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Vampire housemates try to cope with the complexities of modern life and show a newly turned hipster some of the perks of being undead.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2014-06-19

Runtime 86 minutes

Budget $1.6m

Revenue $6.3m


TMDB 7.6


Michael Dix's profile image

Michael.Dix shared a tip "If you like Flight of the Concords and/or Spinal Tap you’ll love this off-beat vampire send-up"

Calum Clark's profile image

calum shared a tip "Classic Kiwi humor."

Yumi Murray's profile image

yumi shared a tip "Another funny Taika Waititi movie!! 🤣"

Danica Clark's profile image

dmc shared a tip "One of the best movies ever!"

Eric Groeschel's profile image

eric_groeschel shared a tip "One of my favorite shows on currently."

Megan H's profile image

meghei shared a tip "Absolutely glorious. 9/10"

John Coates's profile image

john_coates shared a tip "Maybe the best vampire comedy ever? If you like Flight of the Conchords, Mockumentaries and Vampires, you'll like this."

Levi Salvador's profile image

leviangelos shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious, watch with friends!"

Faye Pyatt's profile image

inutrasha shared a tip "Still obsessed with this movie years after I watched it. It reinvented the vampire and mockumentary genre in my mind"

Michael Claussen's profile image

michael_claussen shared a tip "I saw this movie on a spontaneous trip to the Music Box Theater in Chicago. Very funny!"

S. Bell's profile image

S.Bellsnickel shared a tip "If you're not laughing in the first 3 minutes then this is not for you."

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "One of my favs!"

ginger_k shared a tip "Taiki Waititi. Jemaine Clement. Rhys Darby. Why aren't you watching this yet??"

ginger_k shared a tip ""Do you like pas-ketti?""

ginger_k shared a tip "Best satire documentary to rewatch over and over. And then watch the related FX series!"

ginger_k shared a tip "Everyone should watch this. Less than an hour and a half of your life and you will be richer for it"

Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "The televison show is not nearly as good. Come back to the original movie for the fix."

Alex Corbin's profile image

alex_corbin_6701 shared a tip "Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby"

Educated DD's profile image

educated_dd shared a tip "I've not yet watched it. Looking forward to it though as I've seen all of the TV show"

HeySuze Christ's profile image

heysuze_christ shared a tip "One of the funniest movies of all time."

jenny_b_4282 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies ever"

BHEB87 shared a tip "This movie is amazing, sort of like the office meets interview with a Vampire. It will not disappoint"

morgan dougherty's profile image

mordou shared a tip "such a funny movie"

cristal_lepez shared a tip "It was non stop fun 🤩"

Mary Hofstein's profile image

mary_hofstein shared a tip "Comedy “horror”"

MoeButtons 's profile image

moebuttons shared a tip "A delightful romp into the ignorence of immortal beings. Waititi just doesn't disappoint."

Nicole Adams's profile image

nicole_adams_4583 shared a tip "If you like mockumentaries and a good laugh...!"

Jess Gurczynski's profile image

jessie-g shared a tip "Hilarious"

kimberly_wuenschel shared a tip "HILARIOUS docucom"

Shawn Murphy's profile image

shawn_murphy_8222 shared a tip "Mockumentaries can be a hit or a miss, and this one is a hit. Provides some hysterical laughs, and not to be missed."

robin_bohndorf shared a tip "Very funny and well written!!"

Moon Thomas's profile image

moon_thomas shared a tip "The flying fight sequence was well done."

buh shared a tip "One of my favorite comedies of all time"

Alexa Anderson's profile image

alexa_anderson_8564 shared a tip "That's a hard one! Maybe Kung Pow? Reminds me of my childhood and it's just straight up fin and ridiculous. What about you??"

shelley gibbs's profile image

shelley_gibbs shared a tip "It is okay. Somewhat funny of what I remember. But everyone likes different movies."

justin_thibault_7481 shared a tip "If you like it, there's also a show on Hulu of the same name based on the movie."

pamela_weinstein shared a tip "Funnier than hell on earth!"

Rose Brizuela's profile image

rose_brizuela shared a tip "Great Great Great and oh so funny"

Melissa Epley's profile image

melissa_epley shared a tip "Something original for the vampire genre!"

James potter's profile image

james_potter_7765 shared a tip "So funny!!!"

Naively Brilliant's profile image

naively_brilliant shared a tip "❤️ this movie!!!!"

Mary Burke's profile image

mary_burke_2638 shared a tip "So original, goofy, and hilarious. It’s very matter-of-fact comedy."

tong shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Emily Anderson's profile image

emily_anderson_8878 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite films of the last decade."

Bradley Richardson's profile image

bradley_richardson shared a tip "One of my faves."

scott_squires shared a tip "Quickly, funny for people who know a bit about vampires"

amber_meggs shared a tip "There's too many to pick one. Your name was a trip."

Zayna Malley's profile image

zalley604 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite movies, I always turn to this when I'm feeling down."

Kimberlee Catena's profile image

kimberlee_catena shared a tip "One of my favorite films of all time. So cute and funny. So clever."

willie_sneed shared a tip "Funny and unpredictable."

tara_eary shared a tip "Like the Office only funny"

Randi McNeill's profile image

randi_mcneill shared a tip "I honestly wasn't paying attention when I liked it, I thought it was the TV show on Hulu, which is fantastic!"

Christine Rautenkranz's profile image

christine_rautenkra shared a tip "It's hilarious. But, odd."

rachel_g_5290 shared a tip "It’s completely ridiculous and I love every minute of it"

Jaya 's profile image

jaya_97 shared a tip "Hilarious and very unique. One of my favorite comedy movies."

Victoria Whitlock's profile image

victoria_whitlock shared a tip "So strange and funny. Worth the watch."

January Johnson's profile image

january_johnson shared a tip "Baschetti! Bahaha"

lety_valencia shared a tip "So very good. Has vampires but not scary. Funny."

XainPhooenix Etzel's profile image

xainphooenix_etzel shared a tip "The daily life of vampires flatting in together in New Zealand...how can it not be fun?"

Lisek Gramble's profile image

lisek_gramble shared a tip "Great comedy great writing"

Raluca E's profile image

raluca_e shared a tip "One of the most hilarious movies ever!"

Stacey Peak's profile image

stacey_peak shared a tip "Great movie that led to an even better tv series."

j mck's profile image

j_mck_978 shared a tip "Everyone should watch this movie at least once. I highly recommend this."

Chrissi Wendel's profile image

chrissi_wendel shared a tip "Probably my favorite comedy of all time."

Elliot Borer's profile image

elliot_borer shared a tip "Hilarious"

Corinne Stevens's profile image

corinne_stevens shared a tip "I LOVE this. Can repeat watch. It’s clever, silly and a tiny bit scary all at the same time."

Lisa Colindres's profile image

lisa_colindres shared a tip "Very Funny"

kristina_ivanova shared a tip "unique and funny"

Emily Martinez's profile image

emily_martinez_2307 shared a tip "HILARIOUS"

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