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Stories from survivors fuel this docuseries examining how convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein used his wealth and power to carry out his abuses.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-05-27

Last Air Date 2020-05-27

Seasons 1

Episodes 4


TMDB 7.3


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "After watching this you will be left with more questions than answers. Nevertheless, this is a totally binge worthy series."

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Cassie shared a tip "Definitely left my mind reeling with conspiracies, questions, and just so many emotions. Mini series binge, for sure."

zachary_schwinger shared a tip "Interesting"

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katie_harrison_9823 shared a tip "Crazy....."

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gina_curtis shared a tip "A powerful story about a corrupt system that empowered a man to victimize women. I found it incredibly enlightening."

catherine_altman shared a tip "Very good"

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alexis_riley shared a tip "Wow. Wow is all I have to say"

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kelsey_marie shared a tip "You've seen his name in the news for a reason, get all the info and just watch it #truecrime #documentary #evilpeople"

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robert_watkins_2098 shared a tip "That was one evil man"

ciara aitcheson's profile image

ciara_aitcheson shared a tip "A show more on the sad side! This show is about the cruel Jeffrey Epstine."

Francesca Fronczak's profile image

helpmeouthere shared a tip "deep dive into his life, so unbelievable and vile, makes me wonder why and how he did what he did"

Tricky and Trendy's profile image

tricky_and_trendy shared a tip "This is a very entertaining docuseries that you can finish in one weekend!"

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unknown_3294 shared a tip "Great background noise for when i was studying."

Lisa 's profile image

lisa_3456 shared a tip "Very disturbing"

bridget_fitzgerald_5807 shared a tip "It was well made but definitely hard to watch. It made me very angry of course."

Sarah S.'s profile image

sarah_s._939 shared a tip "Really heavy to watch. If you're into true crime then this is for you."

Zahra Ahmed's profile image

zahra_ahmed shared a tip "It’s kind of dark"

Candy Bernard's profile image

candy_bernard shared a tip "I Never watch it"

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basant_kalathoki shared a tip "Nice movie"

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tina_louise shared a tip "Shocking! Detailed, focuses on facts, and informational."

Ewa Walther's profile image

ewa_walther shared a tip "Interesting, well done documentary."

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Interesting and compelling."

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sharon_lauer shared a tip "What a Jerk! But also all the people involved😕"

sue grizzell's profile image

sue_grizzell shared a tip "The filth and corruption in this world makes my head spin! So very sad! Pray for our country🙏🏻"

Brittany High's profile image

brittany_high shared a tip "It was informative, and made you open your eyes about the world we live in."

Travis Scott's profile image

travis_scott_3693 shared a tip "It was excellent. Made me hate him even more."

Rebekah Wilson's profile image

rebekah_wilson_4925 shared a tip "When he gets caught"

Sunny Park's profile image

sunny_park_113 shared a tip "Well made documentary"

altmo shared a tip "Disturbing but important."

rustythong shared a tip "Such an excellent and engaging documentary; Epstein is a bastard."

Mary Rybak's profile image

mary_rybak shared a tip "Really opened my eyes to the situation that I had only heard about in passing. It's more than a meme and a VERY tragic tale."

Rachel Rowlan's profile image

rachel_rowlan shared a tip "This guy was scum."

Danielle Doyle's profile image

elizabethdani shared a tip "Short documentary, interesting."

rafael_9743 shared a tip "Eat the rich"

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tania_lemaire shared a tip "Filthy rich says it all"

tina_hettrich shared a tip "Terrible!"

carmela_doctor shared a tip "If you want to male your skin crawl then watch this."

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sophia_espinoza_5104 shared a tip "Awesome as hell!"

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jill_ivey shared a tip "I just can't believe that he could live with himself with his hideous lifestyle..."

Frank Romano's profile image

frank_romano shared a tip "******* Epstain F up crazy"

Molly Ellis's profile image

molly_ellis_5488 shared a tip "Sick story and sick human beings involved in this real-life doc, but a well done film nonetheless."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1597711473960 shared a tip "Try to watch the whole thing in one sitting - its a whole another form of experience!"

David Miles Viers's profile image

david_miles_viers shared a tip "So disturbing"

tristan_mcknight shared a tip "Very interesting. Also terrifying how authority is often abused."

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deleted_user_1607479125757 shared a tip "TW"

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jacob_lydic shared a tip "It was aight."

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alexe_leroux shared a tip "Hood"

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thomas_gilmer shared a tip "Fu k this asshole. Good riddance"

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ariana_swayne shared a tip "Such a crazy storyto follow! Couldn't look away"

Angela Freiberger Garcia's profile image

angela_freiberger_g shared a tip "Very informative."

cezanne_payne shared a tip "interesting"

Jamie Schaff's profile image

jamie_schaff shared a tip "Liked the show in that it gave the victims a voice."

Katryna Deligiannis's profile image

katryna_deligiannis shared a tip "Gross but does a good job at dxplaining the situation."

Kayla Letellier's profile image

kayla_letellier shared a tip "so good but gross story"

Isaac Atfield's profile image

isaac_atfield shared a tip "#Informative and #compelling"

emily_9982 shared a tip "I didnt know a lot about the epstein cases before and I am completly horrified"

angela_harrison shared a tip "Was okay"

Abby Guerrero's profile image

abby_guerrero_5233 shared a tip "Its definitely an alright one, wouldnt watch if you get triggered by sexual assault or anything like that."

paige_roddy shared a tip "My god i didnt think he was this bad but man was i mistaken"

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jessica_johnson_3952 shared a tip "Because Epstein didnt kill himself"

Stephanie Simmons's profile image

stephanie_simmons_7019 shared a tip "Love hate for sure. Makes me barf."

Shawna Whiteman's profile image

shawna_whiteman shared a tip "Its amaxing how much money can let you get away with everything..So sad no justice fir these girls!"

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holly_kiser shared a tip "Was good but very emotional"

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maceyreneewilson shared a tip "Interesting"

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emily_sicignano shared a tip "He wAs murdered."

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bruce_harris shared a tip "Story well told"

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susan_jackson_601 shared a tip "Informative"

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John-E-Lew shared a tip "Disgusting human being, but I really enjoyed this doc, very well done and informative."

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madison_doty_7249 shared a tip "Prepare to be sick. This dude was gross."

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nancypolanco shared a tip "Eye-opening."

amy_james_9931 shared a tip "He is grosd"

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alexandra_dostie_4474 shared a tip "Well documented but you will get mad"

davi_kladakis shared a tip "So powerful"

charles_cox shared a tip "Pretty crazy!"

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accidental_ampersand shared a tip "Disgusting, but people need to see this."

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aimee_barr shared a tip "Appalling"

Micala Matalavage's profile image

micala_matalavage shared a tip "Knowing the victim's stories is always powerful."

Filipe Da Silva's profile image

filipe_da_silva shared a tip "Understand how sick he really was"

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savonnah_price shared a tip "Exposes him and trump and others"

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tiama_ac shared a tip "Interesting"

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lucy_roback shared a tip "Really exposes something"

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jeff_wagner shared a tip "Shocking look at Epstein. Very well done."

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heather_mac_2082 shared a tip "I like true crime"

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beyond_2572 shared a tip "Really good"

frank_gadsden shared a tip "It’s very obvious at this point that Democrats will go to any lengths to protect pedophiles."

larkesha_hicks shared a tip "Very interesting"

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jada_johnston shared a tip "#riveting"

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lily_7180 shared a tip "f*cking AMAZING!!!"

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nancy_coats shared a tip "True crime"

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