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Viola Hastings is in a real jam. Complications threaten her scheme to pose as her twin brother, Sebastian, and take his place at a new boarding school. She falls in love with her handsome roommate, Duke, who loves beautiful Olivia, who has fallen for Sebastian! As if that were not enough, Viola's tw

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2006-03-17

Runtime 105 minutes

Budget $20m

Revenue $34m


TMDB 6.8


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the_girl_abides shared a tip "One of my favorite family friendly movies. Big fan of this version of Twelfth Night. We love some gender f*ckery."

kj_ressler shared a tip "Adaptation of the play "Twelfth Night.""

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rita_whaley_6208 shared a tip "The tampons!!!!"

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oharnela shared a tip "Such a good movie"

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potat shared a tip "A classic honestly. One of my faves as a 10 year old haha"

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alexis_rieck shared a tip "Legit so funny in the cringiest way. Aged well and horribly at the same time."

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amanda_hughes_8114 shared a tip "The tampon scene. 😆"

kathryn_borman shared a tip "The conjuring and orphan"

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kutastha shared a tip "This is actually a remake of the 80s movie, "Just One of the Guys." I recommend that one for that coveted 80s vibe."

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ivette_baez shared a tip "It’s a shame that Amanda Bynes isn’t acting anymore, because she was very amusing in this film."

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jennifer_larue shared a tip "Amanda was hilarious in this movie! Truly a funny comedian. Another light and silly movie."

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cynthia_217 shared a tip "Amanda Bynes at one of her funniest roles and gotta love Channing Tatum."

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linoshka_santiago shared a tip "I’ve watched plenty of movies. I’m currently reading “The Sun is Also a Star” by Nicola Yoon."

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kelsey_melin shared a tip "Oooof I have too many!! Probably a tie between Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Oceans Eleven"

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miranda_krout shared a tip "It’s one of the funniest movies , I love Amanda bynes !"

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gordon_shaw_2308 shared a tip "I've heard that 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' is good, so it might be that."

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michelle_fisher_2110 shared a tip "Ever girl's fantasy"

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diandra_repato shared a tip "Love this modern take on classic literature"

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i_bry shared a tip ""Do you like....cheese?" Me af 🤣🤣🤣🤣"

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nicole_meadows_6942 shared a tip "Amanda Bynes at her finest."

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gennibean shared a tip "One of my favs!"

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aggie_butler shared a tip "A classic."

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jenny_lauren shared a tip "All of it is my favorite! It's amazing! 😊"

laylah_rogers shared a tip "As you should"

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p_b_355 shared a tip "I like movies where women pretend to be men"

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brenda_ward shared a tip "Probably the nose bleed part!"

regan_dunham shared a tip "It’s really hard to decide but The Holiday with Cameron Diaz makes the list as one of my favorites :)"

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amanda_dunnells shared a tip "Great family friendly movie, highly recommended 👌"

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shannon_rettig shared a tip "Dude same here !!"

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shannon_rettig shared a tip "Dude same here lol"

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sonya_davis_3398 shared a tip "Channing Tatum"

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danielsan shared a tip "Stupid funny"

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honeygrahams shared a tip "I’m a big rom com person, if you’re talking mistaken identity movies Monte Carlo is great"

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felicia_pezzano shared a tip "Its a good one! Super funny"

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cassandra_richard shared a tip "Probably when she’s teaching Duke how to talk to women in their dorm room. 🙃"

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caleb_lindley shared a tip "Don't really have a favorite part. Is a great movie though"

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monica_thomas_8133 shared a tip "Sydney White! It's another Amanda Bynes classic!"

brittany_4648 shared a tip "Haven't seen it in years, but very funny. Story is loosely based off Shakespeare's Twelfth Night."

ayrie_peddie shared a tip "Love it!"

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nicole_smith_8102 shared a tip "great modern retelling of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night one of Amanda Bynes best roles and an overall great movie"

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emma_legare_6972 shared a tip "This iS this is an amazing movie"

sarah_ralph_4050 shared a tip "Let me knownwhat you think! Itone I've watched over again a few times."

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adalina_mesa shared a tip "just watch it, trust me"

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dylanobrien shared a tip "so comfort"

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cadence_cooper_8703 shared a tip "It’s a good romcom"

caroline_1486 shared a tip "Twelfth Night- Shakespeare"

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Unicornbookwarm_1993 shared a tip "Disney childhood favorite"

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astarte_valentine shared a tip "It was good, watched it years ago"

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lisa_pilkinton shared a tip "You’ll probably laugh, but I’m on a superhero diet right now…lol"

karissa_connelly shared a tip "Do you like cheese? My favorites Gouda 😂"

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jessica_9139 shared a tip "Loved this movie so much. I use to watch it all the time and still do!"

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adrianna_guevara shared a tip "Classic Amanda Bynes movie. It’s hilarious!"

chrissy_263 shared a tip "I can't choose, love the whole movie. Probably the one movie I quote the most besides mean girls"

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shaunts shared a tip "Bynes has Little Richard's flamboyant eyes, especially when she's running around at the end of the movie #great_acting"

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beka_lynn shared a tip "Probably my favorite Amanda Bynes teen movie and Channing Tatum pre superstar was great too!"

nakia_vassell shared a tip "Viola !"

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marissa_moore_4356 shared a tip "Sooo funny and love the references from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”. Very good and a must watch!"

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nispruha_shah shared a tip "THIS MOVIE IS THE BEST!! 100% RECOMMEND!"

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hazel_santamaria shared a tip "This movie is hilarious and has such ICONIC lines. Love this movie."

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b3kah shared a tip "This is such a good movie! 🤍"

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emily_gross_7619 shared a tip "Honestly, I love the scene where she has to explain why she has tampons"

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willy_g_6133 shared a tip "This is one of my many 🔝 #1 favorite movies 🍿 great casting Channing Tatum & more, Funny 😄 film 🎞"

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LexLuthor42 shared a tip "I cried with laughter"

madison_6596 shared a tip "Something sort of similar with the same actress is “What a Girl Wants”. It has a good character development and comedy."

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anne_drenning shared a tip "Yes! John Tucker Must Die"

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hannah_simpson_7806 shared a tip "I literally quote this movie on a daily basis😂👏"

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alexis_p_2534 shared a tip "It was pretty funny"