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Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller A People Book of the Week, Book of the Month Club selection, and Best of Fall in Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, The Washington Post, New York Post, Shondaland, CNN, and more! “[A] quirky, big-hearted novel…Wry, wise, and often laugh-out-loud funny, it’s a wholly or

Author Fredrik Backman

Pages 352

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2020-09-08

ISBN 1501160850 9781501160851

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Google 4.5


Meredith Lavergne's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "An absolute joy to read. It’s smart, funny, unpredictable and full of compassion"

Meredith Lavergne's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "An absolute joy to read. It’s smart, funny, unpredictable and full of compassion"

Tricia Montgomery's profile image

tricia_montgomery shared a tip "A little slow at first but ended up loving it! Just delightful!"

Zaira Acosta's profile image

zaira_acosta shared a tip "Good for people who like comedy, but it wasn't my taste and a little too slow for me. Glad I tried something different though!"

Erika Lynne's profile image

erika_lynne shared a tip "December read"

nikki_cureton shared a tip "Loved this! Funny and endearing"

Mary Howard Blackburn's profile image

mary_howard_blackbu shared a tip "I love Fredrick Blackman. This book was so good"

michelle 's profile image

michelle_6575 shared a tip "This book is genuinely so beautiful."

Brady Cole's profile image

brady_cole shared a tip "I haven’t been so moved by a book in a long while. Such a beautiful story."

Cynthia 's profile image

cyndisid shared a tip "Extremely heartfelt book that has the power to change you forever. Keep tissues on hand!"

chrissy_3910 shared a tip "This novel did nit disappoint"

Noelia Romero's profile image

noelia_romero shared a tip "Funny"

Mira Shah's profile image

mira_shah_2193 shared a tip "It was beautifully written and very current"

Rachel Erickson's profile image

rachel_erickson shared a tip "Love the humor and different perspective in this one."

bibhash_das shared a tip "Perhaps one of the best books I’ve read all year - touching, very drily humorous, fascinating characters, and an easy read."

Chelsea Lambert's profile image

chelsea_lambert shared a tip "Introspective and laugh out loud funny. Everyone has an interesting story."

Julie Morang's profile image

julie_morang shared a tip "So funny and well written"

Bri Deopere's profile image

bri_deopere shared a tip "This one starts out slow but gets better as you go along. It takes random twists, but ultimately was a pretty sweet storyline."

Margaret Hanrahan's profile image

margaret_hanrahan shared a tip "Not what I thought it would be - so good and interesting look into people and what stresses them and how we are so connected"

Sidney Vand's profile image

sidney_vand shared a tip "I loved this book. Easy to get into. So many characters that you feel for. And a twist. I cried at the end."

allie_mckinney shared a tip "I love books where everything connects in the end in unexpected ways!"

Karina Bueno's profile image

karina_bueno shared a tip "I liked the humor"

jana_tolman shared a tip "This was absolutely delightful. Relatable, funny, heartwarming, and surprising."

serena_winegarden shared a tip "You MUST read this book it’s amazing!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every page"

Meryl Waldo's profile image

meryl_waldo shared a tip "Loved it. Quirky but heartwarming"

April Flores's profile image

april_flores_160 shared a tip "An instant classic that forces you to see the significance others play on how our lives take shape."

Cynthia 's profile image

cynthia_carballo shared a tip "not sure why but reading this book felt like a chore. I couldn’t get into and by the end I was glad to have finished."

Shelby Foley's profile image

shelby_foley shared a tip "It's way better than I expected! Hope you enjoy!"

jennifer_daxon shared a tip "It was fun and cute, sad and happy, with a twist. Loved it!"

Harold Young's profile image


cayla_bush_9841 shared a tip "Comedy and tragedy beautifully intertwined for a story that kept me on edge, eagerly trying to see how things ended. 10/1"

Mohamed Mobarak's profile image

mohamed_mobarak shared a tip "Definitely worth it in my opinion, it’s very touching and easy to keep up with."

Diane Acosta's profile image

diane_acosta shared a tip "Very relatable"

Tambourine Temple's profile image

tambourine_temple shared a tip "Interesting, entertaining, quick read."

