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Follow the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. A stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land — Montana.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-12-19

Last Air Date 2022-02-27

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 8.694


April Smallwood 's profile image

april_smallwood shared a tip "Loved it"

Alysha Helm's profile image

alysha_helm shared a tip "Great western time period series, and start to the Yellowstone prequels."

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "Try to catch the hidden stars; Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Billy Bob Thornton and maybe more🤷🏼‍♀️"

Sonia Burton's profile image

sonia_burton shared a tip "Liking this show!"

Rhon 's profile image

wine_bar shared a tip "Amazing! The acting the writing the poetic narration. The scenery……."

Damien Scott's profile image

damien_scott shared a tip "I just watched the last episode. This show is poetry. Beautifully brutal."

☔𝙲𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝙶𝚒𝚛𝚕☕'s profile image

LoverOf_Crows shared a tip "Entertaining and raw."

Melissa Mecham's profile image

melissa_mecham shared a tip "Would suggest it for anyone who likes Yellowstone."

melissa_king_7141 shared a tip "This show is excellent. Great acting. Great story telling."

paige_hall_1187 shared a tip "Great!"

Kirsten 's profile image

nostalgiaqueen shared a tip "Very obsessed , really hope they make more from different years !! Will definitely be a re watch for me."

Sarah Seminaro's profile image

sarah_seminaro shared a tip "Best show in a minute. Flawless."

Aleesa Euells's profile image

aleesa_euells shared a tip "It doesn’t get better than Sam Elliott and Tim McGraw"

Loreta Tantalo's profile image

loreta_tantalo shared a tip "No words can do this show justice. An amazing story with amazing actors!!!"

Lisa 's profile image

lisa_6032 shared a tip "It's so good!"

Monica Maniatakos's profile image

monica_maniatakos shared a tip "Raw. Epic. Heartbreaking."

Rachel Durant's profile image

rachel_durant shared a tip "Our favorite show right now"

Gabriel Cross's profile image

gabriel_cross_1939 shared a tip "Amazing! Touching, heartwarming, heart stopping, heart breaking, beautiful."

Aviva Zigman's profile image

aviva_zigman shared a tip "Amazing acting"

Louann Sorrells's profile image

louann_sorrells shared a tip "So love it!!!!"

Tracy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 's profile image

grandmaluvlee shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful spin-off from Yellowstone,, Isabel May’s performance is excellent. anticipating next spin-off 6666."

jessika_gallagher shared a tip "So good!"

michelle stetson baker's profile image

michelle_stetson_ba shared a tip "Love history!"

lau_mcl shared a tip "Good story, good acting, beautiful scenery"

Susan Walters's profile image

susan_walters_5826 shared a tip "Story plot, acting and scenery were all great!!"

Nicholas Estrada's profile image

nicholas_estrada_3894 shared a tip "EVERYTHING!"

vickie Erwin's profile image

vickie_erwin shared a tip "Real and thought provoking….acting superb ❤️"

Nava Nawaf's profile image

navaf shared a tip "The dialouge the characters the tragic tale, and the breathtaking landscape makes this a masterpiece."

Lori 's profile image

lori-80 shared a tip "Love. Love. Love."

RaKitty Meow's profile image

rakitty_meow shared a tip "This is just stunning! So is Yellowstone."

Ken Laney's profile image

ken_laney shared a tip "good real to life western... they don't make as many as they used too... a real good watch."

testing_2398 shared a tip "G"

calvin_spears shared a tip "This is an incredible series...It's like an audiobook with visual enhancement."

Nadia McKernan's profile image

nadia_mckernan shared a tip "Sam Elliot is so amazing in this! This role was made for him!"

Cindy Galbreath's profile image

cindy_galbreath_1994 shared a tip "10 episodes; only 1 season. Very good & very touching!"

Kari 's profile image

oceanpoet shared a tip "This is a devastatingly beautiful must see."

Jared Holder's profile image

jholder47 shared a tip "Tim and Faith have put the faith back in MTV production!"

Tara Lemire's profile image

tara_lemire shared a tip "So good. Must watch"

Isabellae McEneny's profile image

isabellae_mceneny shared a tip "Just discovered this show and absolutely love it and cant wait till season 2!!"

jae_lo shared a tip "Action, romance prequel to Yellowstone, I’m hooked!"

