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A classic he-said-she-said romantic comedy!  This updated anniversary edition offers story-behind-the-story revelations from author Wendelin Van Draanen.   The first time she saw him, she flipped. The first time he saw her, he ran. That was the second grade, but not much has changed by the seventh.

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Author Wendelin Van Draanen

Pages 256

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2003-05-13

ISBN 0375825444 9780375825446


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Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Such a fun book to read, perfect for summer!"

Aubrey Teague's profile image

aubrey_teague shared a tip "4/5✨"

Ava Beyer's profile image

avbeyer shared a tip "A good book for incoming teenagers!"

Juni 's profile image

junijuly shared a tip "She falls first but he falls harder trope"

myurell_lazo shared a tip "This is my childhood’s best memory. I still remember reading it with a flashlight under my covers."

kayli_3144 shared a tip "best book and movie fr"

WritersVilla 's profile image

writersvilla shared a tip "I just love when Bryce began to develop feelings for Julie"

catelyn_rowell_4664 shared a tip "definitely so not meant to be !!"

Ian Rose's profile image

castrose shared a tip "One of my favorite books (and movies) as a kid 10/10 recommend"

strgrl ✩'s profile image

jersey_bautista shared a tip "loved the movie loved the book too"

Lillian Hunt's profile image

lillian_hunt shared a tip "Idk we read it in 6th grade"

Chloe Largent's profile image

chloe_largent shared a tip "Adorable young love with funny banter and great advice for coming of age."

Basically Simi's profile image

basically_simi shared a tip "It’s soooo good I remember watching the movie not too long ago and reading the book in sixth grade 🥰"

Tiff G <33's profile image

tgaval11 shared a tip "It was a Cute love story and targeted to crush and mend your heart."

Sierra Y's profile image

sierra_y shared a tip "Oh, that list would be too long to write😂"

marlissa_nyenhuis shared a tip "Mine too. Also Rules by Cynthia Lord."

Mahsa 's profile image

mahsa_6923 shared a tip "The Sycamore tree. Although it's hard to just pick one chapter. How about you?"

Vanessa Goez's profile image

vanessa_goez shared a tip "I have tead this book before and it always gets to me, highly recommend reading it again!"

Katie Moore's profile image

katiegracee shared a tip "so cute!!!"

gianna_arcuri shared a tip "love love love this story"

Megan 's profile image

meganthebookworm shared a tip "One I loved was The House in the Cerulean Sea! What about you?"

Katelyn Seybold's profile image

katelyn_seybold shared a tip "I love this book and the movie. ❤️"

orpheus ♪'s profile image

sylvianarose shared a tip "Cute book. Wish it had a sequel. I also spent waaaay too much money on this at a book fair as a kid."

Haidelys Rivera's profile image

haidelys_rivera shared a tip "It’s romance and the way Julie baker and Bryce acknowledge each other is amazing I loved it :)."

Allison Mogk's profile image

allison_mogk shared a tip "This is the only one I have read by her actually. I should look into others."

Chloe Weaver's profile image

chloe_weaver shared a tip "This is the only book I’ve read by her but I loved this book!"

Madison Ashlock's profile image

madison_ashlock shared a tip "i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

dayanna_gomez_5523 shared a tip "Tbis book made me love reading, but im still really picky"

Angela 's profile image

angela_9193 shared a tip "I loved this book as well as the movie it’s such a cute young love story"

kulvir_beinig shared a tip "Such a good read! Short and simple ❤️"

kelly_cruz_4291 shared a tip "Such a beautiful story about coming of age, love, and heartbreak."

Ava Hoffmann's profile image

ava_hoffmann shared a tip "It is a good book it made me cry."

nico 's profile image

br4inr0t shared a tip "god i loved this book julie deserves the world <33"

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krazy_ones shared a tip "How do you read this"

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regan_jastram shared a tip "I'm currently on the hunt for another one!!"

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yvette_dominguez shared a tip "@"

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izzy_provo shared a tip "Such a sweet book"

kelsey machiskinic's profile image

kelsey_machiskinic shared a tip "Actual book. I find it more enjoyable"

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reese_hataway shared a tip "I would say so"

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holly_6106 shared a tip "I loved this book but I can’t find anything like it"

Jada A. Lara's profile image

jada_a._lara shared a tip "Yes! I just recently finished love and other words by Christina Lauren. You should definitely read it."

Frannie Jenkins's profile image

frannie_jenkins shared a tip "A cute, easy read with a satisfying ending."

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avery_moore_3389 shared a tip "GOD THIS IS SO GOD I JUST AHDKFKF"

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ariana_fisher shared a tip "𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑖𝑡"

shannon_appiah shared a tip "Definitely!!"

Sara Burdzy's profile image

sara_burdzy shared a tip "so worth it"

sarah_hamid_2162 shared a tip "I love the book and movie, sad it left Netflix... I recommend that you read it"

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