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Supervillains Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a collection of nutty cons at Belle Reve prison join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X as they are dropped off at the remote, enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-07-28

Runtime 132 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.8


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "This is one of those movies, you like it or not. If you have seen 2016 version, this is better!"

Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "Very bloody, foul-mouthed, antithetical super hero movie. Fun watch."

Madeleine Goodnight's profile image

mgoodnight shared a tip "Good! Missed Will Smith though"

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "It was different then what I thought it would be, but still good."

Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "Campy."

John Burks's profile image

john_burks shared a tip "This is by an order of magnitude, better than the 2016 version."

Karon Wootson's profile image

karon_wootson shared a tip "Did anyone else enjoy it?"

mike bostic's profile image

mike_bostic shared a tip "Loved it it takes the dark grittiness out of DC and doesn’t take itself to seriously"

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "This had a few funny moments and lots of action."

Emma Tindall's profile image

jelletinny shared a tip "Intense gore, crazy characters, mindbending physics and poor Idris Elba stuck in the middle lol, loved this!"

Quaisha Ladyboss Thornton's profile image

quaisha_ladyboss shared a tip "So far, I like it but it has some issues including pacing, just like the last film."

J Dizzle's profile image

j_dizzle shared a tip "It was a lot funnier than I expected. Very fun watch and very likable characters. Worth the watch in theaters over HBO MAX"

jonathan_4800 shared a tip "More good than bad, but closer than you might think"

Greg Cochran's profile image

greg_cochran shared a tip "Awesome movie"

Eve Hertel's profile image

eve_hertel shared a tip "It has its fun to watch moments"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "LEGIT MY FAV DC MOVIE EVER"

Lex 💕's profile image

alexissTyler shared a tip "This movie was such a ride. I don’t even know what to say but wow. #suicide_squad #harleyquinn #dc"

daisy_niemeyer shared a tip "It was alright."

Amber Wells's profile image

amber_wells_8456 shared a tip "It wasn’t bad! Definitely better than the first for SURE. A good entertainer film (some misses) but overall not bad."

Kunta Emory's profile image

kunta_emory shared a tip "This has the same sort of humor seen in Doom Patrol."

MoeButtons 's profile image

moebuttons shared a tip "This is how a comicbook movie should feel. Margot Robbie is such a great influence behind the scenes and this is a total gem."

Chris Cartwright's profile image

maytheforcebetrayyou shared a tip "Well then. That was a lot of movie 😅 Loved it though!"

Christopher Bair's profile image

christopher_bair shared a tip "This movie was dope as ****."

Miguel Tersy's profile image

miguel_tersy shared a tip "Funny and over the top."

Chris Sutphin's profile image

chris_sutphin shared a tip "Really good movie much better then the first"

Jared Holder's profile image

jholder47 shared a tip "Picture perfect 🤩"

Sarah Coulter's profile image

sarah_coulter_9651 shared a tip "It was okay"

Moses Ayala's profile image

moses_ayala shared a tip "Love James Gunn"

Abby 's profile image

abbs1202 shared a tip "It was great. I had a smile on my face the whole time! James Gunn never disappoints!"

lone beast's profile image

lone_beast shared a tip "Perfect action comedy for a family"

amie_martinez shared a tip "Really funny and it made my brother's laugh"

Eden Robinson's profile image

eden_robinson_663 shared a tip "It's fantastic!! Soooo much better than the first - this one had me laughing out loud countless times"

reece_satter shared a tip "All the performances are Awesome, Action is good, It’s so violent, and Great Villains"

VixNeko 's profile image

vixneko shared a tip "Great humour, awesome effects, story made sense, amazing costumes and the action scenes were all amazing."

Jecca lee's profile image

jecca_lee shared a tip "Funny AF!"

beto 's profile image

beto_652 shared a tip "Sooo much better then the first one"

Mr SniDBitS's profile image

mr_snidbits shared a tip "This is James Gunn at his best. Near perfect film. King Shark and Rat Catcher 2 steal the show!"

Ashley Ramirez's profile image

ashley_ramirez_3833 shared a tip "Edgy, fun, unique!"

Caiden Davey's profile image

caiden_davey shared a tip "Omg James Gunn and Zack Shinder did amazing"

Karli HOLLAND's profile image

karli_holland shared a tip "cried 👍"

Isabel 's profile image

ratfern6 shared a tip "It NOT family friendly but my favorite bc movie to be ture here would recommend it"

Dom Rangel's profile image

dom_rangel shared a tip "Definitely better than it’s predecessor 🤘🏽"

Victoria 's profile image

victoria_5711 shared a tip "This is really good compared to the old one"

Victoria 's profile image

victoria_5711 shared a tip "Totally recommend if you like violence and action"

Jacqui Momplaisir's profile image

jacqui_momplaisir shared a tip "Fun movie especially Harley Quinn of course."

