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I make biscuits from scratch.. And I know things. #Quirky #Honest #BookWorm #MovieLover #PodcastEnthusiast


I have been a fan of Dan Cummins for over a decade. So, of course I had to listen to his podcast. And he delivered. If you are looking for a hilarious, raw and slightly (or very depending who you ask) dark podcast about a variety of topics. Historical, factual, and worth your time. #timesuck #history #comedy #dark #hilarious #dancummins

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Timesuck with Dan Cummins

Podcasts | Comedy

Hilariously dark, twisted and altogether raunchy. If that's the sort of thing you're looking for anyway.. It's a great play on the Russian 18th century monarchy. Peter's blatant disregard for responsibility and chivalry can be vulgar at the best of times. But Catherine the Great wasn't great for nothing. This show cast a hysterical light on how she reigned him, and seemingly Russia, in. #TheGreat #Hysterical #darkhumor #dark #history

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The Great

Shows | Comedy

Underrated film! It was on repeat on my house for quite awhile. The parallels to human life were uncanny, if not eerie at times. And I appreciated the references to Animal Farm, as well. It is still appropriate for young kids, don't worry!

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Movies | Animation

Don't get me started about Up! This movie is wonderful from beginning to end. It makes me laugh and cry, even though I have easily watched it over 100 times. (I'd like to blame that part on my kids, but I can't.) If you haven't watched this.. Then I don't know what you're doing with you're life.

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Movies | Animation

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