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A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2010-01-11

Runtime 118 minutes

Budget $80m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.8


Donna Thiessen's profile image

donna_thiessen shared a tip "Cinematography is starkly beautiful and intriguing story."

Martin 's profile image

martman5150 shared a tip "Post-apocalyptic Denzel Washington."

Susan Young's profile image

susan_young_1680 shared a tip "Jaw Dropping You'll want to watch it a 2nd time over! A top 5 fave Denzel Washington film!"

Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "I just realized I can't think of one character Denzel has played that wasn't angry about somethin'""

Chad Collins's profile image

hymtheria shared a tip "Don't think I've seen a movie with Denzel that wasn't good, this was a great one!"

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "🙌"

ginger_rush shared a tip "A Braille bible would be twenty or more books long, otherwise I loved it."

tatiana_nikolskaya shared a tip "As much as I love Denzel I can’t give any stars to this movie. One word: boring"

Erica ThatByouKnow's profile image

ArYka shared a tip "🥰"

Kat Island's profile image

kat_island shared a tip "My partner and I saw this in theaters and loved it so much we bought the DVD 😊"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Great movie!"

Hey!WeJustSawAMovie 's profile image

heywejustsawamovie shared a tip "Need to rewatch to prep for the rest of 2020"

Will G.'s profile image

will_g. shared a tip "Awesome post-apocalyptic movie with a great cast."

Cjay 's profile image

cjay shared a tip "This movie is amazing"

Nekka 's profile image

nekka shared a tip "Interesting"

ksvendors shared a tip "Denzel meets Road Warrior"

Yelin Sim's profile image

yelin_sim shared a tip "Might try The Shawshank Redemption:) Do u have any good suggestion?"

SythLordKen0bi 's profile image

sythlordken0bi.suggests shared a tip "Hope you like it!"

Athena Lopez's profile image

athena_lopez_8647 shared a tip "Loved it didn't see the end coming."

Maurice Franklin II's profile image

maurice_franklin_ii shared a tip "Brilliant"

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MysteryLover shared a tip "Loved the twist at the end didn’t see it coming. A must see."

mat_brand shared a tip "This has got to be my top post apocalyptic movie"

Jewel Harris's profile image

jewel_harris shared a tip "This is my favorite Denzel movie!"

Amanda Truan's profile image

amanda_truan shared a tip "The only thing I did not like about this movie is when he shot the cat"

connie_3318 shared a tip "I have a grandson named Eli because of this movie"

Aiden Ray's profile image

aiden_ray shared a tip "Loved it"

Alicia Hansen's profile image

alicia_hansen shared a tip "Love this one. I've seen it a few times - and I usually don't watch movies more than once."

Jackson Morris's profile image

jackson_morris_3703 shared a tip "Absolutely spectacular I couldn't take my eyes off !"

Rae Norris's profile image

rae_norris shared a tip "I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this move. Great storyline."

Dee Montgomery's profile image

dee_montgomery shared a tip "Why wouldnt i like it"

awesome_user_404811 's profile image

bill_schuhlein shared a tip "Excellent portrayal of the tortured hero, caught between saving those less fortunate and his quest to fulfill his destiny"

Rachael Kirby's profile image

keiliana shared a tip "Amazing movie. I love it."

Becca H.'s profile image

becca_h. shared a tip "This movie had a great twist at the end that really pulled the whole thing together. Definitely one to watch more than once!"

adam patry's profile image

adam_patry shared a tip "When he shoots the cat to the part where Solara leaves the alcatraz compound"

adam patry's profile image

adam_patry shared a tip "It's really hard to nail down one part!"

scott_van_over shared a tip "Very good movie"

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