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Two hillbillies are suspected of being killers by a group of paranoid college kids camping near the duo's West Virginian cabin. As the body count climbs, so does the fear and confusion as the college kids try to seek revenge against the pair.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2010-01-22

Runtime 89 minutes

Budget $5m

Revenue $5.2m


TMDB 7.3


Gordon Scobie's profile image

gordon_scobie shared a tip "High body count for a couple of nice guys"

Hannah Hernandez's profile image

hannah_hernandez_6068 shared a tip "So funny!"

My Own Worst Enemy's profile image

enemy shared a tip "The most feel-good slasher flick ever made?"

HORROR 🩸👻🔪's profile image

kristina_barnes_7201 shared a tip "So funny!"

Carlee Ammons's profile image

carlee_ammons shared a tip "Hilarious and underrated movie. A must see!"

Lyndsay Laveau's profile image

lyndsay_laveau shared a tip "I can't remember eber having laughed as hard as I did during this movie."

Deanna Michelle's profile image

EyeWonder shared a tip "Ssooooo funny!!! brilliant bromance😂"

Kekoa Verduzco's profile image

TheEternalMovieWatcher467 shared a tip "Really fun and funny"

sidney_williams shared a tip "The most you’re ever likely to laugh at someone falling into a wood chipper."

Natalie M's profile image

natalie_mck shared a tip "2010"

Krista Conner's profile image

krista_conner shared a tip "looking for a fun take on classic teen slasher flick? this is hilarious"

Evan Jermain's profile image

rookierooster shared a tip "Very cool movie, very unique, I dont think I've seen another movie quite like it."

Angela Tyson's profile image

angela_tyson_8848 shared a tip "Funny Friday night movie."

Katie Versace's profile image

katie_versace shared a tip "Hilarious! Really pokes fun at many horror movie troupes while being a laugh riot."

Heath Barnett's profile image

heath_barnett shared a tip "A fantastic and original flip of the script results in laugh out loud hysterics in this pseudo horror"

lorrie_mcfadden shared a tip "HEY, COLLEGE KIDS!!!"

lorrie_mcfadden shared a tip "The absolute best in October entertainment. A laugh with every gruesome end."

Brandi Sumner's profile image

brandi_sumner shared a tip "Super funny"

Jeff Teuton's profile image

jeff_teuton shared a tip "This is a horror comedy of errors. Loved it"

tiffany_anderson_9629 shared a tip "I love horror films and this one makes fun of common troupes in the most perfect way."

Rather NotSay's profile image

rather_notsay_6247 shared a tip "Extremely fun. Especially if you like John Dies at the End and not the movie particularly."

Susan LaFrance's profile image

susan_lafrance shared a tip "You don't really think they mix: comedy and horror, but it does in the movie. Lol in a few parts."

Marcie 's profile image

marcie_8538 shared a tip "One of my favorites! I can’t explain it, it’s just a must see!"

nö nö's profile image

Denman shared a tip "Masterpiece of Comedy Horror"

Brandy Jean's profile image

brandy_jean_3745 shared a tip "It was funny 😁"

Tiffany Stover's profile image

tiffany_stover shared a tip "Pretty much the greatest horror parody ever made."

Christy Lynn's profile image

christy_lynn_465 shared a tip "Cabin in the Woods is a good one"

franniegirl shared a tip "I freakin love this movie! It’s so silly in how it pokes fun at the horror genre but it’s cute too!"

Isabel Melgar's profile image

isabel_melgar shared a tip "Funny and laid back a twist on murder lol"

yolanda_deskins shared a tip "So funny!! Best spoof horror movie ever! I'm also a huge fan of Tyler Labine, he's an amazing actor."

Hannah Garnett's profile image

hannah_garnett shared a tip "The funniest and most stupid I have ever seen, but I loved it😂"

Alicia Hansen's profile image

alicia_hansen shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time. Anyone who makes fun of slasher films or loves slasher films will love this film."

Ward68 's profile image

Ward68 shared a tip "This is a great movie that makes fun of slasher movies."

Dino Tinajero's profile image

dino_tinajero shared a tip "One of my favorite movies."

rea_no shared a tip "😂😂😂😂those **** college kids"

Ahtziri 17's profile image

PmB_157 shared a tip "This movie is so funny and it just so stupid. Highly recommend 10/10"

Mandi Boykin's profile image

mandi_boykin shared a tip "Looks dumb, but great plot and hilarious!"

Bradley Garrett's profile image

bradtragick shared a tip "Hilarious horror spoof thats actually good."

Amber Rhodenbaugh Zipsie's profile image

amber_rhodenbaugh_zipsie shared a tip "Hard to choose, the whole thing was pretty gold!"

Nicole Kitter's profile image

nicole_kitter shared a tip "Love horror but horror that can make me cringe one second and laugh the next is golden in my book!"

Spencer DeVine's profile image

spencer_devine shared a tip "A masterclass of comedy horror"

monica_stamper shared a tip "Very funny in an unexpected way"

Audra Simpson's profile image

audra_simpson shared a tip "Such a fun movie"

savannah_ron shared a tip "This is seriously one of the funniest movies I have ever seen"

Hopewell Unofficial's profile image

texas.cattle_bone.kid shared a tip "Knarly"

itsmr.sandist 's profile image

itsmr.sandist shared a tip "It has a perfect balance between scary, funny, and suspension. 9/10."

arby_4423 shared a tip "FANTASTIC take on a classic trope. Highly recommend!"

Violet_ Stars_'s profile image

violet__stars_ shared a tip "This movie was so funny! I've seen it so many times and it never gets old!"

Blake 's profile image

TigBitties shared a tip "This was hilarious it’s one of my favorite movies I cannot believe I forgot it"

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