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The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2009-11-20

Runtime 129 minutes

Budget $29m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.6


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CupcakeTron shared a tip "Great feel good sports movie. Perfect for a family movie night!"

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shemdani shared a tip "A unique relationship through the eyes of sports."

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katrice_masters shared a tip "Saw a different side of Sandra Bullock in this film"

Hudson.Andrews shared a tip "Didn't see it coming."

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12raves13birds shared a tip "Must watch"

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moriah_deatley shared a tip "Its my favorite sports movie also it's the only sports themed movie that I've seen more then once."

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ivette_baez shared a tip "Great story and wonderfully acted by its cast. Sandra Bullock was exceptional. Well deserved Oscar."

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dawn_penn_turpin shared a tip "Yes so good"

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zaira_acosta shared a tip "Amaaaaaaazing story!!"

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juan_garcia_9594 shared a tip "Yeah, I agree"

christina_paz shared a tip "If you like an inspirational movie you like this movie"

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benjamin_litwin shared a tip "Amazing story love it so much"

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rebelbooks101 shared a tip "I watched this in class when I was young. I don’t really remember much"

cathi_cunnion shared a tip "An excellent choice!"

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brody_moon shared a tip "Great story"

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zi_squad shared a tip "I it’s amazing"

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angelo_ann shared a tip "I watched this a long time ago. So, i don't have any reviews 😅"

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elena_lindstedt shared a tip "A real intellect provoker"

linda_levaggi shared a tip "Íts more about people than football"

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chris_ross_9688 shared a tip "The son and mother charecters make this a gem. Their relationship, their self doubts and their love, respect for each other."

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kathy_burris shared a tip "Was good!"

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fern_barrett shared a tip "Beautiful"

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rozy_rasool shared a tip "Glued watching this"

sylvia.k shared a tip "I love when she first invites him to stay with them!! I felt like it was heart wrenching and humbling!!"

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kate_7291 shared a tip "I don’t know I like it all"

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riley_smith_6205 shared a tip "Great movie and it tells the story of one of the great Micheal oher"

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bobbie_downard shared a tip "Awesome Movie"

naz_5967 shared a tip "Watched and rewatched too many times! Love Sandra Bullock in this one. The story is really sweet. Be ready for feels!"

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devesh_prajapati shared a tip "Inspirational!!"

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devesh_prajapati shared a tip "Where the family take Michael in their home for the night!!"

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robert_furman shared a tip "Loved it! Big hearts all around!!"

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marie_v_7187 shared a tip "I actually don't have a favorite part I love the whole movie and can watching it multiple times in one day 🤣"

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scott_lissner shared a tip "It’s a great movie, bring the Kleenex along with you"

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amanda_ford_9764 shared a tip "Draft day is really good."

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gloria_seales shared a tip "Love, love, love this movie, and the fact that it's based on a true story, makes me love it even more!"

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mando_verduzco shared a tip "I was expecting more for the ending"

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sue_hamilton shared a tip "A feel-good movie 😊"

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jrmy_poulin shared a tip "Agreed! Probably when Mike tells LeighAnne it's his first bed :)"

ava_doody shared a tip "So good heart warming. It’s an unlikely friendship of a black teen boy and a white rich lady."

ava_doody shared a tip "It’s a movie about an unlikely friendship between a rich white lady and a poor blackberry kid"

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jaden_snyder shared a tip "When he is doing the death crawl on the football field"

jack_cox_9148 shared a tip "A definite feel good movie"

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randomvids shared a tip "Great movie"

brandon_travier shared a tip "Cool"

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ruth_deacon shared a tip "Such a beautiful motion picture"

elaine_ebach shared a tip "Heartwarming"

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sylvia_mckee shared a tip "💯"

angela_jordan_3818 shared a tip "Great Storyline!"

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Isamonkey shared a tip "This movie is very insprational and shows watchers how not to judge a book by its cover."

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jennifer_witman shared a tip "I’m a mother of a football player."

Holly Gersky-Halweg's profile image

holly_gersky-halweg shared a tip "Great family movie for so many reasons."

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deanne_kirk shared a tip "Probably this part but it’s all so good!!"

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jess_grant_228 shared a tip "The two that immediately spring to mind is The Help and Hidden Figures ^-^"

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chrissy_bond shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie. It's a great heartfelt film."

