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A journalist and podcaster from New York City travels to West Texas in order to report on the death of a girl he was hooking up with.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2022-07-29

Runtime 108 minutes

Revenue $4.2m


TMDB 6.8


Meredith 's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "Genuinely laughed throughout and the story did not end up as I expected it to. It’s weird, but worth the watch"

Emily Munro 's profile image

emily_munro_2508 shared a tip "The preview alone made me miss whataburger. 😭😭😭"

Danielle Henry's profile image

danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "Excellent storytelling. BJ Novak is amazing, as always."

Bringer of cheese 's profile image

casey_gorman shared a tip "It's better than I expected but the end got a little too preachy for my taste 6.4/10"

Tiffany Wysbeek's profile image

tiffany_wysbeek shared a tip "100% loved this movie, it is often extremely funny, and hits on multiple levels."

mikew shared a tip "Not a fan of B.J. Novak’s one dimensional performance also screenplay was dull."

elizabeth_stewart shared a tip "One of the best films of 2022. #oscar #oscar_worthy"

Monte Cresbrooke's profile image

monte_cresbrooke shared a tip "The funniest movie I’ve ever seen!"

Sara Nagle's profile image

sara_nagle shared a tip "I LOVED this movie. It had a good tone. Use of music was fabulous. Dark comedy at it's finest."

charles_5933 shared a tip "Really loved this movie it was comedic and deep! Loved all actors and was really immersed into the world!"

David Merritt's profile image

david_merritt_4244 shared a tip "It was aight, wierd highly convoluted unbelievable ending."

Rachael Cooksey's profile image

rachael_cooksey shared a tip "I live in Texas. Just saw this in theaters and loved it. And yes this movie made me buy a whataburger after wards. 😆"

Suzy Bee of Sisters of the Spoon 's profile image

suzy_bee shared a tip "This was entertaining, suspenseful. Good flick."

lacey_2832 shared a tip "One of the best movies I've seen this year"

Kristine Wheelock's profile image

kristine_wheelock shared a tip "Wasn’t sure what to expect. It was surprisingly good."

Noel Britt's profile image

noel_britt shared a tip "This looks funny/good!"

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