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Kurt Vonnegut’s masterpiece, Slaughterhouse-Five is “a desperate, painfully honest attempt to confront the monstrous crimes of the twentieth century” (Time). Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best novels of all time  Slaughterhouse-Five, an American classic, is one of the world’s grea

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Author Kurt Vonnegut

Pages 288

Publisher Random House Publishing Group

Published Date 1999-01-12

ISBN 0385333846 9780385333849


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baileygriggs shared a tip "Quite possibly my favorite book of all time."

kera_nelson shared a tip "Witty, unconventional, and comical while portraying a deeper theme against violence and war."

susan_daniluk shared a tip "Anything by Vonnegut is worth the read! Also try The plot Against America by Philip Roth…"

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gary_munn_6749 shared a tip "My favourite Vonnegut, and I read them all!!!"

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april_leveille shared a tip "No one write like Kurt."

Wilson Baker reviews!'s profile image

wilsonb shared a tip "6.8/10"

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kj415 shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐"

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servidiod shared a tip "Black humor that makes you think about the horrifying things people can do to each other"

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ansley_faivre shared a tip "i read this for school and it really changed my perspective on war"

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alyssa_escaravage shared a tip "If you can handle a lot of going back and forth through different years, you’ll love it!"

drew_vassallo shared a tip "Finishing “Republic of Thieves” today and then starting the wheel of time series."

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amanda_page_686 shared a tip "So it goes"

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alainamnt23 shared a tip "From Mr. Phethean"

Ainsley McPherson's profile image

ainsley_mcpherson shared a tip "w"

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kiley_southall shared a tip "4.08/5"

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kalyn_rose shared a tip "Some parts of the book, like his description of Dresden and of the horse were so sad."

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kalyn_rose shared a tip "What about you?"

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kalyn_rose shared a tip "I liked that parts of the book when he was unstuck in time."

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emily_king_612 shared a tip "Hi Hank! Personally, I think his best is “Breakfast of Champions.”"

nikki_farmer shared a tip "Always love Vonnegut."

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illy_bias shared a tip "Read slaughterhouse five in an academic setting because it’ll give you a whole new perspective"

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aja_coleman shared a tip "Yes"

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travis_scott_3693 shared a tip "Yes! Also recommend other not-as-famous works."

brandon_8813 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

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wesley_rose_5869 shared a tip "I've read maybe four of his books and I've liked all of them!"

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bobbie_webb shared a tip "How about you?"

Bobbie Webb's profile image

bobbie_webb shared a tip "I’ve been reading Diane Setterfield lately. Really liked her book The Thirteenth tale"

Bobbie Webb's profile image

bobbie_webb shared a tip "A prayer for Owen Meany is one of my favorited. I like John Irving"

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sophdog101 shared a tip "The storytelling is super unique and makes the story mode interesting"

Leo Johnson's profile image

leo_johnson_5756 shared a tip "I enjoy most of vonnegut, this wasn't my favorite but I did enjoy it."

John Dorris's profile image

john_dorris shared a tip "Great book. Kurt’s the man!"

Jaimin Ahir's profile image

jaimin_ahir shared a tip "I haven't read any other one by this author. But Breakfast of Champions seems a good read."

danielle_rasmussen shared a tip "#weird #science_fiction #time I love this book. One of me faves."

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sqishyfishy shared a tip "Still holds up as the best book I’ve ever read."

Kathy Ferdinandsen's profile image

kathy_ferdinandsen_9371 shared a tip "I've read this and Cat's Cradle. I liked both."

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leeam shared a tip "vonnegut humor is fun and witty ☺️"

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dylan_williams_6941 shared a tip "Suprerb"

Kate Bangert's profile image

kate_bangert shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time. Such a fan of Vonnegut. Amazing storyline, hard to put down."

Gerhard Jason Geick's profile image

gerhard_jason_geick shared a tip "A must read."

larissa_gould shared a tip "I liked the themes and abstract concepts"

Deborah Core's profile image

deborah_core shared a tip "This book was such a game changer for me. I absolutely love Vonnegut."

Family Kowalchyk's profile image

family_kowalchyk shared a tip "Love Vonnegut’s writing style"

Griffin Lee's profile image

griffin_lee_259 shared a tip "Gulag Archipeligo"

Griffin Lee's profile image

griffin_lee_259 shared a tip "Gulag archipeligo"

Matty Powell's profile image

mattypowell shared a tip "I need to re-read this one. It was life altering the first time!"

Kerry Bowlin's profile image

kerry_bowlin shared a tip "I love this book. It’s one I can pick up at anytime to enjoy."

Christine Bruce's profile image

christine_bruce_1239 shared a tip "I’m reading wolf and the woodsman by Ava Reid. And I’m really enjoying that."

Ben Hart's profile image

ben_hart_9202 shared a tip "I read it 50 years ago. I just remember my overall impression."

Gus Ortega's profile image

gus_ortega_1836 shared a tip "Clever and mind bending look at the effects of war with a little sci fi to keep it interesting"

McKenna Krueger's profile image

mckenna_krueger shared a tip "It's everything a scifi war weirdo could possibly want"

Amanda Mitchell's profile image

amanda_mitchell_8403 shared a tip "Must read classic!"

Morgan America's profile image

morgan_america shared a tip "Gives a unique and painful perspective on war and the people who are forced to endure some of the worst human atrocities."

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