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The story of Usnavi, a bodega owner who has mixed feelings about closing his store and retiring to the Dominican Republic or staying in Washington Heights.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2021-06-10

Runtime 143 minutes

Budget $55m

Revenue $43m


TMDB 7.3


christina_paz shared a tip "This was a great movie I loved it #music "

Bailey 's profile image

bailey1073 shared a tip "Kinda long, and I didn’t really get into it"

Evelyne Blanchet's profile image

evelyne_blanchet shared a tip "Bit too long. But refreshing and colorful with catchy songs"

Brenna Laderer's profile image

brenna_laderer shared a tip "Amazing music and culture"

Alexandra Lazarow's profile image

alexandra_lazarow shared a tip "Got to see an early virtual screening. Great film. Lots of fun! Amazing cast! Another great #musical from @linmanuelmiranda"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "This was so good, though I haven’t seen the music, I think it was amazing."

Moon Tiger's profile image

moon_tiger shared a tip "I love musicals and the music in this was really good!"

Aaron lyles's profile image

aaron_lyles shared a tip "Comes out June 25th,me & my youngest going to see"

Lily 's profile image

lily_7456 shared a tip "loved this movie!! it gave me so much serotonin!! 😆"

Jamilah 's profile image

simplyjamilah shared a tip "Gorgeous. Beautiful. I am speechless. The cast and crew were perfection. Definitely watching it again."

Lexi 's profile image

lexilovesmovies shared a tip "I loved the musical element. The songs were very catchy and the plot was really great."

m_suarez shared a tip "Beautiful movie 🎥"

maggie_kester_9934 shared a tip "I loved this"

Jennifer Danford's profile image

jennifer_danford shared a tip "Absolutely perfect."

Tanisha Hammond's profile image

tanisha_hammond shared a tip "The story was so beautiful. The music was fantastic I just loved it."

Ellie K's profile image

ellie_k_5087 shared a tip "SO GOOD! Definitely watch if you loved Hamilton."

Matt Kohn's profile image

matt_kohn shared a tip "This was a great cast and great music."

christina_855 shared a tip "Great songs, story."

amgbenyon 's profile image

amgbenyon shared a tip "Moving story with really good music"

Riak Riak's profile image

riak_riak shared a tip "A great modern take on such a great musical!"

shane_oreilly shared a tip "I loved the pool sequence...I loved this onstage, but they did a nice job with visuals in the movie."

Sammy 's profile image

sammy_52 shared a tip "LOVED IT. I love almost anything Lin-Manuel Miranda has written."

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mac_movie_reviews shared a tip "It was a fine musical that does enough to be a good summer musical"

Nikki Hardenburgh- Ashendorf's profile image

nikki_hardenburgh-_ shared a tip "Brilliant"

lynda_arhin shared a tip "The story line and music kept me intrigued. The acting and actors were really good. Watched it on a flight. Loved it!"

Mappes Family's profile image

mappes_family shared a tip "10/10 Recommend!!! Its really good, and has a good story! It also has Amazing music! 🎶"

ace_242004 shared a tip "It was probably the best movie I've seen in years. It was inspiring, funny, emotional. All the things a good movie should be"

Elsa Meyer's profile image

elsa_meyer shared a tip "This movie was beautiful and moving. Definite recommend."

Nicole Jones's profile image

nicole_jones_1555 shared a tip "AMAZINGGGGGGG"

ada_ shared a tip "Loved it"

Santana Lopez's profile image

santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "I cried like three times"

Madison Lutz's profile image

madison_lutz_5783 shared a tip "One of the greatest movies."

Jennifer Petersen's profile image

jennifer_petersen_1712 shared a tip "Amazing music and dancing!"

Denise Short's profile image

denise_short shared a tip "Good story, good music. Shows life is all about family."

Michael Jeter's profile image

michael_jeter shared a tip "It is a classic American story which has only one very minor character who looks like me."

Lawrence Hess's profile image

lawrence_hess shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful, amazing performances and just so good."

Elana Monzon's profile image

elana_monzon shared a tip "If you haven’t seen it, watch it! Perfect date night movie and has some beautiful romance plots 🥺❤️"

christina_taylor_5766 shared a tip "One of the best movies ive seen in a while."

arianna_smith_1020 shared a tip "THE MUSIC IS JUST AMAZING"

Ariana Pena's profile image

ariana_pena_6088 shared a tip "Its one of those movies that really makes you want to dance!"

Angela Morales 's profile image

a1ariana24 shared a tip "It was so good"

martusiya 's profile image

martusiya shared a tip "Musical"

lulu_shep shared a tip "One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It is an emotional roller coaster but 10000 out of 10."

michael_mendoza_4447 shared a tip "Sad, entertaining"

Cierra Payne's profile image

cierra_payne shared a tip "It's perfect for family and friends night"

Christ Stina's profile image

christ_stina shared a tip "I really love the setting!"

hailee_9461 shared a tip "Loved this movie! I was excited to get out and see it on the big screen. Lin Manuel did not disappoint."

Nicole Godoy's profile image

nicole_godoy shared a tip "Great movie! Felt represented as a Latina :) cried like a baby a few times."

Stephanie Alsman's profile image

stephanie_alsman shared a tip "Great music"

Lorri Parks's profile image

lorri_parks shared a tip "Singing, characters, story line"

Allie kampstra's profile image

allie_kampstra shared a tip "Most amazing movie I have ever seen"

latisha_catchatoori shared a tip "Loved it!"

jax 's profile image

jax_4080 shared a tip "It just shows so much culture and you get to see how some people have it harder then others"

deborah_colon_6885 shared a tip "Love love loved it"

Leah Paskalakis's profile image

leah_paskalakis shared a tip "Loved it! Such a fun movie!"

Juanita Worboys's profile image

juanita_worboys shared a tip "Just love all the dancing and singling"

fernanda_antoine shared a tip "Very good movie! The music is good and the acting is top notch!"

Adri D's profile image

adrianne_james_dati shared a tip "Good songs, great dancing, what’s not to like?"

caroline_1743 shared a tip "4/5"

Sofia N's profile image

sofia_09 shared a tip "I am absolutely obsessed!!"

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