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Wilbur the pig is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. He hatches a plan with Charlotte, a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never happen.

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 2006-12-07

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $85m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 6.2


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming 7/1"

krystle_poirier_8968 shared a tip "Such a cute movie"

melly_loveee shared a tip "So cutee"

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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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amy_santi shared a tip "God I Miss Dakota Fanning"

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crystal_hammond_6284 shared a tip "Always a great family movie!"

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fred_standup shared a tip "Poignant"

boo_boo_2959 shared a tip "Devastatingly beautiful"

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marinda_boydstun shared a tip "All of E. B. White's books are classics! 💕"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "Great family movie favorite childhood book"

keylee_kobiela_6409 shared a tip "It’s so cute and fun"

myurell_lazo shared a tip "I didn’t eat bacon for like 2 months as a child. Such a good book/movie."

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barby_2509 shared a tip "its a wonderful childhood classic"

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ava_aka_smol_bean shared a tip "It was kinda boring in my opinion"

sushama_mohite shared a tip "Nice movie for ages 6-8"

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cassandre_fournier shared a tip "Incredibly adorable movie 💛"

meg_boucher shared a tip "Its amazing but sad. I cryed my eyes out"

ck_meadows shared a tip "Still enjoy it today"

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amiee_palma shared a tip "The book is better."

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ciara_hungate shared a tip "Super cute movie! ❤"

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ashton_brown_6072 shared a tip "This movie was so adorable I watched it like 10 times #comedy #fantasy #family"

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godzilla shared a tip "I saw it as an adult. I love movies with a LOT OF HEART AND SOUL TOO !"

chels. shared a tip "This movie makes me cry."

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emma_downs shared a tip "This a good movie you will love it"

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muffin_time shared a tip "This movie was my childhood 🕸 so I’m biased, but it’s really good and pretty much still holds up."

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preeti_kumar shared a tip "It was a 5th grade reas and I loved it"

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delia_dahl shared a tip "Indeed, great movie, great book"

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gacfl shared a tip "A classic!"

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kudo_the_d.a.d shared a tip "This movie had the perfect ending. I've read the book. I'd watch this movie over and over again!"

anaclara shared a tip "such a cute movie"

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dingo_boy shared a tip "Loved the book as a kid, good representation."

sarah_finn shared a tip "Good for kids"

bailey_turner_8476 shared a tip "It was cute"

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ellie_c shared a tip "my entire childhood (spoiler alert: have tissues)"

missa_gnann shared a tip "Sweet! Nostalgic! One if the first books I ever read so the story was a favorite of mine. Great voices for the animals."

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mark_mcnulty shared a tip "OMG it's so good"

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miranda_stafford_5083 shared a tip "Adorable little movie one the whole family can watch and has great morals to help teach children"

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sh_4885 shared a tip "havent seen this one since i was a kid but i think it was okay?"

bernice_methezier shared a tip "It was cute"

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