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When Pippa and Thomas move into their dream apartment, they notice that their windows look directly into the apartment opposite – inviting them to witness the volatile relationship of the attractive couple across the street. But what starts as a simple curiosity turns into full-blown obsession with

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-08-25

Runtime 117 minutes


TMDB 6.696


Julia 's profile image

juliamtl shared a tip "They stretched the ending a bit too much but it’s still a great watch!"

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asmr_barbie shared a tip "Sexxxy! 😍and full of twists."

chaileymichelle shared a tip "Very good movie! The ending was….wow!"

su_shi_1980 shared a tip "it’s the psychotic millennial version of rear window — very lifetime-ish with a terrible ending ♥️"

BrainCells shared a tip "My balls. My EYE balls!!"

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zaenoire shared a tip "Perfect date night movie!"

alexis_wong_5359 shared a tip "Great! Lots of shocking plot twists ❤️❤️"

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ciara_brody shared a tip "Amazing twists and cast. I’m usually on my phone during movies but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the tv!! 100% recommend"

Camille R.'s profile image

camille_r32 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this! So many great shocking moments, sexy, jaw dropping!!"

kaylan_russell shared a tip "Captivating, sexy, and twisty. Loved it"

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kelly_p_6692 shared a tip "It was so bad it was good. So many twists and ****!"

Quica Flores's profile image

quica_flores shared a tip "Thrilling, edge of your seat movie."

missy_zeller shared a tip "Gotta watch ittttttt👀👀"

Nichole Vink-DeYoung's profile image

nichole_vink-deyoung shared a tip "Didn’t see any of that coming."

Janackeh Blackwell's profile image

janackeh_blackwell shared a tip "..whoa…"

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laura_byrd_253 shared a tip "Seductive, gripping, enigmatic … taut up until the last moments."

chris_8188 shared a tip "Very sexual movie"

Brooke Schrader's profile image

brooke_schrader shared a tip "Felt SO uncomfortable the entire time, which I believe is a testament to how well of a job they did with the story."

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arlenevz shared a tip "Watch it! ASAP!!!!"

flore_mountsambote shared a tip "First half was great the ending is a little long"

Bethany Phillips's profile image

bethany_phillips shared a tip "Corny but still worth watching."

Jillian Curry's profile image

jillian_curry_7480 shared a tip "This movie was filled with twists and turns. Definitely not a movie for the little ones!"

tekeyah_whitworth shared a tip "Great twist that i didnt see coming"

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sienna_turner_1226 shared a tip "So Many CRAZY twists."

Tyler Portis's profile image

tyler_portis shared a tip "Solid story. I couldn’t have imagined the reveal."

meghan_1235 shared a tip "January 15, 2022 #365daysofmovies"

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kaila_rife shared a tip "★★★★☆ WOW, this movie was not what I had expected or anticipated, but it was so good"

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