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Frank leads a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they become chosen to leave the grocery store.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2016-07-11

Runtime 89 minutes

Budget $19m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 5.7


Paris Hilton's profile image

ParisHilton shared a tip "Funny AF 🤣"

vlone 's profile image

akavlone shared a tip "This is funny"

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "Anything with Seth Rogen is some sort of awkward magic! I couldn’t stop laughing!"

sarah_malekyar shared a tip "Raunchy & hilarious"

christina_paz shared a tip "This movie was Stupid funny"

Jeff Teuton's profile image

jeff_teuton shared a tip "Crass, vulgar, offensive, clearly written while on drugs, but funny, very funny."

Zamya baxter's profile image

zamya_baxter shared a tip "How do I watch"

jemilah_ali shared a tip "Currently watching King of the Hill"

Mike M's profile image

mike_m_2363 shared a tip "Sophomoric humor. Great escape for a few hours. Enjoy."

Tristan Swanson's profile image

tristan_swanson shared a tip "It was decent more of an adult movie."

Jessica Berger's profile image

jessica_berger_5969 shared a tip "Funny ADULT movie"

Tony Abbott's profile image

tony_abbott shared a tip "It's very funny"

matt_rizzo_7734 shared a tip "Funny enough to watch one time and that’s it. (7/10)"

Latoya Kelly's profile image

latoya_kelly shared a tip "Its sooo crazy!! Shocking moments and then moments like 😲 lol..."

roblox _power's profile image

roblox__power shared a tip "Hello"

QB 's profile image

agentq5ft2 shared a tip "I mean…it is what it is and it’s hilarious"

Ismael Hosseini's profile image

ismael_hosseini shared a tip "can't remember laughed a lot with this one"

Jocelyne 's profile image

justjocelyne shared a tip "It is so funny and inappropriate but it’s just hilarious so watch this movie alone for your sake"

Just_Shell shared a tip "Stupid, crazy funny!"

emily_day_2045 shared a tip "@jayde_5691 honestly not any that are like this lol it’s very unique but i’ll let you know if i find some like it"

nataliesus 's profile image

nataliesus shared a tip "great stoner movie"

Christie Bowman's profile image

christie_bowman shared a tip "It's really clever humor but also classic Seth Rogan humor."

Jana K's profile image

jana_k shared a tip "Haha not really! .. this one is really out there"

Bradley Rosenbaum's profile image

bradley_rosenbaum shared a tip "Worth it just for the orgy scene at the end"

Lianne Dyche's profile image

lianne_dyche shared a tip "Enjoy! 😁"

Haley Castaneda's profile image

haley_castaneda_3590 shared a tip "Yeah I have."

Ian Mcilwean's profile image

ian_mcilwean shared a tip "Kill Bill probably"

star sunshine lee's profile image

star_sunshine_lee shared a tip "That is so great#@Likewise"

Evan Hiett's profile image

evan_hiett shared a tip "A weird all the best possible ways 😂"

Blake Harvey's profile image

blake_harvey_9742 shared a tip "There are way to many to pick from."

Sarah B's profile image

sarah_b_2193 shared a tip "The perfect movie to watch when you need a mind numb and a laugh"

Yvonne Handell's profile image

yvonne_handell shared a tip "It's dirty and raunchy. Teen age boy kinda movie"

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