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I like sappy movies and TV shows


Absolutely loved this show. The premise is very TV insider - bringing back together a dopey sitcom. But the way they cast and wrote all the characters (Paul Reiser!) raises this to an incredibly rich level of story and emotion that I didn’t expect. Bravura!

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Shows | Comedy

What a great basketball movie. Period. Adam Sandler is a fully realized character (it’s easy to forget what a great actor he is when he is playing a caricature).

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Movies | Drama

Surprised at how good this show was. Each episode is packed from beginning to end with the energy of a restaurant. The characters feel grittily real as do their battles with each other. A good reminder of what it takes to run a small business too

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The Bear


Perfect book for a hot summer weekend. It is by the creator of How I Met Your Mother and has the same ensemble feel of many rich characters with intersecting lives - some growing up, some not quite yet. Rich story, spot on characterization of addiction to social media and how much information is online. Someone should build MeWantThat.

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The Mutual Friend

Books | Carter Bays

Found this documentary very touching and richly filmed with three families and teenagers connecting with their adoption stories and history in China,

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I can’t explain why I like these fish out of water, famous celebrities get together with a random regular person. (Marry Me is another). But… I loved the Valet. I laughed out loud many times and felt the emotional roller coaster they took us on. It holds together surprisingly well and the acting is excellent.

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The Valet

Movies | Comedy

Yup. It’s good as everyone says. And better. And the cliffhanger… can’t wait for season 2.

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It was a fine murder mystery whodunit. Nothing surprising but it holds together. A fun watch if you are in the mood. The Egypt scene setting was gorgeous

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Death on the Nile

Movies | Crime

An alternate history of the US-Russia Space Race and foreign relations. A character study of astronauts in the program. A world where we started settling the moon. From the individual family stories up to geopolitics - this is just an incredible watch. Not sure why it took me so long to discover it. Bravo!

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For All Mankind

Shows | Drama

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