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The beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the King and Queen of England will unleash scandal, romance and intrigue that will leave the future of Downton hanging in the balance.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2019-09-12

Runtime 122 minutes

Budget $20m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.1


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shemdani shared a tip "I am not sure why this was not on my recommendations list yet. This is one of those serieses that you can’t get enough of."

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Jollysand shared a tip "One of my favorite series"

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arleisha_strauder shared a tip "One of my favorites"

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joany_berger shared a tip "Just discovering this and love it. Will be watching the series next"

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Tante143 shared a tip "What a fabulous show! I love that they still give us movies once in a while too ❤️"

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KasandWitch shared a tip "Love, love, love."

sidney_williams shared a tip "Thoroughly enjoyable. It’s a great cinematic expansion of the series."

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Skyelander shared a tip "Loved this movie watch all the series"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Don’t miss if like period drama! One of the best shows ever on masterpiece! Can watch it on Prime Video.."

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rebecca_bella shared a tip "A can't miss if you loved the series!"

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amina_qureshi shared a tip "Best tea time show that ever was."

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jamie_collins_520 shared a tip "God I miss this show I was grateful for the movie, but I still want more"

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valencia_681 shared a tip "Loved the storylines and costumes."

zora_bening shared a tip "The original series is great."

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heyjoelle shared a tip "I’m late to this party - binging it hard right now!"

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alexis_c_4798 shared a tip "Seasons 1-3 are great. Perfect for binging."

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renee_peterson shared a tip "This film is for the fans of the show. If you didn’t watch the series, you just won’t get it."

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tonya_howell_4108 shared a tip "Wonderful continuation of the tv show"

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non_ya shared a tip "Very good period piece show!"

ricki_5457 shared a tip "I love re watching this series, Maggie Smith is amazing"

bianca_newton shared a tip "Love this series and the movie!"

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stacy_6052 shared a tip "So good"

lauren_9711 shared a tip "An absolute gem!"

lisa_brown_2581 shared a tip "Love this series!"

jan_8706 shared a tip "The best. Every season was amazing."

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virginia_evans_8319 shared a tip "One of the best shows on TV. Wonderfully made!"

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tatiana_parsons_haddawy shared a tip "Everything"

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ashley_kristin shared a tip "Loved this show!! Definitely a binge fest"

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bridget_mcsweeney_m shared a tip "Love love love"

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terri_stover shared a tip "There will never be another fabulous show like this. ❤❤"

mara_1633 shared a tip "Wonderful show and movies!!!"

jade_neblett shared a tip "Amazing show. Kept me glued to the tv!"

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carol_hudson shared a tip "Can't recommend this enough!"

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shelley__kamen_ shared a tip "I loved this series. I binge watched the series in a few weeks."

cheryl_jackson_8816 shared a tip "Liked it because it was about the family the butlers, maids & staff. I was a great series"

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laria_hicks shared a tip "I love how they kept the same energy of the show without repeating the story"

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kim_teel shared a tip "Everything about this was enjoyable."

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diane_kerman shared a tip "Bingefest-worthy! Loved this."

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christie_larkin_1348 shared a tip "Love this series"

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paula_boutette shared a tip "Loved the whole series and the movie was fantastic too. I’m ready to watch it all over again."

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connie_campbell_9277 shared a tip "Love the costumes, the drama, the time spans and especially the humor."

joan_harper shared a tip "Classy soap opera! Love the period dress."

maria_reyes_1427 shared a tip "Yes, Bridgertons, The Cook of Costamar, all of them amazing movies too you will enjoy"

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dana_roe shared a tip "This show has humor, intrigue, suspense, drama, and much more!!!!"

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amy_tschirhart shared a tip "I love this show so much!!!!"

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amy_d_223 shared a tip "I mean it's a show. I enjoy any scene where the pompous misogynists get wrecked."

jaimi_bradford_252 shared a tip "Awesome"

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angelica_davies shared a tip "Just loved"

shera shared a tip "The best period piece with lots of seasons to fall in love!"

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callie_selby shared a tip "Great historical fiction that I can watch while my kids are still awake"

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sara_lewis_2312 shared a tip "I need more Downton Abbey!"

julie_mckee shared a tip "I love this entire series so much!!!"

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isabelle_f_4374 shared a tip "I watch this with my mom and grandma and we loved it so much that we really bonded with each other"

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maria_patino shared a tip "So good, the writing, the acting"

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kristen_henry_9072 shared a tip "Overall it was a great story and I loved all the characters."

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whittney_reed shared a tip "I loved all of the elegance and drama, from the high class elites to the service people inside the love LOVE!!"

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kristin_rance shared a tip "Period piece, dramatic, amazing!"

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aubrey_dresen shared a tip "So good! It's like a soap opera but super classy!"

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dr_putney shared a tip "Awesome!"

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shelley_smith_9751 shared a tip "LOVE this series so much!! An all time favorite! Nothing compares!"

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kevin_jacquet shared a tip "My favorite series. I take my time watching this, i dont want to rush through it."

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ginger_williams shared a tip "I loved this series! I binged it long after it was all the rage and it definitely lived up to the hype!"

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mila_marie shared a tip "One of best shows ever"

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jill_camiolo_dubell shared a tip "Very good"

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tiffanywickham shared a tip "Beautiful cinematography, amazing historical accuracy, relatable characters. #drama #romance #family #suspense"

renata_menga shared a tip "Can’t stop watching"

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rebecca_ames shared a tip "Either Ghost in the Darkness or The 90's The Mummy. Huge sucker for the oldies"

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lynn_james_6900 shared a tip "Love love love!!! ❤️"

ashlogic82 shared a tip "The second movie has been confirmed!"

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victoria_brennan shared a tip "Loved the period"

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patty_gioppo_armstrong shared a tip "Can NEVER get enough of Downton!!"

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mary_stevens_4797 shared a tip "I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY!!!"

jonye shared a tip "The perfect show to binge watch. I’m so sad it’s no longer running. 10/10."

elizabeth_santos_8728 shared a tip "Drama, cinematography"

1985Inc shared a tip "Every season, every episode and every movie (so far) have been AMAZING."

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cindy_evans_9781 shared a tip "Everything, historical, romance, scenery, story line"

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victoria_tabolich shared a tip "I love everything about this show! The drama, the time period, the humor, it’s all wonderful!"

kurt_white shared a tip "Fanyastic show. Fantastic acting!"

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kristine_elizabeth shared a tip "Could never say enough good things about this show. I loved all of it - upstairs and downstairs!"

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merilyn_avila shared a tip "It was a great series of what life was like before the war and during the war as well as how things changed after it."

maureen_flynn_8995 shared a tip "Never wanted it to end."

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alison_comire shared a tip "The costumes were incredible"

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yvonne_rivera shared a tip "Love love"

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kayla_craft_7397 shared a tip "Best period piece ever! I cried when it ended."

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andrew_beardsley shared a tip "Great continuation of the series. Really enjoyed the excitement that the regular characters had over meeting the King."

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katrina_ryan_8567 shared a tip "Great show"

nicole_crowe_1088 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites! Can’t wait for it to come to the big screen!"

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