Tess K's profile image

tess_k_2469 shared a tip "8/10"

cody_jean-baptiste shared a tip "Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

José Maria Candeias's profile image

jos_maria_candeias shared a tip "10/10, this is exactly what I wanted out of a Suicide Squad movie."

leslie_leonard_7823 shared a tip "Fun times!"

chris ratcliff's profile image

chris_ratcliff shared a tip "Lots of action and intrigue"

Bagel 's profile image

RBagel shared a tip "Really good movie! So much gore but the characters made it worth it."

Claudia Behrendt's profile image

claudia_behrendt shared a tip "It was funny and definitely a bit ridiculous at times."

The Falcon's profile image

Falconeer413 shared a tip "The comedy and characters were top notch this time around! James Gunn and Co knocked it out of the park!"

Santi Suárez's profile image

jacquestime shared a tip "An excellent movie 🎥🍿"

Alexa!! <3's profile image

peach_cavalier shared a tip "Funny, and king shark makes me so happy :,)"

kaitlyn winters's profile image

kaitlyn_winters shared a tip "I really liked the action and Harley Quinn was portrayed very well in this movie !"

Gia 's profile image

gia_5378 shared a tip "All around a fun movie! I enjoyed it!"

Rey. 24's profile image

rey._24 shared a tip "10 openers of 10 mouths = 10 mouth openers. A movie that made me fall in love with rats... I'm not kidding"

sam_riding_in shared a tip "Entertaining although sometimes the plot can get confusing"

amanda_wood_5546 shared a tip "Funny action adventure."

Julius Nolastname's profile image

julius_nolastname shared a tip "Good action scenes and a few funny moments"

Amy Chamberlin's profile image

amy_chamberlin_5285 shared a tip "It was fun and entertaining, not a favorite that i would rewatch but i still enjoyed it."

phaneendhar reddy's profile image

phaneendhar_reddy shared a tip "Fun to watch, not your typical super human/ fantasy film."

Teaya Jenkins's profile image

teaya_jenkins shared a tip "Great story line and so action packed!!"

Cassandra Lloyd's profile image

cassandra_lloyd shared a tip "Bat sh*t crazy from start to finish loved it"

Ursula Brown's profile image

ursula_brown_7490 shared a tip "I enjoyed this movie very much. My hubby didn't. Go figure."

michael_wilhelm shared a tip "The rated R Suicide Squad film that should have been made the first time around. John Wick-level violence."

Adam 's profile image

Warlord shared a tip "Really fun, really gory, and I loved King shark"

Vesper 's profile image

vesper shared a tip "It was pretty corny and not exactly a "great film", but it was so fun and energetic!! I genuinely had a good time."

Mike Jones's profile image

th3hooligan shared a tip "It was different, could tell it was mean to me comedic… it was good for what it was."

david_martinez_8433 shared a tip "Funny"

Big old Nerd's profile image

big_old_nerd shared a tip "Dynamic and biting thematic commentary!"

lina_rodriguez_3580 shared a tip "good if u like anti heros and action but mostly just the action part"

Aziza 's profile image

jusscallmeZi shared a tip "Coming To America and Alice in Wonderland. How about you??"

Sara Heise's profile image

sara_heise shared a tip "It's good but I like the first one better."

Camila Becerra's profile image

camila_becerra_3134 shared a tip "Everything"

stephanie_9281 shared a tip "Joel Kinnaman"

cliff_walker shared a tip "Better than the first one with a sense of humor"

J'Lyn Wilson's profile image

jlyn_wilson_2247 shared a tip "Queen of the South"

Shoe Mystie's profile image

shooomyster shared a tip "Amazing from start to finish very funny and Tons of action 10/10"

Nashid Woodson's profile image

Nas550 shared a tip "@margotrobbieofficial i'll see anything with her in it!"

Tom Ross's profile image

tom_ross_2472 shared a tip "Better than the first."

Kyle Chovanec's profile image

kyle_chovanec shared a tip "It's what the first one should have been."

Catherine Menendez's profile image

wandalover_05 shared a tip "I love Harley Quinn... and Margot Robbie! It was full of gore and i love it!"

tony sarro's profile image

tony_sarro shared a tip "Such a great movie the first 20 minutes will have your jaw dropped #suicide_squad #jamesgunn"

Sean Briens's profile image

sean_briens shared a tip "Loved it. Great to see anytime but ESPECIALLY in the theatre!!"

Milind Bhat's profile image

milind_bhat shared a tip "Well directed"

Winifred S.'s profile image

winn shared a tip "good, heartfelt at times, funny movie. way too much gore for me but if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll probably like it."

Kenisha Langley's profile image

kenisha_langley shared a tip "Great movie! Really funny."

ExternalIsopod 's profile image

externalisopod shared a tip "Funny, Cool, and Generally Good 👍"

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