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I like sappy movies and TV shows


If you want a nonstop intense chase movie that you’ll enjoy but also say “huh, really?”, this is for you. There is enough here that I found myself wanting to finish and I liked the framing of Greece and the deeper political intrigue. But the movie isn’t great or anything

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Movies | Thriller

This started as a simple show around a dunder-headed Ed Helms as a 7th generation inherited rich guy in the small town his family founded. Bringing in the native Americans who owned the land first - it quickly became a much richer and deeper story of that reckoning and growing up. I loved it.

Rutherford Falls imageRutherford Falls image

Rutherford Falls


Went in with low expectations given early reviews. The potential for a great story in this flooded world with rich vs poor, and bringing back memories was very high. It’s too bad they wrote a mediocre Quick love story with weak villains. There was so much more here. But I still enjoyed it once I got into it.

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Movies | Science Fiction

Cannot look. Cannot look away. Great setting. Great character development. Great conclusion. I watched it weekly as it came it but it might even be more fun as a nonstop binge. Fantastic.

The White Lotus imageThe White Lotus image

The White Lotus


I really couldn’t tell you what this movie is. But if you just lean back and watch it, it is a lot of silly fun.

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar imageBarb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar image

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Movies | Comedy

I am not sure I would have normally gravitated to the premise. But people kept recommending this. Wow. Probably the best #drama drama I have watched in a long time. Jean Smart is simply incredible.

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Shows | Comedy

Great book - feels almost too real and possible. Also reminds you of the power of technology and what we need to do to survive without it. Gripping read - couldn’t put it down. Great characters throughout and a vision of the future we want to avoid

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Books | Elliot Ackerman

I laughed. I enjoyed watching and if it appeals to you, go for it. But not a must watch…

America: The Motion Picture imageAmerica: The Motion Picture image

America: The Motion Picture

Movies | Animation

Spectacular take on the last year. With funny / great songs too. And a little bit of madness

Bo Burnham: Inside imageBo Burnham: Inside image

Bo Burnham: Inside

Movies | Music

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