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Mark Pelini



Greatest movie ever

Star Wars imageStar Wars image

Star Wars

Movies | Adventure

Great movie. It paints a story that pulls you in. Visually and audibly incredible

Blade Runner 2049 imageBlade Runner 2049 image

Blade Runner 2049

Movies | Science Fiction

Classic. It's aged but still one of the most iconic movies

The Terminator imageThe Terminator image

The Terminator

Movies | Action

Great horror movie, that blast your mind with visuals and tension. One of John Carpenters best

The Thing imageThe Thing image

The Thing

Movies | Horror

Great movie, the visuals and story are awesome. Classic

Stargate imageStargate image


Movies | Action

Amazing visuals and sound. Good movie not great

Mad Max: Fury Road imageMad Max: Fury Road image

Mad Max: Fury Road

Movies | Action

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