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Still reeling from a heartbreaking family event and his parents' subsequent divorce, Tyler Hawkins discovers a fresh lease on life when he meets Ally Craig, a gregarious beauty who witnessed her mother's death. But as the couple draws closer, the fallout from their separate tragedies jeopardizes the

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2010-04-07

Runtime 113 minutes

Budget $16m

Revenue $56m


TMDB 7.1


Meredith 's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "Prepare for your heart to crush in a thousand pieces. Other than that, love this movie."

Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Unexpeted and a thought provoking finish."

Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "This movie totally shook me up the first time I watched, I don’t know why I couldn’t see it coming ..."

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "The Ending Cannot Be Predicted You Will Definitely Cry"

Zoe 's profile image

zolree shared a tip "made me cry but such a good movie i recommended it"

Lonely Planet's profile image

onelonelyplanet shared a tip "Watch til the end"

Lonely Planet's profile image

onelonelyplanet shared a tip "#shocking_twists"

Wendy Porter's profile image

wendy_porter_4634 shared a tip "Tear jerker !"

zoe 's profile image

zoee_ shared a tip "All I have to say is that the ending had me shook. Like mouth on the floor shook. Defiantly recommend!"

Leilah Hussain's profile image

leilah_hussain shared a tip "so sweet and really gets you to think"

Jennifer 💗's profile image

jennifer_n. shared a tip "TBH at first I didn’t really like this movie but the ending was unexpected and emotional."

carol_3760 shared a tip "Loved the movie, even though my heart was rip in half!"

Kourtnie Bokoskie's profile image

kourtnie_bokoskie shared a tip "I think I cried about 8 times during this movie. Definitely one of my favorites."

kenzie <3's profile image

kenzieb shared a tip "one of the saddest movies i have ever seen :("

andrew_9149 shared a tip "It was good; yu know"

i love harry styles's profile image

clara- shared a tip "i loved this movie it was so sad but such a good love story"

Ali 's profile image

floral_b shared a tip "i love robert pattinson"

Edyta Krawiec's profile image

edyta_krawiec shared a tip "Surprise ending!"

mac lew's profile image

mac_lew shared a tip "I didn’t know where this movie was taking me but wow it was good😭"

Aimee Is here's profile image

aimee_is_here shared a tip "The ending was like WOAH such an underrated movie I loved it"

Bailee Argyle's profile image

bailee_argyle shared a tip "Great story. Amazing and shocking ending. Definitely cried at the end"

Sherri Maserang's profile image

sherri_maserang shared a tip "Good #tearjerkers"

Vicki Thomas's profile image

vicki_thomas_1576 shared a tip "I thought Robert patenson was ok before this. I fell in love with his acting and screamed at the tv at the end."

Mair S's profile image

mair_s shared a tip "It was good, watched it in theaters when it first came out. Tear jerking for sure."

Donna Gates's profile image

donna_gates shared a tip "You won't be the same after watching this one."

Carissa Mancuso-Miller's profile image

carissa_mancuso-mil shared a tip "Very underrated"

Samantha Norris's profile image

samantha_norris shared a tip "Not a comedy. But very good. Expect to cry #tearjerker"

Julianne Hermann's profile image

julianne_hermann shared a tip "Have never felt such loss through a film still makes my heart ache thinking about it"

Hannah Foster's profile image

hbfoster shared a tip "This movie wrecked me. That’s all I have to say. #tearjerker"

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "one of those movies that seem boring for a while but made me sob at the end. 3/5"

 Jermelys! Jermelys!'s profile image

jermelys shared a tip "the ending hit me by surprise but such a great movie"

charlotte_windham shared a tip "Great"

Isa✨ 's profile image

isabel_6154 shared a tip "I loved it sooooo much. I cried at the end"

Yvonne Murphy's profile image

yvonne_murphy_5297 shared a tip "What an unexpected ending. Incredible Movie though. Just amazing and be ready to have tissues ready in the end."

Cait Hutchinson's profile image

cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Good movie."

Angela Kinder Morrison's profile image

angela_kinder_morrison shared a tip "Love this movie"

Mikrobeme 's profile image

mikrobeme shared a tip "This movie was one of the first to ever me cry and will forever be one of my all time favorites."

anika_2821 shared a tip "It made me cry. It was sad, but that is why I liked it."

Megan Cerullo's profile image

megan_cerullo shared a tip "Ending is so sad"

Keri Canipe's profile image

keri_canipe shared a tip "I like the movie just be prepared for the end with some Kleenex"

Bella 's profile image

bellaserpickle shared a tip "this movie is just so perfect and tells a great story, it’s super interesting and one of my favorite movies <3"

Dustyn Thompson's profile image

dustyn_thompson shared a tip "Didn’t expect the ending. Movie was ok until the full circle is revealed"

Hanna D's profile image

hanna_d_3630 shared a tip "This movie was so good but the ending really hurt my heart💔💔"

Nicki S's profile image

nicki_s shared a tip "I don't usually like Robert Pattinson but he did well in this movie. I was really shocked with how it ended."

Teresa White's profile image

teresa_white_6480 shared a tip "It's good! It's about a son and father having a rocky relationship then 9/11 happens. It's emotional but pretty good!"

Kesia Bellamy's profile image

kesia_bellamy shared a tip "The end wrecked me."

Ava’s Gaming's profile image

avas_gaming shared a tip "I can relate to it because my dad isn't there for me."

Kirsten Nye's profile image

storyofdani shared a tip "This was a very good movie, but the ending left me heartbroken."

Makayla Sargent's profile image

makayla_sargent_4361 shared a tip "Grate movie, horrible ending."

laura_9409 shared a tip "Completely shattered my heart but in the most beautiful way. A must watch!"

kaylee_rumbaugh shared a tip "I was SHOCKED once I figured out the ending and my heart sunk. I love the character development and love story."

cathy_fink_1115 shared a tip "Loved this movie and I was skeptical since it was post 'Twilight.' The ending....did not see that coming."

ava_scinta shared a tip "This movie shattered me and that’s all I have to say"

yahaira rodriguez's profile image

yahaira_rodriguez_5527 shared a tip "Definitely a tear jerker x10!! Biggest twist at the end ever ♥️♥️😭"

Isabella 's profile image

isabella_simonetti shared a tip "The ending will bring you to tears."

Isabella 's profile image

isabella_simonetti shared a tip "This wrecked me emotionally. Definitely was not ready for the ending."

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