woman in the window!!!"

Caren Himmesoete's profile image

caren_himmesoete shared a tip "The Perfect Son"

jenny_edelson shared a tip "From Liane Moriarty? Truly, madly, guilty and the husband's secret!"

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ashley_werner_9837 shared a tip "Yes! this book was great and the show is just as good"

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shar_vanhoose shared a tip "Liane is a great author. I'd recommend any of her books."

theresa_youmans shared a tip "Just finished “ look what you made me do” absolute page turner !!! Couldn’t put it down . Definitely recommend!"

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andrea_stein shared a tip "There are a lot more emotions involved with the reading the book, than from watching the HBO show!"

Lainey Steward's profile image

lainey_steward shared a tip "Yes! I love the book What Alice Forgot. My absolute favorite!"

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paul_cordeiro_2368 shared a tip "Yes most definitely"

Paul Cordeiro's profile image

paul_cordeiro_2368 shared a tip "Yes absolutely. Way different from the series on tv"

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molly_birdsall_3196 shared a tip "I love anything by Lisa Jewell! I’m currently reading Verity and the new Nicholas Sparks book. What about you?"

katherine_lee_9478 shared a tip "I loved the book however I didn’t like the HBO rendition of it."

mica_lovell shared a tip "The ending is beyond amazing. Best book I’ve ever read. You won’t be able to put it down"

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