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After disappearing from the underworld, the legendary yakuza known as the "Immortal Dragon" resurfaces — as a fiercely devoted stay-at-home husband.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-04-08

Last Air Date 2023-01-01

Seasons 2

Episodes 15


TMDB 8.5


Errika Mason's profile image

errika_mason shared a tip "Japanese audio."

Kolika Simmons's profile image

kolika_simmons shared a tip "I really didn't care for the animation style but honestly it's so dumb and over the top that I don't really mind that much."

nikki_phillips_3313 shared a tip "Great Netflix adaptation to a hilarious graphic novel."

Jamiyah Langevine's profile image

jamiyah_langevine shared a tip "Nice anime! A series abt a husband trying to become a house husband but he’s a bit scary.. really funny and cute!"

RayKay Luv's profile image

raykay_luv shared a tip "It’s hilarious"

soph 's profile image

hirohamada shared a tip "it's a slice of life anime that throws in comedy. light hearted jokes and very cute character arcs"

dria (they/them)'s profile image

imagination_v.s_reality shared a tip "Short, funny and all around good 💞"

H. M. Berry's profile image

not_so_splendiferously shared a tip "19"

Lisa Miranda's profile image

lisa_miranda_786 shared a tip "This one was hilarious!"

Mimzi 's profile image

auntcle shared a tip "So cute and hilarious"

Miyuthenight 's profile image

miy shared a tip "Fun and funny to watch when your bored it’s really calming and hilarious 🤭"

Taylor Bonniwell's profile image

taylorrreade shared a tip "SOO GOOD very funny and short"

Jamiliah 's profile image

sickofjams shared a tip "Fun show to put on while eating"

Jyllian Turner's profile image

jyllian_turner shared a tip "I love how passionate Tatsu is about being a stay at home husband."

alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "finished 1.11 — 1/5"

Elias Pizzirusso's profile image

elias_pizzirusso shared a tip "One of the funniest show"

Emeli Dennin's profile image

emeli_dennin shared a tip "A good mindless comedy anime with a side story! I really love his character"

Phoenix 's profile image

phoenix_3520 shared a tip "This was very funny I watched it in one night I love the animation it is short though but still very good"

mmmmmaaax shared a tip "I will continously rewatch this show and never get tired of it"

Ace 's profile image

Acetofu shared a tip "Don't let the animation decieve you, Gokushufudou is genuinely entertaining."

Crissan Martin's profile image

CrissiePooh shared a tip "Enjoyed every minute of it!! Fingers crossed for a season 2!!"

Kai 's profile image

Ast3r shared a tip "I loved this one a lot! It was hilarious and engaging"

Katelyn Santiago's profile image

katelyn_santiago shared a tip "Yesss!! So funny"

Christina Valerian's profile image

christina_valerian shared a tip "The animation could be better, but still worth watching !!"

skelly 's profile image

skellyrex shared a tip "Yep! The animation is not full and has more of a 'moving manga' feel to it, but it's pretty funny anf wholesome."

Bubble Tea's profile image

Wo1fLink shared a tip "Very short, but the few fully animated frames really adds to the comedy and implements a whole "manga" element to the anime."

cori_3779 shared a tip "i loved it, 7.5/10"

Marissa King's profile image

marissa_king_028 shared a tip "Aboslutely hillarious! I actually really like the animation style and I feel like it really drives home the comedy."

Cherry Clouds's profile image

cherry_clouds_9266 shared a tip "Super hilarious and fun to watch."

birdie_a. shared a tip "it was funny! cute story :)"

isha 's profile image

ishaqsm shared a tip "this guy funny bro"

Carly 's profile image

carly_cat_1215 shared a tip "It was good but kinda boring"

kaitlyn_wray shared a tip "I've watched it twice through. So yeah imo"

Jas Smith's profile image

jas_smith_3762 shared a tip "Funny"

Nicole 's profile image

nicole_crum_6404 shared a tip "I love this. It's so funny and fun to watch. Maybe not the best animation but still a great show."

「 A p p l e p i 」's profile image

_a_p_p_l_e_p_i_ shared a tip "This anime was really funny. I hope they have another season"

PinkRasengan 69's profile image

pinkrasengan_69 shared a tip "Had me cracking up all the way through"

Msfour 's profile image

msfour_16 shared a tip "Very funny but the episode’s are kind of short"

teebella shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Jessica Draper's profile image

jessica_draper shared a tip "Dead pan humor about a yakuza turned homemaker...very funny."

Cara Cadman's profile image

mrsjoannfabrics shared a tip "Great art style, hilarious characters. Super picky about anime but this one is one of my favorites"

agarbar 's profile image

agarbar shared a tip "This was fun to watch , very wholesome."

Nene XO's profile image

nene_xo shared a tip "Excellent hilarious binge worthy anime. Nice story line, great Jokes."

Nene XO's profile image

nene_xo shared a tip "It's great worth the watch you will not be disappointed."

Rebecca Turtill-McMacken's profile image

rebecca_turtill-mcm shared a tip "So funny!"

Valeria Reyes's profile image

valeria_reyes_8424 shared a tip "Its a funny show really recomend :)"

zoe_stanek shared a tip "It was an enjoyable watch. No sex, just some language."

Vivian 's profile image

cryingdrama32 shared a tip "It’s very fun and cute and wholesome. Something sweet for those who love domestic love and romance"

Popsmart 's profile image

popsmart shared a tip "Hilarious"

_CoffeeBear 's profile image

_coffeebear shared a tip "It was funny and I liked how this serious looking guy liked all these cute things"

Micaiah Kesler's profile image

micaiah_kesler shared a tip "Comedy"

mckenna_leverette shared a tip "It’s a good little anime show. Very short. It’ll keep your attention."

jazlyn_cleamons shared a tip "I was entertained! It was giving me one punch man vibes when I was watching it lol"

necko Pocks's profile image

necko_pocks shared a tip "...what else is there to say?"

Gabriella Forrester's profile image

gabriella_forrester shared a tip "Hilarious"

Jordyn 's profile image

jordyn_1113 shared a tip "Funny"

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