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A Darker Shade of Magic, from #1 New York Times bestselling author V.E. SchwabKell is one of the last Antari—magicians with a rare, coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons; Red, Grey, White, and, once upon a time, Black. Kell was raised in Arnes—Red London—and officially serves the Maresh

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Author V. E. Schwab

Pages 400

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2015-02-24

ISBN 1466851376 9781466851375


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reagan_harrier shared a tip "Book 1"

M[elissa] 's profile image

landlockedmermaid shared a tip "The writing style and storyline is absolutely captivating!"

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Kellyth shared a tip "Unique urban fantasy, well done."

chelsea_foster_2963 shared a tip "I'm planning on continuing this series this winter."

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bunwitch31 shared a tip "Trying out the hype for Priory of the Orange Tree now!!!"

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brian_smoot shared a tip "My kinda book. The main character is powerful without being OP and the setting is fascinating."

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ashley_gill shared a tip "March 2015- “Fantasy”"

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lauren_gretz shared a tip "Thinking of reading this! Is it good? Any romance?"

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elle_effe shared a tip "Yes. The world is pretty interesting and the characters are really intriguing and very unique"

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dylan_rude shared a tip "https://likewise.com/Books/Prj1iTmPJn4C"

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kellyanne_markeishia shared a tip "Different worlds concept"

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candace_celestine_8577 shared a tip "One of the best series I've ever read!"

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hailey_holcomb_7088 shared a tip "V. E. Schwab is such a good author!! So far I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers!"

Haleigh Bruso's profile image

haleigh_bruso shared a tip "Amazing world building!"

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sasha_frost shared a tip "I am about to read "Six of Crows", so I'm looking forward to that. I just finished the Darker shades series also!"

savannah_cline_7646 shared a tip "You definitely need to. It’s amazing. The whole trilogy is amazing. She’s amazing. Lol."

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ella_hassling shared a tip "No problem! It's an amazing book! I would highly recommend! :)"

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victoria_ibrahim shared a tip "Completely Enchanting"

sara_anderson_7082 shared a tip "The entire book is an analogy and it constantly reminds of that. That type of storytelling just isnt for me."

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sierra_rasmussen_8895 shared a tip "TBR - have heard great things"

whitney_m. shared a tip "Enjoy"

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michelle_katungye shared a tip "I think the second one is my favorite 😍"

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the_potato shared a tip "Great book it automatically captures your interest!!"

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kachina_sherman shared a tip "I really enjoy the way they describe the characters and environment!"

ashley_hathaway_8741 shared a tip "I haven't read anything else by this author."

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catherine_sucher shared a tip "This book was literally magnificent I read the whole series in a week"

Renee Smith's profile image

renee_smith_3754 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite all time series!!"

lahtisha_ricks shared a tip "@aliwang1990 I absolutely love this trilogy. I hope you will too."

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john_waters_9735 shared a tip "Very creative and holds attention."

brandie_johnson_5631 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Kymberlee 's profile image

kymberlee_7892 shared a tip "My favorite series is Stormlight Archive. My favorite so far is #3 Oathbringer"

Brianne Corcoran's profile image

brianne_corcoran shared a tip "Yes! Absolutely."

Joaquin C's profile image

joaquin_c shared a tip "It’s a quality book with a good, clean storyline that feels fresh but still familiar."

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kayla_m_9528 shared a tip "absolutely wonderful book. it feels like a breath of fresh air. besg fantasy book ive ever read by far."

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estella_m_5263 shared a tip "This one was about 2 weeks, because I would get easily distracted. I really enjoyed it."

reaganne_hansford shared a tip "Along with Neil Gaiman and John Boyne, I’ll read anything VE Schwab writes"

heather_1485 shared a tip "Awesome series, it’s beautifully written with plenty of action and adventure."

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vex_8046 shared a tip "The Legend series is pretty good"

Christine Guerrero's profile image

christine_guerrero_5689 shared a tip "The author teleports you to another world with awesome characters and storylines! Awesome for Harry Potter lovers"

libby_9047 shared a tip "Yes yes yes!!! This whole series was fantastic, I couldn’t put it down!"

rachael_lafrance_2863 shared a tip "The whole series is awesome!"

Misty Starfire's profile image

misty_starfire shared a tip "#depth #plotdrivenstory"

michaela_parrington shared a tip "OBSESSED with this series! I could not put it down!"

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jade_tatreau shared a tip "Read 8/7/21"

Gabriela Chaljub's profile image

gabriela_chaljub shared a tip "Just started six crimson cranes and I’m excited to read it"

Tracey T. Rice's profile image

tracey_t._rice shared a tip "Logan Leshane's Into Ebanmoor. Available on Amazon. She's an independent author with a bright future ahead of her!"

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cleo_miele shared a tip "Have you read it yet? It was soo good!"

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girl_on_the_internet shared a tip "sooooo good"

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desiree_johnson_5611 shared a tip "There are three books in this series. #1 A Darker Shade of Magic #2 A Gathering of Shadows and #3 A Conjuring of Light"

brooke_mauro_1120 shared a tip "A wonderful book for those who ready fantasy style YA books growing up and are now adults seeking the same type of books :)"

Camille Tansi's profile image

camille_tansi shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ingesting tale. Very interesting at the beginning but later in the story my mind kept drifting."

Dheliah Wells's profile image

dheliah_wells shared a tip "currently finishing "The Great Library""

jessica_5443 shared a tip "This story is fast-paced and a great read!"

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tali_mc shared a tip "I really really enjoyed this book. I love the characters and the concept of the worlds."

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