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Is it as good as the original version? No. But it is an interesting experiment.

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Movies | Mystery

Nice little thriller. Not really a Halloween movie though, even though that's what I searched for.

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Movies | Crime

It was a nice, low budget thriller that didn't look like most low budget thrillers, but looked like it was made with some big studio backing. My only complaint that it was just as much a holiday movie than a Halloween movie, like the list I picked from.

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Lake Alice

Movies | Horror

Nice little horror anthology that I somehow missed last year

Asylum: Twisted Horror & Fantasy Tales imageAsylum: Twisted Horror & Fantasy Tales image

Asylum: Twisted Horror & Fantasy Tales

Movies | Comedy

Not bad, but not great. I've seen other horror movies this month that looked like big budget horror movies, but turned out to be no budget snooze fests.

The Legend of Halloween Jack imageThe Legend of Halloween Jack image

The Legend of Halloween Jack

Movies | Horror

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