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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, young Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they're all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow “runners” for a shot at escape.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2014-09-10

Runtime 113 minutes

Budget $34m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.2


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SagesRain shared a tip "The best teen dystopia adaptation. All three are wonderful movies."

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nick_karlsons shared a tip "Book was way better weird movie but okay I guess"

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2gmiguel shared a tip "I never read the books but damn I thought this was great. The sequels weren't bad either but this one takes the cake."

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pjsgalerie shared a tip "7/10 I would have liked more time with some characters but overall a great movie. The twist is everything."

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Malfoy_76 shared a tip "I remember watching this for the first time, with my siblings. It’s a great movie!"

abigail_weh shared a tip "Love this movie so much!"

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jacob_ha shared a tip "Love Dylan O'Brien"

☔𝙲𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝙶𝚒𝚛𝚕☕'s profile image

LoverOf_Crows shared a tip "Easily one of my top three Sci-fi movies!"

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brianna_billos shared a tip "OMG what an ending"

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madeline_lieser shared a tip "Just finished watching this. I would give it a 8/10 stars."

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bri_phillips_716 shared a tip "Absolutely loved the movie almost as much as I loved the book!! Definitely recommend 🤗"

Visiorex 's profile image

visiorex shared a tip "The book was far better plot-wise."

zeta_millen shared a tip "I don’t think I have a favorite part. I did enjoy the scene when Gally pushed Thomas because he was too close to the maze"

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rory_cronin shared a tip "watched for dylan o’brien; now obsessed with the franchise"

fabi 's profile image

sweetfloralgirl shared a tip "I will not feel ashamed of loving this movie"

Trista Tesnear's profile image

trista_tesnear shared a tip "such a good movie"

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karissa_courtwright shared a tip "It was good, had me on my toes the whole time!"

isabella⛅️ 's profile image

isabella_rivero_5870 shared a tip "instantly one of my favorite movies fr🫶"

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grrrlikestaquitos shared a tip "Excellent cast and production"

Maude Benoît's profile image

maude_benoit shared a tip "Suspense, plot line, story"

Benn B.'s profile image

benn-beeber23 shared a tip "Big fan of the way they make you fear the greivers. It's one thing that really transferred from the book to the movie. Both good."

Maelei Rose 's profile image

maenerd shared a tip "Really fun and an awesome thriller! 🤩"

Kati G.'s profile image

kati_g. shared a tip "Dylan o Brian"

mckenna_rosenberry shared a tip "It stuck to the book and it was exactly as I imagined the book to be like. Also, the actor choice was perfect."

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madison_brown_9255 shared a tip "SLAYYYYED"

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faith_forrest_kaseba shared a tip "I HAVE NO WORDS. AMAZING!!!"

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milie_crosnier shared a tip "One of my favorite book and movie."

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courtney_engler_1176 shared a tip "Absolutely love these movies! The action in them are amazing!"

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kylie.may91 shared a tip "I loveeeeeeee this movie, it's probably the my favorite out of all of them."

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dani_m_2855 shared a tip "Probably when they were in the maze!!"

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Sorciere_Noir shared a tip "A bit off from the books, as to be expected, but interesting and well done nonetheless"

sofiai shared a tip "These movies were really fun. I watched them all with my friends and we enjoyed them a lot."

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maren_ledda shared a tip "I love this movie very much! But it is not like the book at all, still gives the main message of the book though."

jlmcconv shared a tip "I liked the hunger games and divergent but other than that I can’t think or any super similar ones"

Lyndi Stumpff's profile image

lyndi_stumpff shared a tip "Ah man I don’t have a favorite. I love the series so much it inspires me to write and be creative everyday."

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hannah_pinto shared a tip "I loved the maze runner great rec!!"

Zoey Brown's profile image

zoey_brown shared a tip "One of my favs!"

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caroline_9339 shared a tip "it has 3 parts, some of my favorite movies :)"

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marquala_basnight shared a tip "Was on the edge of my seat the whole time."

HasantheWizard 's profile image

HasantheWizard shared a tip "I need to finish the movie series first I’m on the last one!"

Crystus Graham's profile image

crystus_graham_9578 shared a tip "All of it."

yocconer_jenkins shared a tip "It's very good. And there are two more of those after that if you liled it"

Jessie Schwindt's profile image

jessie_schwindt shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING"

lizzy berrrett's profile image

lizzy_berrrett shared a tip "I was at the edge of my seat the whole movie And it has some of my favorite characters"

adarys <3's profile image

adarysb shared a tip "Dylan o brien has my heart. That’s all"

Lily Stickney's profile image

lily_stickney shared a tip "i love this movie and the entire series. the books are also great! totally recommend"

Paizli Adam's profile image

paizli_adam shared a tip "Hunger games or Divergent!"