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chrissy_bond shared a tip "Love it!"

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bobbie_veltri shared a tip "Omg! Definitely a tear jerker! It's so good!"

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zo-ann_power shared a tip "Safety on Disney+"

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teasha_s shared a tip "No, I haven't"

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carmen_greene shared a tip "Another favorite"

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patricia_hufstedler shared a tip "Love this move"

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Purplepotter512 shared a tip "Amazing feel good, inspirational movie"

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june_manglona shared a tip "Great show to watch !"

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jessica_moreno shared a tip "Great story!"

marlene_nawrot shared a tip "No I haven’t had a chance to read the book"

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andree_dean shared a tip "Such a wonderful feel good movie!"

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deleted_user_1600369379036 shared a tip "More people should be like this!!"

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jake_frong shared a tip "Very heart felt. Tear jerker"

vickie_tann shared a tip "Great family movie"

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jackcollins_carolpettiss shared a tip "It was very good. We like shows/moives based on true stories."

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taylor_butterworth shared a tip "Heartwarming"

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mark_mayo shared a tip "Michael story."

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melissa_goza shared a tip "When they asked him if he wanted to be a part of their family and he said he thought he already was.❤❤❤"

ljubomir shared a tip "Ur"

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joci_james shared a tip "Loved the story"

jimena_gomez_6486 shared a tip "It is sad"

cameron_franklin_1491 shared a tip "it’s good"

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kylie_klein_8080 shared a tip "this is actually such a cool movie, if you like underdog stories!"

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Thomas_Truxell shared a tip "A true and inspiring movie about this kid making it into the NFL. Good watch!"

avion_valladares shared a tip "HOW DO WE WATCH THE MOVIE??"

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monica_arce shared a tip "Awesome movie"

deasia_kennedy shared a tip "The best❤️"

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wolfie_rose shared a tip "A true but strong movie. I love true stories like this. 🥰🥰🥰💞💞💞"

shana_townsend shared a tip "Its the best movie about kindness"

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wolf_and_pegasus shared a tip "If your looking for a movie that'll make you smile and maybe cry a little I would recommend. Overall I loved the movie."

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salvador_linares_7588 shared a tip "Cause its so funny and i love it"

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leah_fuhrman shared a tip "It was amazing"

awesome_user_468644 shared a tip "I’ve watched this several times! Excellent movie, must see."

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deleted_user_1613921170711 shared a tip "No description needed as no description could compare to the absolute greatness of this movie."

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fred_cajuste shared a tip "Great story!!"

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chantell_green shared a tip "Definitely one of the best football movies I’ve seen!"

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rekane_97 shared a tip "Such a heartwarming movie. I loved the actor who played Michael, such depth and feeling, even in his eyes."

linda_gowan shared a tip "This movie shows what can happen to people who do t give up"

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jan_aker shared a tip "A must see movie ! Have probably watched this one 4-5 times !"

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layla_jones_754 shared a tip "The only one that comes close is Pursuit of happiness with Will Smith"

judy_whitlow shared a tip "Awesome movie!!"

cindy_zimmermann shared a tip "Great movie. Not sure I could take a stranger in like she did."

sharon_huska shared a tip "When she’s at the DMV and tells the person in front of her “I’m not cuttin’. I’m just askin’.” 😂"

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morganhartwell shared a tip "Get tissues boo 🤧 🥺"

irma_vela shared a tip "I love when she stands up to the rough guys at apt complex."

awesome_user_764562 shared a tip "Unfortunately not like that, but really enjoyed your dead to me and little fires👍"

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brad_desaulniers_2240 shared a tip "Great movie. It’s based on a true story. Love these movies"

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alexandra_danner shared a tip "I'm sure I have but none come to mind right now. I'm not really into movies anymore. Lately we've been watch reality tv."

robin_troyer shared a tip "Sabrina"

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trevor_davgin shared a tip "Best feel good movie I've ever seen. And I love true stories"

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karisma_rogers shared a tip "No problem"

zinzile Tshabalala's profile image

zinzile_tshabalala shared a tip "Very heartwarming movie. It's nice seeing Micheal grow from nothing to something. Definitely recommend!#Proud#Emotional"

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