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Molly Bloom, a young skier and former Olympic hopeful becomes a successful entrepreneur (and a target of an FBI investigation) when she establishes a high-stakes, international poker game.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2017-09-20

Runtime 140 minutes

Budget $30m

Revenue $59m


TMDB 7.146


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "One of the best of the year!"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of the more underrated crime dramas out there, definitely worth a watch!"

Sue Anderson Iverson's profile image

sue shared a tip "Great movie and cast. Strong woman, smart, lucrative moves, then oh oh...... Hard to believe this actually happened!"

Donna Q's profile image

d_m shared a tip "Surprising movie with heart but not overly soft"

evan_cook shared a tip "Gripping story till the end! You want the full truth, though."

Imranullah Mohammed's profile image

imranullah_mohammed shared a tip "Jessica Chastain all the way."

Tanzene Ali's profile image

tanzene_ali shared a tip "Another effing fantastic Jessica Chastain movie that will not disappoint!!"

Em 's profile image

eimon_soe shared a tip "Jessica Chastain was amazing"

john_wood_5070 shared a tip "Just watched it last night Chastain, Elba, and Costner at their best! Love the Sorkin style!"

Annette Glass's profile image

annette_glass shared a tip "New to Netflix Canada - watched last night. Loved it!"

Elizabeth Syre's profile image

elizabeth_syre shared a tip "Snappy dialogue, poker, and it's based on real events."

jordan_reyes_7225 shared a tip "Literally the best movie. Jessica Chastain is one of the best actress in the industry!!"

Wanda Davidson's profile image

wanda_davidson shared a tip "Wasn't really interested in this but it was on the other day and it just sucked me in. Was really good. Glad I watched it!"

leslie_craig shared a tip "Came across this gem on Netflix. Was sold when I saw it was starting Idris Elba. Excellent movie!"

Brittany Haynes's profile image

brittany_haynes shared a tip "Such a good movie."

Jason T's profile image

jason_t_7956 shared a tip "A different must see ..."

Jason T's profile image

jason_t_7956 shared a tip "A different must see ..."

Gabriela Schröder's profile image

gabriela_schrder shared a tip "Fast paced and very intriguing. Like the film “21” with a strong female lead."

Karen Canales's profile image

kcan shared a tip "I really love a movie about a strong woman. This movie made me want to read the book."

janet_stafford_3050 shared a tip "Excellent movie and actors, plus a good story based on her life they say. Good movie in any event, worth going back for second’s"

Jaelyn Linski's profile image

jaelynroselinski shared a tip "Good movie but not a solid ending."

Robert Turnbull's profile image

robert_turnbull shared a tip "Excellent movie, very well cast, fascinating true story. 👍🏼👍🏼"

Loes 's profile image

VersaceDreams shared a tip "Great. Did not feel like a 2 hour movie at all,I could’ve watched 2 more lol."

Taurus Knight's profile image

taurus_knight shared a tip "Jessica Chastain!!!"

leanne_jespersen shared a tip "Really good movie!"

andrew_1004 shared a tip "The fact that this actually happened is crazy!"

Andreanna C's profile image

abigail_223 shared a tip "Soooooo good! Great storyline, really captivating"

jeannine_kirby shared a tip "Very interesting and entertaining"

Zach Soto's profile image

zachbsoto shared a tip "It’s a decent movie, pretty long. The story could of been summed up in an 90 minutes"

Bruce Kuennen's profile image

bruce_kuennen shared a tip "Finally free on Netflix. Still 3.99 on Prime. Good movie. 4 stars."

Ruben Aurelio's profile image

ruben_aurelio shared a tip "Entertaining movie."

Larry Goldstock's profile image

bookworm shared a tip "Worth the time !!"

Evans McGowan's profile image

evans_mcgowan shared a tip "Very entertaining, especially that it is based on a real life story!"

Chiefs fan's profile image

chiefsfan shared a tip "Soooooo gooooddd!!!"

John Harlock's profile image

Thomas_Truxell shared a tip "Exciting and captivating, she had true talent with a brilliant mind!"

goosesister909 's profile image

goosesister909 shared a tip "Its a smart, fast talking, intellectual movie about how everyone underestimates women and really shouldn't"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Based on a real story - so interesting"

aurelia_green shared a tip "The preview does not do this movie justice! Fast paced, very engaging!!!"

awesome_user_468644 shared a tip "Excellent, must see film."

Jennifer Santore's profile image

jennifer_santore shared a tip "Great true story"

Michala Tyann's profile image

michala_tyann shared a tip "Excellent film"

Kamal Adusumilli's profile image

kamal_adusumilli shared a tip "Great screenplay with powerful performances!!"

sharon_rowell shared a tip "I watched this having never heard of it before! I really liked it!! Worth watching !"

Jason Smith's profile image

jason_smith_8068 shared a tip "Great movie! Idris Elba was great in this movie. The run time was a little much. 30 mins could’ve been cut."

abby_roberts_7927 shared a tip "watched it with my cousin who isn’t a big movie guy and he loved it"

emily_doskow shared a tip "molly is a #girlboss"

acole 2018's profile image

acole_2018 shared a tip "Sweet poker movie. Gets your adrenaline going."

Squirrel Judy's profile image

squirrel_judy shared a tip "Loooved this one..."

Destinee D's profile image

destinee_d_7573 shared a tip "It was so good, kind of a lot going on but only in the best way. Ended perfect."

Aidan L's profile image

aidan_l_8623 shared a tip "This never would have been my type of thing but I love the fast paced scenes and sheer “coolness” that this movie has to offer"

jessica_1341 shared a tip "It was about crime, gambling, and poker. it was also based off a true story"

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