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Frodo and Sam are trekking to Mordor to destroy the One Ring of Power while Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn search for the orc-captured Merry and Pippin. All along, nefarious wizard Saruman awaits the Fellowship members at the Orthanc Tower in Isengard.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2002-12-18

Runtime 179 minutes

Budget $79m

Revenue $0.9b


TMDB 8.4


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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a fun movie to watch!"

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marsh_6055 shared a tip "A fine movie, I’ve just seen it way too many times."

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nardeniz shared a tip "I couldn't even finish it, it is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen"

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dorian_adams shared a tip "One of the greatest battle sequences ever!"

joany_fox shared a tip "Classic good anytime"

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alan_mcdonald shared a tip "Watch them all starting with “The Hobbit” and then yourself through the movies in order. They’re awesome!!!!👍🏻"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Excellent movie!"

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elora_michniak shared a tip "Loved it!! Very good sequel, I loved the different plot lines going on, and LOTR is a classic, so you can’t really go wrong!"

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joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "My least favorite of the 3, but even still, an amazing film."

paige_rucker_653 shared a tip "I can only think of the Harry Potter series and the Fanatisc Beasts series that could be similar and I have enjoyed."

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hilly_bev shared a tip ""Do you want me to discribe it to you? Or would you rather me find you a box?""

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amlys shared a tip "My favorite of the trilogy"

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d_l_m shared a tip "Boring af"

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inutrasha shared a tip "These films awaken something deep and repressed within me that I'm not sure I can name"

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charles_cadwallader shared a tip "Must be seen in an all day marathon with the other two in the full 4he versions"

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beatriz_viveros shared a tip "It’s forever a childhood favorite."

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brendan_huff shared a tip "I loved the LOTR movies as a kid, I'm not going to be to critical"

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sean_green_7753 shared a tip "5/5 (see comments for Fellowship of the Ring)."

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kevin_fleming shared a tip "Great Series of course books are better."

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abby_zuder shared a tip "Favorite one out of this series"

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katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "Very good!"

matthew_carter_8602 shared a tip "Best movie ever."

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jennifer_wade-beaul_4353 shared a tip "It was pretty good."

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dark_veil_angels shared a tip "Check it ouT"

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stephen_zwarts shared a tip "To be honest I watched it so long ago I can't even remember :-)"

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santokh_samra shared a tip "I do remember I enjoyed watching the movies"

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evie_dumont shared a tip "Yes the first one was magical 😍"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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emily_pew shared a tip "The Battle of Helms Deep is dope af."

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karla_lightfield shared a tip "Yep!"

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nicole_zanetti shared a tip "I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my list!"

blaze87 shared a tip "High fantasy without the 2 hour intro or the 2 hour ending Haha"

blaze87 shared a tip "Lots of Rohan"

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ram_ny shared a tip "Fell deeds awake, now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red dawn."

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kilibird shared a tip "Its lord of the rings. Enough said."

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kristina_gessel shared a tip "Me too! I just got into the lord of the rings this year and now I’m obsessed! Haha. Just finished all of the books."

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angel33 shared a tip "🍿👍👍👍🍿"

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m._nguyen shared a tip "Netflix was worried about one user, who streamed LOTR collectively 300 times. Watch these movies!"

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maui_cisneros shared a tip "Gandalf"

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natascia_jones shared a tip "I love everything with Rohan, Eowyn and Eomer."

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shaye_ridley shared a tip "Hmmm probably Legolas or Aragorn"

khloe_kinkin shared a tip "i liked the second or first!"

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abby_schaaf shared a tip "Two towers"

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linda_garrett_8368 shared a tip "I loved all three movies. The set details,costumes,all of it!"

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francisco_mc shared a tip "Here starts the journey of Theoden, my favorite character from LotR, I just love his character development."

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murderousrodents shared a tip "Sam and frodo are married."

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lucas_klunkert shared a tip "I've recently watched wheel of time on Amazon, which was pretty good and is somewhat similar"

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kyrarose shared a tip "one of my favorite movies tbh"

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jon_kevin_daughtry shared a tip "Epic film!"

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ali_hamze shared a tip "It was really nice and build the third movie well"

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ali_hamze shared a tip "I never really thought about it too much cause I just watched them in a row one day"

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purrie_graham shared a tip "It's hard for me. I watch the movies consecutively as a marathon everytime. So, the three just blend into one awesome movie."

sid_6727 shared a tip "Me too, first was the best out of the three. It's almost as good as the book itself."

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benjamin_quinones shared a tip "Never get tired watching"

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robert_riley shared a tip "🤗"

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jab__studios shared a tip "Classic, amazing movie. Binge-watched the entire series!"

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louis-alexandre_fortin shared a tip "Love"

kayla_peters_9787 shared a tip "Love watching the trilogy with my family on holidays."

kori_morrissey shared a tip "Another masterpiece from Peter Jackson."

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cirrus_macleod shared a tip "Hulu 1/31"

Flosnazey shared a tip "great movie with a huge fantasy plot and i loved it#family #fantasy"

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tyger_fernandez shared a tip "I love that big fight. Extremely worth the wait."

charles_cox shared a tip "I don’t know how many times I have watched or will watch this movie it’s that good!"

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monti_seas shared a tip "I'd have to say The Two Towers but out of the books Return of the King is probably my favorite. How about you? @jeff_lenz"

kim_barbeau shared a tip "The best movie in the entire franchise"

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misty_delacruz shared a tip "Love it"

michelle_brogdon shared a tip "It is pretty good!"

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isaac_owens_9304 shared a tip "Make sure to watch The Fellowship of the Ring before watching this movie! (If you haven't already) 👍"

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brandon_malone_200 shared a tip "Nothing quite like LOTR, but I do like Harry Potter."

emily_adamovich shared a tip "Have you watched the Hobbit movies? I haven't watched all of them yet."

tessa_blue shared a tip "Classic!"

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tushar_saxena shared a tip "It's probably wrong to say this, but I think this is the best film of the trilogy..."

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amanda_johnson_2822 shared a tip "Because it's amazing in every way possible 😍😍😍"

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nova_howl shared a tip "The other lord of the rings movies and all the hobbit ones count?"

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isacc_delavega shared a tip "My favorite part is when Sam helps frodo after he told him to go back home"

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oscar_delatorre shared a tip "Great movie."

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lydia_jovaag shared a tip "Honestly no I haven’t found one too similar yet unfortunately"

mikayla_ritter shared a tip "All Lord of The Rings are a must watch & read in my opinion! ☺️"

family_hofmann shared a tip "Wheel of time is a similar book but I don’t know any movies sorry"

family_hofmann shared a tip "Wheel of time is a similar book but I don’t know any similar movies"

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