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In this New York Times bestselling “charming debut” (People)—soon to be a major motion picture starring Tom Hanks—from one of Sweden’s most successful authors, a grumpy yet loveable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door.Meet Ove. He’s a cur

Author Fredrik Backman

Pages 337

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2015-05-05

ISBN 1476738025 9781476738024


Google 4.5


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Lisamorris shared a tip "How can the story of a grumpy old man be so engaging?"

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was okay"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "This book is on my top 10 best books of all time. It’s moving, funny, and so easy to get lost in."

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "It’s one of my favorite books of all time"

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DancingDino shared a tip "Very hard to get into but the ending was worth it."

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miaparker shared a tip "I loved both the book 📕 and the movie!! 🎥 … 👍🏾👍🏾"

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danette shared a tip "Very good read!"

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yasmineguroluk shared a tip "Incredible story! A must read!"

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ricky_a shared a tip "Wry novel of older Swedish man whose getting by after his wife’s passing."

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skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "It was slow at first and took a little bit to get into, but ended up being very sweet and I really liked it."

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jodilu shared a tip "Who would have thought that a book about a grumpy old man would be so good?"

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2LZ shared a tip "This is my favorite book ever!"

hailey_brock shared a tip "Although Ove is most certainly a grumpy man, that doesn’t mean he is not capable of redeption."

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chezzy_8748 shared a tip "A beautiful story about pining for a loved one, cats, friendship, and out look on life."

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kim_gc shared a tip "Every once in awhile you need a feel good read that will leave you smiling long after finishing it. This is that book."

paul_parrone shared a tip "Good read"

cassie_moran_2219 shared a tip "I really connected with the characters and most definitely cried... twice"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "This book is literary perfection. Love it."

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "I listened to the audiobook version. Loved the narrator"

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jon_christensen shared a tip "The movie was good too."

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mary_howard_blackbu shared a tip "Loved this book"

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mary_howard_blackbu shared a tip "One of my favorite books and favorite authors. Must read his newest book Anxious People."

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mary_howard_blackbu shared a tip "I adore this book. Fredrick Backman is the best writer"

kara_6158 shared a tip "Just like they said I would, I laughed AND cried reading this book. Incredibly heartwarming."

lisa_turcotte shared a tip "Best character ever!!"

michael_commisso shared a tip "Such a good book. Backman is my favorite author!"

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phatima_mitchell shared a tip "I loved loved loved loved this book. Understanding loss and true love. Amazing!"

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cassidy_7847 shared a tip "Felt like I was reading a modern day Netflix show"

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cassidy_7847 shared a tip "Seems very similar. TBR List."

k_burns shared a tip "LOVE!"

nicole_l_4503 shared a tip "I liked Water for Elephants. Which really was only the same in that it was a story of an old man, but a great book"

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andrea_roebuck shared a tip "Sweet and heartwarming"

nikki_mccay shared a tip "Enjoyed it"

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laura_freeman_6735 shared a tip "I really liked it but did the audio. I found it heartwarming but still very funny."

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sarrah_anderson shared a tip "I laughed, I cried, and it had me hanging on its every word! Great book!"

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shirley_schwartz shared a tip "One of my all time favourites! Loved this book!"

chelsea_thomas_8483 shared a tip "Have you read his books?"

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jennifer_priore shared a tip "This is funny, uplifting and hopeful. Fantastic book"

lisa_hardy_8865 shared a tip "Such a delightful heartwarming story!"

robin_fronk shared a tip "I would it's very good!"

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ok.camdyn shared a tip "Wonderfully told story about a man that learns to open his heart to others once again."

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laurie_pietz_235 shared a tip "This book made me laugh and cry."

Camalia McMunn's profile image

camalia_mcmunn shared a tip "This is the only book of his that I've read so far. Are his other books good as well? Which one(s) do you recommend?"

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heidi_oneil shared a tip "If I could hug this book I would. Loved it. The relationships that Ove makes are just tender and sweet."

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jean_black shared a tip "I didn’t want this book to end..."

Tyler Senecharles's profile image

tyler_senecharles shared a tip "Great read. You’ll laugh and cry and fall in love with this grumpy all man who is simply too moral to die"

Taylor Paget's profile image

taylor_paget shared a tip "I found it very slow, and boring. Kept waiting for it to get better."

tara_332 shared a tip "Highly recommend! I laughed, cried and didn’t want to put it down. Great read!"

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thestarfly shared a tip "We read this book because we were hoping doe something "light" and "funny"... that went well."

ellen_yessayan shared a tip "Different plot very nice characters"

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thenoveltourist shared a tip "Ove made me want to go find an old curmudgeon and just hug him."

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ginny_jones_2958 shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

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alexis_cornett shared a tip "My favorite book of all time. PLEASE give it a read!"

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laura_gadberry shared a tip "I loved Where the Crawdads Sing"

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nick_rodriguez_2968 shared a tip "Happy and a tear jerker"

angela_lees shared a tip "Seriously an amazing book!"

conny_hauf shared a tip "Funny, and sometimes sad, but worth every minute."

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nicole_meyer_6099 shared a tip "Really heartfelt and genuine, and the author is an amazing storyteller with really engaging and funny dialogue"

kate_wing shared a tip "A well written book that just about anyone will enjoy."

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alejandra_gutierrez_2046 shared a tip "This book is one of my favorites. I definitely cried and laughed reading it."

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rebecca_brilowskipodbregar shared a tip "Last book that I REALLY enjoyed."

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stacey_henry shared a tip "A predictable story but still a decent read."

pat_oconnor shared a tip "This is a great story about love."

Juliette DeForest's profile image

juliette_deforest shared a tip "Heartfelt and funny...all the good feels."