Mia ODowd's profile image

mia_odowd shared a tip "Definitely not as good as the book but still really good."

scott rob's profile image

scott_rob shared a tip "The OA"

Milena  Maksimovich's profile image

milena_maksimovich shared a tip "I honestly don’t have a favorite part bc I love the entire movie"

christine_9130 shared a tip "Like in general? Idk lol what about you?"

suhana_purewal shared a tip "I really enjoyed the storyline."

spencer_7814 shared a tip "Really good movie! The only Maze Runner movie that’s better than the book lol"

Tierney Monroe's profile image

tierney_monroe shared a tip "I really enjoyed watching and reading about this movie. recommended this 100% (there are different parts to this movie)"

yasser_alsoufiy shared a tip "It was really nice and misterias i loved it its really nice"

Emmanuel Kebede's profile image

emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "Great pacing, great acting, great action, thrilling. Would recommend."

gariunna_chapman shared a tip "loved this movie so much !! Can’t wait to watch the second one !! #dylanobrien"

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alexa_peck shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

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nikella_callan shared a tip "I saw this when I was really young and it scared me😂 but I just rewatched all of the Maze Runner movies and they’re SO good!!"

penny_malis shared a tip "NEWTMAS"

niomi lol's profile image

niomi_lol shared a tip "Favorite !!"

Rachel Smith's profile image

rachel_smith_8108 shared a tip "This is one of my all-time favourite trilogies. Obsessed with this world and the cast is incredible"

Steven McCoy's profile image

this_is_not_steve_but_cat shared a tip "So much fun. Loved the thrill and story"

Michikooo 's profile image

Michikoooooo shared a tip "Yes!"

Maxin Kang's profile image

ValiantLove shared a tip "Best Movie Ever!!"

anissa_5726 shared a tip "definitely an amazing movie to watch! 10/10 recommend, along with the other two :)"

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alina_cantella shared a tip "Its perfect for suspense and action and has some drama perfect movie, one if my favorites"

Ella Mcdonnell's profile image

ella_mcdonnell shared a tip "Love"

callee_rains shared a tip "Because of the plot"

neek 's profile image

loveminho shared a tip "my favorite movie ever to exist. along with the other two. i’ve watched it over 1000 times"

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madison_hart_6232 shared a tip "This is a perfect movie to watch with teen friends"

Laceyalike 24's profile image

laceyalike_24 shared a tip "The cast is very good together:)"

araceli_4329 shared a tip "The suspense"

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madison_hays_9712 shared a tip "❤️"

anandamacgregor shared a tip "It has drama and action and all of them are hot then ending is sad and sweet"

kayla_1420 shared a tip "its cool"

selena_kk shared a tip "Everything about is great"

Carter Adams's profile image

carter_adams shared a tip "Very well written"

Clover Moore's profile image

clover_moore shared a tip "Newt 0-0"

Jada Medina's profile image

jada_medina shared a tip "The suspense of what will happen next and why def kept me intrigued"

aiyana_7976 shared a tip "@aliwang1990 you wont regret it!"

Dimitri Hayek's profile image

dimitri_hayek shared a tip "It is a great action movie like no other! This one is by far the best movie in the series."

Sam Taylor's profile image

sam_taylor_5509 shared a tip "This is one of the best movies I have ever seen"

Lizzy Waite's profile image

lizzy_waite shared a tip "I love this movie it’s similar to lord of the flies"

Harchis Love's profile image

harchis_love shared a tip "This movie it's so good have parts that you say noo run are you are scared:]"

Haz mat11's profile image

haz_mat11 shared a tip "I've never actually watched it lol"

brisa_robles shared a tip "My favorite movie EVER"

emily_castaneda_3920 shared a tip "The whole series is really good if you are like into sci-fi movies"

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andrea_garland shared a tip "I thought the books were even better if you haven’t read them!"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "I loved this a lot"

leanne_price shared a tip "Of course!"

Jasleen Kaur's profile image

jasleen08 shared a tip "Probably anything Marvel, but I think 'Inception' was definitely amazing!"

Marls 's profile image

direheart shared a tip "Nice movie"

Wendy Rowlett's profile image

wendy_rowlett shared a tip "I believe it's the first movie of 3. I really enjoyed the movies with my family."

Lauryn Asia's profile image

lauryn_asia shared a tip "Super good! If you have read any of the books they are extremely similar! if not it leads to a series of movies"

Lilah 's profile image

lilahkage shared a tip "My fav!"

Panic! 2221's profile image

panic_2221 shared a tip "Everything"

Elexis 's profile image

elexis_8206 shared a tip "It's between The Boondock Saints and Riddick. Lol"

pw_70 shared a tip "It was really thrilling. I really recommend watching it."

HangEm09 's profile image

your_unhealthy_addi shared a tip "There is 3!"

Katerina Tervonen's profile image

katerina_tervonen shared a tip "Maze runner and big hero 6!"

theo 's profile image

theo_6871 shared a tip "i love this movie & i love the cast but at the same time it made no sense and did the books dirty 6/10"

jada_1373 shared a tip "DYLAN O’BRIEN OMG HIS ACTING IS AMAZING"

Zayda Blackburn's profile image

zayda_blackburn shared a tip "Yes"

raphal_jeudy shared a tip "Great action"

Kasey Haire's profile image

kasey_haire shared a tip "I've watched the whole series and it's pretty good if that's the genre ur interested in."

Trista Ransom's profile image

trista_ransom shared a tip "I read this a while ago but from what I remember I loved reading it and couldn’t put it down! Has lots of action and suspense."

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shannon_hillyard shared a tip "#science_fiction"

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KLynn_025 shared a tip "Anyone know where I can watch this for free?"

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