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The #1 New York Times bestselling series!The electrifying second installment in the Red Queen series has all the drama, intrigue, and steamy romance that made it a #1 New York Times bestseller. Mare Barrow's blood is red—the color of common folk—but her Silver ability, the power to control lightning

Author Victoria Aveyard

Pages 464

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2016-02-09

ISBN 006244963X 9780062449634

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baylee_baker_288 shared a tip "Second half was better, but def interesting! Excited for the next one"

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kate_lunarskye_212 shared a tip "Soooooooo GOOD!!"

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callie_keisler shared a tip "Classic ya"

mattie_schwieger shared a tip "june"

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rosella_wolfbane shared a tip "Very well written and an easy read, but the betrayal and death got to be too much."

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sophie5 shared a tip "4.65 stars, definitely recommend!"

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missygirl_lauren shared a tip "I read this one faster than the first. I’m obsessed with this series"

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jenna67 shared a tip "boring trust"


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hypergrrl23 shared a tip "Great continuation of the story! Mostly just a filler book but none the less still a great book. #redqueen"

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an6 shared a tip "Liked how it took us through her feelings and through the journeys to find the new bloods"

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ella_rawson shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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haley_morris_5039 shared a tip "Wow, just wow."

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olivia_gonzales_1366 shared a tip "love this book, it’s really well written and overall fun to read"

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jaime_garno shared a tip "I don’t remember if I finished it but it’s a great series!!!!"

shannon_rafferty_4617 shared a tip "Loved the royal love story"

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kriya_shah shared a tip "Without a doubt. But you should definitely read the books preceding this one."

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mavenstoothbrush shared a tip "I loved how much certain characters relationships grew in this book👀"

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reece_loftin shared a tip "Loved it, read the whole series!!!!"

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olivia_dannheiser shared a tip "Imagery, love interest, action, plot"

nicole_corwin shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy yeah I do"

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aleicea_watson shared a tip "Beautifully written eith a mind blowing twist. Couldnt put it down!"

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savannah_myers_7360 shared a tip "Loved the whole series"

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Shrubberry shared a tip "Intensly facinating, drawing readers in."

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brooke_tape shared a tip "My least favorite in the series but still good."

lucy_vine shared a tip "Not as good as the first book! I wish there was more action."

yasmeen_8903 shared a tip "Reminded me of the book divergent"

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marellariel shared a tip "#3"

worm_6006 shared a tip "A little slow, but has good building on main character"

maria_long_4284 shared a tip "Yes, when Kilorn came back for them. I was so heartbroken thinking he had betrayed them. How about you?"

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debbie_tinnirello shared a tip "Second book, not as good a red queen but entertaining"

jessia_holmes shared a tip "The drama!"

amber_venhuizen shared a tip "Perfection, quick read but thoroughly detailed."

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heather_marshall_9668 shared a tip "Lovvvvvve this series!"

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lacey_mckinnon shared a tip "Audio book"

hannah_morse_7245 shared a tip "Red Queen book 2"

blanca_robles shared a tip "I wish there was a middle thumbs because this book was very interesting just not my favorite."

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kay_avocado shared a tip "9/10"

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olivia_valentine_2733 shared a tip "The beginning was good. The middle did get a little boring, but the ending, omgsh it was soooo good"

kynlie_rogers shared a tip "Mare Molly Barrow"

abigail_jones_1097 shared a tip "honestly very good! so many plot twists— loved it!"

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