Lacey Mathis's profile image

lacey_mathis shared a tip "One of my favs. Ove will make you laugh, cry, and love a man who can do DIY!"

Erin Barger-Albu's profile image

erin_barger-albu shared a tip "So good! And better than reading subtitles to watch it on Prime as although the show is not in English the audiobook is!"

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valari_heithoff shared a tip "Wonderful book!"

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araseli_vii shared a tip "One of my favorites :,) grew attached the all the characters"

mojgan_foroodi shared a tip "A very fun read"

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joshua_degley shared a tip "I listened to this book and it was both sad and funny at times. This turned out to be one of my favorite books."

Sarah Lampke's profile image

sarah_lampke shared a tip "It was perfect. The sad parts are told simply and the happy parts make you love the characters more."

ce_1216 shared a tip "The prose, the story line, the nuances of the character descriptions made this a book worth quoting."

cynda_anderson shared a tip "I loved Ove’s personality. Slight humorous in his dark time."

Madi Beal's profile image

madi_beal shared a tip "I definitely think so! This book was so cute and sweet"

darlene_kaskow shared a tip "This is definitely one of my all-time favourite novels."

jody_codella shared a tip "Love all of Fredrik Backman’s books."

Krista Waggoner's profile image

krista_waggoner shared a tip "He's kinda gruff but like a Grandpa."

Derek O'Neal's profile image

derek_oneal shared a tip "Yes! It’s so good! One of my favorite books recently!"

Alyson Deutsch Horstman's profile image

alyson_deutsch_hors shared a tip "This one gets you right in the heart."

Andrea Malaison's profile image

andrea_malaison shared a tip "I read all Backman that I can. I’m enjoying Alice Hoffman right now. She’s a wonderful storyteller"

laura moreno's profile image

laura_moreno_5871 shared a tip "This is one of them. The 5 Am club is also one of my favs :) and you?"

megan5579 's profile image

megan5579 shared a tip "A wonderful, life-affirming story that reminded me of the value of community and love. And as a bonus, it's hilarious!"

Antonio Saavedra's profile image

antonio_saavedra shared a tip "This book may be engaging, but the aging representation is just soo off that it is low key ageist."

Andrew Lang's profile image

andrew_lang_9541 shared a tip "My favourite book of all time. A beautiful and heartwarming story of a man processing grief and found family."

Vikki Camacho's profile image

vikki_camacho shared a tip "It’s one of the best feel good books I’ve read in a long time. I cried so much yet laughed so much. So many great emotions"

Jessie R's profile image

jessie_r_3077 shared a tip "Cute story"

isaac_moussan shared a tip "Witty, unassuming and true"

Bailey Jenkins's profile image

bailey_jenkins_9069 shared a tip "Funny and emotional. Would recommend."

ana villasenor's profile image

ana_villasenor_217 shared a tip "Super unusual and absolutely fantastic."

diane_s_5877 shared a tip "Really enjoyed the humor! But it was also very touching in parts, too."

tanya_3053 shared a tip "Such a sweet story"

holly_searls shared a tip "Love, love, love this quirky and heartwarming story. This book started my obsession with all books by Fredrik Backman!"

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bella_rose_1264 shared a tip "I enjoy Mr. Backmon stories"

Emma 's profile image

emma_3560 shared a tip "It's a lovely book. He is principled without thinking too deeply about why he is. We could use more men like Ove"

Sara Myers's profile image

sara_myers_4028 shared a tip "Perfect ending"

leah_trevor_1162 shared a tip "Such a sweet book - from beginning to end. I immediately want everyone I love to read it. Great ending, too."

alexandra_hatcher shared a tip "Excellent"

Niecey 's profile image

niecey_3853 shared a tip "You never can tell why someone is the way they are."

jesicha_fontana shared a tip "It was a bit of a slow read for me, but it was worth getting through."

emma_best_6299 shared a tip "complete rollercoaster of emotions"

Honorata 's profile image

honbo shared a tip "My favourite book. Made me feel so much! Unique and beautiful story."

Kimberly Wicks's profile image

kimberly_wicks shared a tip "Loved this book, and I've loved everything I've read by Fredrik Backman!"

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michael_young_2666 shared a tip "I didn't think I'd like this book. Turned out I loved it!"

Jocelyn Lang's profile image

jocelyn_lang shared a tip "I like the story! This author is the first in a while that I felt the story wasn’t predictable or over used! Very heartwarming"

tatum_wolzen shared a tip "Very slow to start but was a feel good story ❤️. Would recommend"

sarah_coonrod shared a tip "Love it- such deep emotions and the gratitude and shows importance of connections with those around us."

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susan_allen_2738 shared a tip "Great characters"

Mason Nielsen's profile image

mason_nielsen shared a tip "Every single thing about it"

Shruti JP Mehta's profile image

shruti_jp_mehta shared a tip "Cried a lot reading this book, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Half way through the book, so I wanted to give Ove a big long hug"

Abbagail Welch's profile image

abbagail_welch shared a tip "Dear Edward"

Jill Joris's profile image

jill_joris shared a tip "This was such a touching story. I think we all know someone like Ove."

leo_7734 shared a tip "Yea it is sentimental as well as rough. But I would definitely recommend it if u like a mix of those two."

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jenneeb shared a tip "Loved this so much."

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brittany_spath shared a tip "Adorable. Absolutely loved this read!"

caiti_carlson shared a tip "My new favorite book."

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catherine_jane_deco shared a tip "Nice wholesome book"

misty_nielson shared a tip "This book was just a heartwarming feel good book!"

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belle_wells shared a tip "Breathtaking"

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