Terri Gilliam's profile image

terri_gilliam shared a tip "Amazing, ending I did not see coming even though it was at the beginning lol great show loved it"

agnes_miville_deche shared a tip "So good🤩"

virginia_snider shared a tip "Beautifully made. Stunning scenery and writing."

kim_amos shared a tip "I can't wait for the next Season!"

Ronda Smith's profile image

ronda_smith shared a tip "LOVE"

lady_6867 shared a tip "It's awesome"

jean_kinmon shared a tip "very entertaining"

susan_morris_3900 shared a tip "Great show. Great actors. Can’t wait for next season."

Roxie Frey's profile image

roxie_frey shared a tip "AMAZING!! Story, ending, characters, all of it!"

adaycar shared a tip "Such a deep and beautiful show."

Camielle Jordan's profile image

camielle_jordan shared a tip "Modern western, great storyline"

sonya_9468 shared a tip "Breath taking."

Viki Fratelli's profile image

viki_fratelli shared a tip "This show is incredible!"

ryan_nelson_1344 shared a tip "One of my favorite series ever"

Jd Kiazyk's profile image

jd_kiazyk shared a tip "Very well written, excellent cast, and setting - awesome story that takes you on a roller coster ride of emotions and drama...."

Katrina Moore's profile image

katrina_moore_293 shared a tip "So good but 😥"

Brianna Balero's profile image

brianna_balero shared a tip "ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I'VE WATCHED IN A WHILE!! SO GOOD!"

em 's profile image

em_21 shared a tip "LITERALLY MY FAV EVER! ELSA IS MY FAV"

colleen_b. shared a tip "Absolutely fabulous!"

Samuel Houston's profile image

shouston shared a tip "Must watch!"

Sonya Trivette's profile image

sonya_trivette shared a tip "Love everything Yellowstone related. And cast."

Paola Oseguera Alonzo's profile image

paola_oseguera_alon shared a tip "Love it! Reminds me of when I would play The Oregon Trail game as a kid!"

edith_h_faile shared a tip "Continuous action and drama!"

Hannah Clark's profile image

aitchsee shared a tip "A dreamy and vicious western perfectly cast and visually lush-completely engrossing"

lynn_8339 shared a tip "Narrator, gritty"

Lilli's club vlog's profile image

lillis_club_vlog shared a tip "It was alright, it wasn't good but it was not bad"

Mary leslie Fitzpatrick-Mcintee's profile image

mary_leslie_fitzpat shared a tip "Amazing acting"

Tanya Robinson's profile image

tanya_robinson_6422 shared a tip "About time for a true authentic western!"

Kiona Gibson's profile image

kiona_gibson shared a tip "Raw! Loving it so far"

Angela Taylor's profile image

angela_taylor_5958 shared a tip "Drama, gritty"

aimee_karnes shared a tip "Love love love!"

aimee_karnes shared a tip "Don’t expect it to be like Yellowstone bc it’s not, it is just as amazing. Taylor Sheridan has done it again."

Hannah Prater's profile image

hannah_prater shared a tip "We’ll written, poetic, Beautiful none the less"

Cee McIvor's profile image

cee9787 shared a tip "Prequel to Yellowstone"

Hannah Smith's profile image

hannah_smith_2234 shared a tip "Amazing. Keeps you guessing!"

Ashley Elle's profile image

ashley_elle shared a tip "This so good! And renewed for season 2!!! Trust me you’re going to love it and binge all the way through."

awesome_user_814015 shared a tip "The most heartbreaking series I've seen in a very long time. It's wonderful but beware, it'll break your heart."

Gloria Ortiz's profile image

gloria_ortiz_7295 shared a tip "Amazing show!!"

barb_mittelstadt shared a tip "Great acting and story. Historically accurate!"

julie_reyes_9500 shared a tip "Great cast and story! ❤️"

Meredith Hein's profile image

meredith_hein shared a tip "Such depth, such emotion! Feels so real! I don’t even like Westerns and I fell in love with this show!"

Daniel Driewer-Blick's profile image

daniel_driewer-blick shared a tip "Awesome"

Cari Barney's profile image

cari_barney shared a tip "This was amazing. I couldn’t stop watching!!"

Ashley B's profile image

ashley_b_1622 shared a tip "Ugh just amazing I don’t know what else to say, there are no words just honestly pure amazement"

leann_j shared a tip "INCREDIBLE!!"

Chad Pickering's profile image

chad_pickering shared a tip "Amazing story! Keeps you on the edge of your seet the whole time!"

audrey_2065 shared a tip "Best. Show. Ever."

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