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The story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Canada and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk between May 26th and June 4th 1940 during World War II.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2017-07-19

Runtime 107 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 7.5


Jenna Hayden's profile image

jenna shared a tip "Finally just watched this on the plane... And it did not disappoint."

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Larry.Cohen shared a tip "A must see movie. Highly recommend IMAX or 70mm."

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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️"

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danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "Stunning and poignant."

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kayywayy shared a tip "This movie was good don't get me wrong but it did not live up to the hype that everyone made it out to be"

sherri_evert shared a tip "I’m not a fan or war movies…period."

Cristina Feniak's profile image

cristina_feniak shared a tip "This was a very good war movie."

Claudia Michalak's profile image

claudia_michalak shared a tip "harry styles."

Georgina Ohrstrom's profile image

georgina_ohrstrom shared a tip "This is messed up, but everyone is very hot. And a good war movie"

Caroline 's profile image

caroline_5358 shared a tip "Kind of hard to follow at the start but when you get it is really good"

Mary 's profile image

BBA shared a tip "6/12/22"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved it!"

Sam Houston's profile image

sam_houston shared a tip "One word, interesting!"

lorisa_griffith shared a tip "Star studded cast. Harry Styles, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy #war #drama #action"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "A great movie about war. I love war movies. Give me a good war movie and I will watch it"

Dyl 's profile image

dylns shared a tip "pretty good for a war movie, im normally not too into that stuff but it was good. only watched for harry styles tbh."

Addison Wallsch's profile image

thesavagekitten shared a tip "Got to say, this one is one of my favorite war movies. I would highly recommend to watch it!"

Kai Penn's profile image

kai_penn shared a tip "I love this film! Really good cinematography to it! Oscar nominated for a reason!"

Clarissa 's profile image

clarissardixon shared a tip "Harry Styles is in this movie!!! 😍"

Cordelia 's profile image

cordelia_4502 shared a tip "If you are not super into history I would not recommend it. But it is a very good movie."

Payton Bass's profile image

payton_bass shared a tip "The cinematography was fantastic!"

Annabelle Godfrey's profile image

annabelle_godfrey shared a tip "Harry styles"

shelby_brown_2089 shared a tip "Because it was accurate and the acting was good"

Greg Beaman's profile image

greg_beaman shared a tip "Good movie. Well made."

kaitlyn bailey's profile image

kaitlyn_bailey_4345 shared a tip "i absolutely loved it!! even if you aren’t into historical movies/war movies the cinematography is amazing!!!"

Audra Francis's profile image

audra_francis shared a tip "Amazing action movie, and very accurate to the real events that happened during world war 2"

Abbaton Abberday's profile image

abbaton_abberday shared a tip "There is one poor guy who keeps trying to leave and keeps getting sent back."

Joy Pagan's profile image

joy_pagan shared a tip "Awesome very captivating"

michelle_ratliff_8539 shared a tip "It was a great movie, not a lot of stereotypical dialogue."

Richard Degaro's profile image

richard_degaro shared a tip "Interstellar and inception were good too"

Music4life Endgame's profile image

music4life_endgame shared a tip "Amazing! With so few words this movie spoke volumes. Heartfelt and heartwarming."

sharlene_bumgarner shared a tip "Great story line with a touching view of human morality."

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haley_peacock shared a tip "Harry styles"

khara_1602 shared a tip "Excellent...one of the best war movies I've ever seen!"

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emma_leone shared a tip "If you like harry styles I recommend this movie!"

✨Maddi✨ 's profile image

madditomlinson shared a tip "This is probably ome of my favorite movies ever."

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rosetta_vega shared a tip "Yes!"

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gracie_youakim shared a tip "HARRY STYLES"

Haley Fithian's profile image

haley_fithian shared a tip "Love this so much."

Barb Backland's profile image

barb_backland shared a tip "Excellent retrospective of what it would be like to have fought in the First World War...terrifying, would be my answer!"

Tina Gibson's profile image

tina_gibson_9577 shared a tip "I dont even like war movies but this is one of FAVORITE movies of all time."

laura_trefry_1541 shared a tip "One of the absolute best movies ever!!"

eric_brooks_7336 shared a tip "It’s a great one. Great buildup on tension. The 3 parallel time lines took me a couple viewings to catch."

cesar_erba shared a tip "This film was beautifully shot. Was not my favourite film the year it came out, but there are some great moments."

samantha_jasper shared a tip "I have seen it yet but it looked really good"

kiana 's profile image

kianyahh shared a tip "I typically find war/historical movies painfully boring, but I was entertained for the entire thing. A must watch!"

Cortland X's profile image

cortland_x shared a tip "Don't have a fav fav... I like too many movies to have a fav, lol"

justen_davis shared a tip "Christopher Nolan films are the best… The cinematography is unmatched"

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brian_faille_9226 shared a tip "Lots of avtion"

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blake_harvey_9742 shared a tip "I watched it when it came out and the story telling was amazing. They really captured the history of the time period."

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dave_dahl_3043 shared a tip "Felt like you were there"

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