Jamie McClellan's profile image

jamie_mcclellan shared a tip "Multilayered mystery"

Kayla Mullett's profile image

kayla_mullett shared a tip "I loved this book. You develop such a tremendous amount of empathy for the "villain" character"

Geraldine Critch-Gillingham's profile image

geraldine_critch-gi shared a tip "Loved his style of writing"

Lexi Seipel's profile image

lexi_seipel shared a tip "Slow starting but once it picks up, you can't put it down! Definitely a favorite of the year!"

Lorena Herriot's profile image

lorena_herriot shared a tip "Unpredictable light funny all about relationships"

Charile Webb's profile image

charile_webb shared a tip "Yeah its amazinggggggg"

Jamie Danielle's profile image

jamie_danielle shared a tip "Funny and not what I expected granted i didn’t read the jacket cover to learn what it was about before hand. Good read"

Zeanna 's profile image

zeanna shared a tip "read this in one day. totally recommend for a book that mixes the mundane struggle of life with a dry-humor mystery plot"

shannon_tahir shared a tip "Funny, deep, multi perspective. Well worth it if you're into the multi perspective thing."

leslie_lanigan shared a tip "It was quirky and fun!"

sophia_vojacek shared a tip "Loved it. Like chicken soup for the soul, a funny read too"

Nicole 's profile image

nicole_6686 shared a tip "I am still reading this book but the first page had me hooked!"

Krystal Eicher's profile image

krystal_eicher shared a tip "Loved this so much more than I expected. What a beautiful read with beautiful characters."

emma_sjoberg shared a tip "Hilarious, with a heartfelt ending."

Victoria Kolakowski's profile image

victoria_kolakowski shared a tip "Short chapters, interesting characters, funny moments"

Annie Kearns's profile image

annie_kearns shared a tip "So many funny (laugh out loud) moments in a deep and sensitive book. Loved it."

anne_m_donohue shared a tip "Excellent book. Interesting, fast paced and funny! Fun quick read. Highly recommend."

Sehrish Zehra's profile image

sehrish_zehra shared a tip "Yes, although not the same genre. I'm reading All The Light We Cannot See - really good!"

Naty O's profile image

naty_o shared a tip "Such a great story full of surprises and beautiful sentiments"

zahra_karami shared a tip "Restores hope in ordinary people."

abby_schwecke_1518 shared a tip "Great book"

nina_davies shared a tip "You will connect with all the characters, you will laugh, and shed a few sweet tears. Great read for a weekend!"

gillian_cancade shared a tip "I've read a few of his books. I've liked them all but the Beartown books are my personal favourites."

Roxanne Miles's profile image

roxanne_miles shared a tip "Loved the quirky people in this book."

lyman_peel shared a tip "Great writing and so engaging!"

Terri  Birmingham's profile image

terri_birmingham shared a tip "I haven't read it...I have it on my list"

Eileen Butler's profile image

eileen_butler shared a tip "Loved how this story was written! Such a good audiobook to listen to!!"

Brennan Mallon's profile image

brennan_mallon shared a tip "Lots of little life lessons!!"

Ryan Grasha's profile image

ryan_grasha shared a tip "Loved it, not as good as his other books but still a wonderful read"

Dabeyba Heinsen's profile image

dabeyba_heinsen shared a tip "Another great book ❤ very funny, emotional, keeps you guessing till the end."

Ginny Butler's profile image

ginny_butler shared a tip "Excellent on Audio!"

magan_blasig shared a tip "So different than anything I’ve read with so many amazing highlights & relatable moments."

ang_dee shared a tip "Love this HE IS AMAZING!!"

Olivia Hamilton's profile image

olivia_hamilton_2654 shared a tip "This book left me feeling more empathetic, connected, and hyper aware of the feelings of others."

lowan_brown shared a tip "Relatable to what everyone is seeing and feeling."

katie_payne_2779 shared a tip "SO GOOD!! you’ll laugh, cry, and just about everything in between."

Alexandra Lean's profile image

alexandra_lean shared a tip "So good!"

Brant Hubbs's profile image

brant_hubbs shared a tip "Great book, couldn’t put it down. LOVED the characters."

Elizabeth Ashurst's profile image

elizabeth_ashurst shared a tip "Take your time reading so you can really get to know the characters. I enjoyed the dynamic between characters."

fatma_ahmed shared a tip "Amazing intertwined stories narrated beautifuly :)"

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