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Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren encounter what would become one of the most sensational cases from their files. The fight for the soul of a young boy takes them beyond anything they'd ever seen before, to mark the first time in U.S. history that a murder suspect would claim demonic p

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-05-25

Runtime 111 minutes

Budget $39m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.6


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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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abs shared a tip "I went to see the new conjuring movie did anyone else ? Opinions negative and positive #horrorhousepremiere"

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amy_santi shared a tip "I Mean Its What You Expect And I A Huge Fan Of The Conjuring Universe If You Are Too This Is A Must Watch"

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hymtheria shared a tip "Just watched this one. Very good film. Love this as much as the other 2. Highly recommend for the Horror crowd!"

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kathrine_smith shared a tip "Been looking forward to this 1😁"

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sirena_wallas shared a tip "this was a very scary good movie."

cat_6870 shared a tip "Good but definitely not scary"

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khari_ty_hardin shared a tip "Although not as good as the first, it is still a good movie. Not worth paying to watch it in theatres"

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mike_b_935 shared a tip "Good world building that expands the universe beyond a family dealing with a haunted location or item. Pretty enjoyable take."

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andrew_abbey shared a tip "It was a decent watch"

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shooomyster shared a tip "Amazing all the way through as all conjuring movies, maybe even the best with a great storyline and good scares 10/10"

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shooomyster shared a tip "Amazing, one of the best horror movies to date 10/10"

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holley_rilko shared a tip "Intense."

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vivi_simmons shared a tip "It is a good movie. However, in my opinion, the first one was the best."

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JuiceBokz shared a tip "Not their best, but it wasstill a good watch."

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brooke_elder_5577 shared a tip "This movie was awesomeeee. Big fan of the conjuring series. 10/10"

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eddie_3443 shared a tip "Saw at the movie theaters it was alright nothing to crazy more suspense than anything"

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paula_smith_1082 shared a tip "Best one yet keeps you guessing and never a dull moment"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "🤌🏻"

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smoothcookies shared a tip "Really liked it and I love true story renditions #creepy #watchit"

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Blargle shared a tip "Really good! Love all the conjuring movies"

roseann_3444 shared a tip "No horror"

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daniela_ramos_6006 shared a tip "Yes I have"

bihskizz shared a tip "Bruh this ain’t even out yet lmao..... Looking forward to it tho!"

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abbs1202 shared a tip "It was a wild ride! Predictable at times, but wild!"

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marlou_plourde shared a tip "Suspense kept me much..."

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Angel.Crabtree shared a tip "I loved the horror crime drama vibe."

matt_rizzo_7734 shared a tip "The weakest in the trilogy but still watchable because of Vera farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s excellent chemistry"

kate_lyons_3850 shared a tip "The conjuring will always be my favorite horror movie.. but man did this become a close second. Soooo good."

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alena_lynch shared a tip "THÉ PLOT IS omfg I would play this movie on repeat 😳 , perfect amount of jump scares . Want to watch with hubby 💕"

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will_jovel shared a tip "I can't wait to see this movie! Love the whole series!!"

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alex_diakonis shared a tip "Very creepy."

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jodi_pm shared a tip "It’s a great movie if you like being scared! I really enjoyed it. #thriller #conjuring #scary #horror"

p e r s e p h o n e 's profile image

jmac shared a tip "Not scary in my opinion but good plot and acting. I love watching Patrick and Vera in these roles."

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sara_thomas_6562 shared a tip "Good, but not great. Definitely worth watching. The actors who play Ed and Lorraine Warren are great in this installment."

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nelly_edgson shared a tip "For a Horror movie it was really tame. Not scary for me."

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ariana_goulet shared a tip "It’s the perfect movie for someone who doesn’t like to be scared that much but still enjoys horror movies."

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tammy_spence shared a tip "It had a lot of jump out of your seat moments and a good story line !#devilmademedoit #familyloveshorror"

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b_nope shared a tip "Was it the best? No. However, I still had fun watching it"

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tia_marie shared a tip "Ttf"

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darla_jean shared a tip "Ed and Loraine are awesome"

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Tahaym shared a tip "Looking forward to it but I fon’t have high hopes due to James Wan not directing."

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kylies_cult shared a tip "it was so good!"

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zachary_lee_7868 shared a tip "Just watched the movie Today, Very good Story for sure Great Horror Trilogy Based on the True cases Based on Warrens 👍"

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kevin_selvig shared a tip "Was good"

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shelby_douglas shared a tip "One of their best cases, really good way of showing the story. 10/10 great movie 🥰"

Crusader 's profile image

crusader shared a tip "Another great movie in these series. Another look into the evil realm. Patrick & Vera are great in this role."

tiffany_correa shared a tip "I thought it was good. I love all of the Conjuring movies, but part 1 is the best."

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dawn_goodwin-holroyd shared a tip "It's an awesome paranormal movie that makes you jump and grip onto whatever is near you."

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shannon_leo shared a tip "Great movie!!! Awesome jump scares..."

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bridget_ann_9821 shared a tip "Thought it was a good third edition-different than the others"

jerry_brown_7177 shared a tip "Awesomely awesome"

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michael_demby shared a tip "Pretty good jumps but predictable."

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pooja_patel_5168 shared a tip "Obsessed with horror"

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marcia_dalessandro shared a tip "A really good movie"

kayla_smith_6286 shared a tip "It was just wonderful and beautifully projected. Have you the right amount of suspense and jump. #imightjusgbeajumpypersonlol"

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alexandra_rodriguez_3356 shared a tip "Good thriller not scary good love story too"

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yaya_10 shared a tip "Scared the daylights out of me but it was well done."

kyle_lowe_3757 shared a tip "If you love horror then this is the movie for you. Especially if your a fan of the conjuring series and the Annabelle series."

kyle_lowe_3757 shared a tip "If you love horror movies this is a must see."

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rachael_bullard shared a tip "Actually this movie lol #conjuring"

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egg_faced shared a tip "arne is cute lol"

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celia_lowman shared a tip "Definitely one of my favorites, although not as scary as the others"

emma_trabucco shared a tip "Still followed the same conjuring concept but with a twist in the storyline to make it seem different"

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mary_serrano_4025 shared a tip "Not scary but great has a couple jump scares but overall good."

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mar_0 shared a tip "Couple jump scares but very good story line"

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courtney_firestone shared a tip "The conjuring series is always fun to watch."

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shelby_sant shared a tip "Love this whole series. Would recommend watching all of them!"

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Ashely_1 shared a tip "good movies 10000000/10"

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liam_payne shared a tip "Lesser then the other conjuring movies but i had fun."

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selena_garcia_6757 shared a tip "The only thing that scared me was when I fell asleep and got jumped awake by something in my sleep."

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hailey_rice shared a tip "yes!!!!"

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red_mann shared a tip "Great movie. Very different from the other two. Wish they would keep this same style and spin off."

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anna_wong_7333 shared a tip "My boyfriend liked it, but I wasnt a fan. To predictable."

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hayyybish shared a tip "love, love, loved this movie!!!"

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kaylee_smith_8300 shared a tip "It was amazing and funny scary things are funny to me"

steve_paisley shared a tip "The first movie was the best but this one is still a good one."

taylor_durbin_406 shared a tip "scary! over all good"

taylor_anderson_991 shared a tip "They never disappoint me"

alyssa kirchoff's profile image

alyssa_kirchoff shared a tip "it was okay! not as good as the other ones but not bad."

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