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After she's diagnosed with a terminal illness, a shy woman decides to take a European vacation.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2006-01-13

Runtime 112 minutes

Budget $45m

Revenue $38m


TMDB 7.1


Sher Free's profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rewatch"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Makes you think and laugh at the same time!"

Joany Berger's profile image

joany_berger shared a tip "True and simple to watch"

Anisah Mason's profile image

anisah_mason shared a tip "Its cute! Its a comfort movie for me"

taylor vigfusson's profile image

taylor_vigfusson shared a tip "this movie never gets old"

kiah_trago shared a tip "Omg. This is such a feel good movie that you can watch alone with a face mask and a glass of wine. I loved it."

Tress Satcher's profile image

tress_satcher shared a tip "Let me know how you like it."

Tamira P. 's profile image

tamira_powe shared a tip "this came on while i was watching BET getting my hair braided, sentimental. loved it a lot"

Sandra Mills's profile image

sandra_mills_4569 shared a tip "Me too"

Karen  Walcott's profile image

karen_walcott shared a tip "I just watched Deep Water it was meh. I'm waiting for Bridgerton season 2."

patty_facchinei shared a tip "I didn’t see it. I thought i was selecting movies that i am interested in. Just learning how to navigate this site."

Morgan Mauget's profile image

morgan_mauget shared a tip "A feel good and empowering movie. Funny too!"

Michael Williams's profile image

zantik shared a tip "Great movie really love it!"

Angelina Mount's profile image

angelina_mount shared a tip "It's been a looooong time since I've seen it, actually. I'm not sure! I'll have to re watch."

Chawntel Amos's profile image

chawntel_amos shared a tip "My favorite movie is Titanic."

Maritza Adams's profile image

maritza_adams shared a tip "Favorite would be man on fire, you?"

Amanda Holmes's profile image

amanda_holmes shared a tip "This is the best movie!! Love Queen Latifah!!"

Shelby Crum's profile image

shelby_crum shared a tip "Teaches you to live everyday like it is your last."

Stacey Mulligan's profile image

stacey_mulligan shared a tip "Great dramatic comedy"

Windy Day's profile image

windy_day shared a tip "One of my favorite feel good movies when I've had a bad day."

kim_6596 shared a tip "Loved this! Such a heartwarming movie about following your dreams and finding purpose."

Shawn Doss's profile image

shawn_doss shared a tip "I loved it!"

Elizabeth Toy's profile image

elizabeth_toy shared a tip "Hilarious and feel-good, empowering ☺️"

megan_4293 shared a tip "It’s a great movie"

Terri O'Grady's profile image

terri_ogrady shared a tip "Good"

Jessica McInturff's profile image

jessica_mcinturff shared a tip "I recommend this movie it is a good one."

Leanne Miller's profile image

leanne_miller_3563 shared a tip "Band of Brothers"

Gina Saputo's profile image

gina_saputo shared a tip "It's very good"

bonnie_may_3679 shared a tip "It’s a sweet movie."

Audrey Morin's profile image

audrey_morin shared a tip "One of my favourite, got to love food movie too"

Maia Sutton's profile image

maia_sutton shared a tip "I love the casino night"

Paul Woolfork Jr.'s profile image

paul_woolfork_jr. shared a tip "Yes when she finds out about what she has and decides not to let it get to her by living her dreams"

Lydia Lawson-Raley's profile image

lydia_lawson-raley shared a tip "When she decides life is worth living & becomes who she really is."

Emily J's profile image

emily_joy_2465 shared a tip "I don't really have one to be honest I love a lot of them. What's yours?"

Elizabeth Arnold's profile image

elizabee3 shared a tip "I don't have a favorite I love so many movies 😂"

brittany_stevens_8640 shared a tip "It’s amazing! Lol so funny"

Victoria Baile's profile image

victoria_baile shared a tip "I absolutely love it"

pam_hernandez_8567 shared a tip "It's good"

grace_mcclain_8682 shared a tip "Its so good!"

K Cookz's profile image

k_cookz shared a tip "I liked it. It's a light hearted comedy."

tara_manini shared a tip "I love the spot in the boutique when she is shopping for dresses. I love the purple one!"

davina_avilez_7841 shared a tip "Sweet and funny movie."

Breezi Latray's profile image

breezi_latray shared a tip "The tension throughout between her and Shaun is so funny, this man is Desperate, I love it"

Paige Rudolph's profile image

paige_rudolph shared a tip "I honestly loved it! It’s worth the watch"

Maraya Clark's profile image

maraya_clark shared a tip "You need to! It's amazingg"

christopher_daniels shared a tip "This movie is sorely underrated! It’s a charming, feel-good comedy that knows how to hit all the right notes."

Catie Rothery's profile image

catie_rothery shared a tip "I liked it but I haven't watched it in years lol"

The Modern Renaissance Woman's profile image

the_modern_renaissa shared a tip "It’s so good!!"

Megan Humble's profile image

megan_humble_2909 shared a tip "Was really cute"

Jessica Sheppard's profile image

jessica_sheppard_5076 shared a tip "I really enjoy this movie! I’ve seen it multiple times!!"

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