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Caught in a bizarre and terrifying time warp, college student Tree finds herself repeatedly reliving the day of her murder, ultimately realizing that she must identify the killer and the reason for her death before her chances of survival run out.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2017-10-12

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $4.8m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 6.6


Kirsten Marie's profile image

kirsten_marie_6221 shared a tip "I do enjoy the Groundhog Day trope. It’s good fun ride of a horror with some comedy events. Definitely recommend."

QB 's profile image

agentq5ft2 shared a tip "Meh 😑 a typical teen slasher lol"

Cynthia 217's profile image

cynthia_217 shared a tip "I liked the comedy and thrill of this movie. Kept me entertained to want to know what twist it’s going to end with."

... 's profile image

samwatchesshit shared a tip "a much needed rewatch of this trailblazer!!!"

Sera Duke's profile image

sera_duke shared a tip "I've been turning my nose up at this forever. It turned out to be rather adorable."

shae 's profile image

Saturnbby shared a tip "It had a cool twist"

Jennifer Clark's profile image

jennifer_clark_2705 shared a tip "Super good popcorn fun! And the sequel fills in the questions you're left with from the first"

Tay 's profile image

Chip_treesh shared a tip "Honestly I highly recommend it,some scenes are funny but others are quite suspenseful"

Rick McMichael's profile image

rick_mcmichael shared a tip "Awesome, fun little movie. Jessica Rothe is adorable and great as the lead."

Erin Collins's profile image

xrynnx shared a tip "Love love love this movie! It’s smart yet fun and easy to watch. Very entertaining!#thriller #comedy #mystery #suspense"

Shawna Monroe's profile image

shawna_monroe shared a tip "This movie is underrated. Loved it"

Kristie Strieby's profile image

kristie_strieby shared a tip "Hilarious slasher movie"

Hazelnutcoffeegirl 's profile image

phfoto_gal shared a tip "Loved this retelling of Groundhog Day."

itachi uchiha's profile image

0ff1c1al.1tach1 shared a tip "it has horror and i love horror"

bw 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "this was an experience"

kauri_danyail shared a tip "hmm that’s a tough one!😂 i probably couldn’t pick one!"

lizzy king's profile image

kinglizzy shared a tip "It’s also a bit of a comedy"

Athena Lopez's profile image

athena_lopez_8647 shared a tip "Really funny and thrilling. Would recommend."

Arymilla Rosewood's profile image

arymilla_rosewood shared a tip "Campy fun horror. Just do go into it thinking it will be more then that."

MEGAN IORG's profile image

megan_iorg shared a tip "Loved it"

Rebecca McGill's profile image

rebecca_mcgill_1053 shared a tip "This is a fun movie!"

melanie_monran shared a tip "Its not exactly what I expected...."

Valeria Carranza's profile image

valeria_carranza shared a tip "I loved the movie! It was great!"

Andy Gómez 's profile image

trichuchin shared a tip "I don't care what anyone says, this movie is so fun i could watch it a billion times"

Nissa Kuranaruk's profile image

nissa_kuranaruk shared a tip "This wasn't scary but fun to watch."

Jennifer Cloutier's profile image

jennifer_cloutier_8971 shared a tip "Really fun movie with good humor. Second one is even better!"

Voltage Stevens's profile image

SimpleSpider shared a tip "Campy, can't figure out if it wants to be funny or scary. But still enjoyable"

The Withered Rose 's profile image

WitherRose049 shared a tip "I like the SAW movies and classic horror films"

CK22 shared a tip "Funny, sorta scary, and a bit of romance. One of my favorites."

Danni Marie Scott's profile image

danni_marie_scott shared a tip "Enjoyable"

Ashley Bourguignon's profile image

ashley_bourguignon shared a tip "Hi"

itsyaboi mr.krabs's profile image

itsyaboi_mr.krabs shared a tip "i liked the twist at the end :)"

Joanna Sogs's profile image

joanna_sogs shared a tip "Death"

MrDeimos 's profile image

mrdeimos shared a tip "Movies like this that have the groundhog day type of story are always good and entertaining to me so of course I love this movie!"

samamtha_murphy shared a tip "Loved it"

Bradley Garrett's profile image

bradtragick shared a tip "Funny and cool but not really horror."

RedWolf Vlogs's profile image

redwolf_vlogs shared a tip "Its not that scary"

Courtney Kiefer's profile image

courtney_kiefer shared a tip "It’s a more fun, light type of thriller kinda horror movie. It’s a not so serious horror thriller that is fun to watch."

patrick_j._scanlon_ shared a tip "Love them both! A must watch."

melanie_osborn_5514 shared a tip "This is a hidden gem. So clever. Love it. Happy Death Day 2 is good too."

The Shrimp's profile image

the_shrimp shared a tip "Pretty entertaining for a horror Groundhog Day film"

Chris Reynolds's profile image

chris_reynolds_7667 shared a tip "Horror comedy at its best, pure fun."

matthew bauch's profile image

matthew_bauch shared a tip "It's a fun and entertaining slasher movie with a cool concept, it's a fun movie to watch on movie night"

IamForky 's profile image

IamForky shared a tip "Not really. All the parts are awesome"

Damion Bartholomew's profile image

damion_bartholomew shared a tip "Happy Groundhogs day"

Basil 's profile image

bazkingshark shared a tip "just a really fun movie :]"

mya_oshaughnessy shared a tip "Me too!"

jeff smith's profile image

jeff_smith_5848 shared a tip "I really love Easter Casket! Hbu?"

Dominic Agosto 's profile image

dominic_agosto_7571 shared a tip "Watched this movie last night and I was pretty good, it is almost like a whodunnit mystery."

mj_courtney shared a tip "My favorite movie trope is the "groundhog day" one where a day repeats. If you also like this trope you will LOVE this movie!"

Brianna Johnson's profile image

bribri_doll shared a tip "Great horror/gore comedy. Even has a couple of surprisingly touching moments as well. Worth the watch, for sure."

angelique_shelton shared a tip "Unexpectedly funny"

Jaya 's profile image

jaya_97 shared a tip "Not a horror fan, but I’ve watched this multiple times and enjoyed every time it’s on tv"

dazzledbystarlight17 's profile image

dazzledbystarlight17 shared a tip "Fun concept for a horror movie. It got a but goofy but it was intentional & it doesn't take itself too seriously."

TrentonLovesMovies 's profile image

trentonlovesmovies shared a tip "loved it."

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