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I'm a Christian anime lover with an affinity for movies, apologetics podcasts, and alllll the books.


Pretty intense stuff. But I love the psychological aspect of this movie. When credits rolled, I questioned all of reality, and that's exactly what I like from spooky movies. If you don't want to be slightly disturbed, or alternately if what you want is straight violence or gore, pass on this one. But if you want good acting, a great story, and a lot of mental terror, I recommend this highly.

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Movies | Science Fiction

Really powerful, sweet story. It definitely has some cheesy acting, but it's beautiful for the intended purpose. It's great as a message conduit and even as clean, fun, encouraging entertainment; not necessarily great for cinematic value alone.

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Facing the Giants

Movies | Drama

The humor hit me just right and at just the right times, the characters were lovable and a bit complex, there was real, intense emotion - good and bad - and it was the kind of movie I watched, then made my husband watch with me the next day just to show it to him. Great story and good message, and of course we'll acted throughout. I could've done without some of the language for sure, and of course the time travel wasn't perfectly handled (it never is), but it's a great movie I still rewatch.

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About Time

Movies | Comedy

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