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Gillian McIlwaine



So good but pretty scary. My family and I listened to it on a road trip and it really freaked me out (I was maybe 13 at the time so that could be why). Really well done though.

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Podcasts | Performing Arts

Such an iconic movie. Everyone has to watch it once.

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Dirty Dancing

Movies | Drama

I LOVED this book. Read it for Grade 11 English. Talks about how residential schools affected people different while still being light hearted and funny. A pretty easy read. Best book I read in high school.

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Motorcycles & Sweetgrass

Books | Drew Hayden Taylor

This book is so cute. Small town, single parent love story.

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The Suite Spot

Books | Trish Doller

Pretty cheesy but it was really good when I first watched it (I was 15 at the time)

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The Kissing Booth

Movies | Romance

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