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Seven years since the Monsterpocalypse began, Joel Dawson has been living underground in order to survive. But after reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee, Joel decides to venture out to reunite with her, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2020-10-16

Runtime 109 minutes

Budget $30m

Revenue $1.1m


TMDB 7.4


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SagesRain shared a tip "A breath of fresh air. It's nice to see a teen romance movie with an actually good ending."

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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mco shared a tip "Amusing, cheesy, and predictably entertaining."

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tyler_2005 shared a tip "🌟4.5/5🌟 such a fun movie to watch. Felt like a breath of fresh air. Loved the storyline and the characters!"

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sarah_holloway_3728 shared a tip "I love Dylan O’Brian and this movie didn’t disappoint, this movie was so funny and everything I would want in a movie like this!"

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amanda_martin_6193 shared a tip "Surprising and pretty fantastic tbh. I loved the characters and the story was great. Good monsters and a dog. That's a win"

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sunnyfunnysarah shared a tip "Love love love this movie. I wish it were a book series, I’d read them all immediately."

brianna_638 shared a tip "Dylan O’Brien anything else"

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oharnela shared a tip "Really good movie, love Dylan O’brien in this movie! Lots of action and wittyness"

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callie_keisler shared a tip "It's dylan o'Brien...that's it...that's the review"

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james_dunphy shared a tip "Great movie."

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build_a_bear shared a tip "This one was pretty good"

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nancy_monyhan shared a tip "Such an entertaining movie! Loved it!"

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beadzombie shared a tip "Really good! The monsters are cool and scary with a good story."

shyam_patel_6741 shared a tip "8.6/10"

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chris_drury_7382 shared a tip "Fun movie"

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frenchie511 shared a tip "It was interesting to see Dylan O’Brien outside of Maze runner. Big fan of jessica henwick #romance #greatmovie"

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LuisDrinksBeer shared a tip "Super fun movie, good action. Solid 7/10."

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shane_petersen shared a tip "It was pretty silly, but fun enough for rhe family to enjoy together."

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Hassan_G shared a tip "great movie"

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angela_rimmer shared a tip "Great story! Very reminiscent of Zombieland and Last Kids on Earth but for an older audience, then add a dog."

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indubitaly_adalu shared a tip "This is such a good movie!!"

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red_smith_9777 shared a tip "A feel good underdog action heroic romantic journey of a film"

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spout_squidly shared a tip "It was a good movie, with a good refreshing hope, that most apocalyptic movies now don't have. I would rate 5 stars"

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mia_cabrera shared a tip "It was funny and packed with adventure. Plus, who doesn't love Dylan O'Brien"

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gaby_palomo shared a tip "Love this movie 😍"

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stephanie_pollard shared a tip "Normally not something I would watch but ended up loving it."

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ArYka shared a tip "Like"

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sapphirestone shared a tip "This movie was such a delight! Like the best of the 1980s adventures with a modern relationship and modern effects."

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ginamaria shared a tip "Loved loved loved this movie. The crab stole my heart."

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chelsea_tapia_9999 shared a tip "Yes it’s a good one worth the watch 👍"

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katie_p_9842 shared a tip "Worth watching. It reminds me a lot of Zombieland. But with monsters instead of zombies."

ashein_chamption shared a tip "A fun monster movie"

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darci_michelle shared a tip "Such a good movie. Sci-Fi, comedy, romance, action…it literally has it all."

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lauren_garrett_1532 shared a tip "The whole family loved this movie which is super awesome when it's a group that ranges from 8-35 years old."

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courtney_nunnally shared a tip "Fun movie. Worth the journey"

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nichole_braase shared a tip "Good humor throughout"

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olivia_denuit shared a tip "LOVED THIS"

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simply_me shared a tip "Dog was one of the best part of the movie"

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erin_barton shared a tip "Perfect family watch with teens!!"

riley_cote shared a tip "Fantastic movie with a fantastic actor"

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simon_cyr shared a tip "Its a really interesting movie that you should totally give a chance to."

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sweetsO_o shared a tip "Didn't want this to end! Great watch with the family!"

dan_9501 shared a tip "This was funny and a good watch with the wife."

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ridajindani shared a tip "SOOO GOOOOOD"

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MysteryLover shared a tip "I loved this movie. It’s a good combination of action, comedy, horror and thriller."

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dayen_bradley shared a tip "is this anna"

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princesavage shared a tip "You will really enjoy it."

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sue_mckenna shared a tip "Fun family movie!"

jacqueline_moore shared a tip "Fantastic movie through and through"

kaylee_walker_4870 shared a tip "Its so amazing and dylan in it is perfect"

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emily_lippincott shared a tip "Thrilling, funny, great date night movie"

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krsse_crsby shared a tip "Cute and funny"

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bailey_findlay shared a tip "SO GOOD"

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leslie_curtis shared a tip "I loved it!"

 Jermelys! Jermelys!'s profile image

jermelys shared a tip "Putting my love for Dylan O’Brien aside It’s a really hood movie"

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lana_padgett shared a tip "Cute, funny, and it's got a dog"

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smoothgravy shared a tip "5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

lexi_adkins_816 shared a tip "#adventure"

dante_3910 shared a tip "Where can I find it"

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vicky_cho shared a tip "I LOVE the part where the robot he found abandoned uses her Battery to play music and helps the main character!"

david_gonzalez_5758 shared a tip "Ctcyvg fu"

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connie_linares shared a tip "I haven't read it yet"

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danielle_katy shared a tip "Actually pretty good"

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michaela_smith_5879 shared a tip "Dylan O’Brien is a very underrated actor. I loved this movie."

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julie_j_6694 shared a tip "Its such a good movie! Has a bit of something for everyone!"

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david_makos shared a tip "Just absolutely awesome if you like scifi thats done well and not too abstract, watch it. Dylan is damn good too"

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keven_crabb shared a tip "I didn’t love it, but I liked it."

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ukulele_girl shared a tip "Very VERY sad. Bring tissues"

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ajv_weirdness shared a tip "Pulls the watcher in and never really has a boring moment. One of my favorites"

denni_lavish shared a tip "It’s simply aswome"

juliena_rossel shared a tip "loved it!!!!"

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hannah_ziarniak shared a tip "Loved this. Great date night movie, absolutely adorable"

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liza_deaton shared a tip "Love this movie"

nikita_ferreira shared a tip "Hope there’s a second one !"

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lizzy_waite shared a tip "It’s so sweet and kind of funny at times"

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teri_weatherbee shared a tip "Highly entertaining. Fun post apocalyptic adventure. And there's an adorable dog..nuff said."

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terra_d shared a tip "Beautiful movie! I hope they make a second one."

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michelle_martin_3734 shared a tip "It was cute."

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loveminho shared a tip "i love dylan obrien, really good movie !"

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rebecka_linville shared a tip "Great, unique story"

nk_k shared a tip "Great combination of romcom, adventure, self growth and friendship. Great film."

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levi_shawback shared a tip "Creative and fun post apocalypse science fiction coming of age story."

kelly_wade shared a tip "Even though I "saw it coming" I still thoroughly enjoyed watching this."

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justin_mills shared a tip "Funny end of the world movie."