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A medical student who becomes a zombie joins a Coroner's Office in order to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat so that she can maintain her humanity. But every brain she eats, she also inherits their memories and must now solve their deaths with help from the Medical examiner and a p

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-03-17

Last Air Date 2019-08-01

Seasons 5

Episodes 71


TMDB 7.8


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regina_simmons shared a tip "“We’re zombies. We don’t need Ocean’s 11 to do this job. We just need the right brains.”"

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adam_schmadam shared a tip "totally normal zombie coroner eats brains, trips on their memories and solves murders"

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beadzombie shared a tip "Crime-solving zombie girl? Yes, please! Nice fresh take on zombies. Good backstory. Definitely recommended!"

Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "Crime-solving zombie girl? Yes, please! Nice fresh take on zombies. Good backstory. Definitely recommended!"

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ai3xia shared a tip "Comfort Show"

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kate_lynch_7675 shared a tip "Loved this show so much! Such a great combination of crime drama and tragicomedy"

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mya_formuoli shared a tip "Love this show! It has murder mystery and zombies! What more do I need to say #zombie #crime"

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alexis_rieck shared a tip "Good show. . . for the first three seasons. It started to get really unbelievable and lost a lot of what made it good initially."

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mlhawkins shared a tip "🙌"

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mindi_ratcliff shared a tip "Crime solving comedy...not really sure why it's considered horror. Fun show!"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "If you like Lucifer it’s really similar, but more focused on the crime and it’s zombies."

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tayler_tate shared a tip "I love this show even though I wasn't thrilled with how everything ended lol"

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jankyB13 shared a tip "I really liked this show the first few seasons, v and then just slowy lost interest"

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e_bar shared a tip "I loved this show, but just a warning the ending of the finale is a little dissapointing."

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samatha_lee shared a tip "@amy_dawson I feel like it was very rushed"

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alanah_brooks shared a tip "10/10 would recommend!"

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meredith_snodgrass shared a tip "This show is awesome! It’s on Netflix. It has comedy and drama. Love love love!"

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meredith_snodgrass shared a tip "Does anyone else LOVE this show? It’s so freakin awesome!"

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smittenforstories shared a tip "S1-2 are the best, get lost afterwards, but the concept is very cute and fun"

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bwch13 shared a tip "amazing tbh"

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ellie_gallenbeck shared a tip "Still watching it really good so far"

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kayla_downey shared a tip "I love the character, and how light hearted it is, its a very fun zombie show"

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Kaitlin_BR shared a tip "There are too many to choose from"

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korin_nowell shared a tip "#zombie #a great movie"

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korin_nowell shared a tip "#zombie #crime #a great movie"

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noella_rurangira shared a tip "Yes of course"

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monica_hicks shared a tip "Love the obvious connections among the cast members. Fun. Lighthearted. Twisted sense of humor."

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shanyce_long shared a tip "Great show, even she eats brains she can make it look good"

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kim_st-amour_9996 shared a tip "Sweet, funny and well written! This show was a surprised from the start"

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sierra_curry shared a tip "The zombie storyline is very original. Quite different that your typical Walking-Dead-type zombies."

marissa_martuscelli shared a tip "I was so hesitant to watch this at first but I’m so glad I did. Not what I expected. So much better!"

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annie_langworthy shared a tip "I live this show. It's fun and doesn't take itself too seriously."

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leah_cate shared a tip "Not sure what you're into but I thought Designated Survivor was a good show."

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jamie_bruno_1375 shared a tip "Definitely. It’s funny and has great characters and story line!"

andrew_1004 shared a tip "I would not classify this as horror, however, it does get dark at times."

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holly_leeper shared a tip "Just finished this show my fav"

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shilpas shared a tip "Very bloody though if you like that stuff"

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matchu_richards shared a tip "Grim reaper"

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matchu_richards shared a tip "Just curious who's YOU'RES"

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ryan_rakestraw shared a tip "Its great to binge this Halloween if your staying inside. (I found this on Netflix but it originally aired on the CW)"

elyssa_curtis shared a tip "I love this show I would love to watch it again"

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NiGhT_cAk shared a tip "This was amazingg"

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mileah_poole shared a tip "Love this show"

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amber_villalobos shared a tip "Funny"

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heather_t_479 shared a tip "@dolphinchick definitely Ravi"

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jennifer_melinski shared a tip "Lost interest after a while but it was a good show!"

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courtney_erickson_887 shared a tip "Love that you acquire personalities of the current brain. Very intriguing series and one that you will want to binge watch!"

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christian9418 shared a tip "Lucifer, The Flash, Jessica Jones"

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alana_9695 shared a tip "This show has everything!"

rin_reslie shared a tip "Funny and silly! Not very scary but thats just me"

zoe_mcnabb shared a tip "I love this show"

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amy_harrower shared a tip "One of my favorite series, 10/10 recommended."

mattie_decker shared a tip "This show is not the typical zombie show. You’ll be amazed."

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beth_elt shared a tip "Pretty awesome and has some really funny moments - it's fun to try and figure out who the murderer is for each case she has."

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drixppy.lit shared a tip "Good show okk last post"

zisjshsiaiosia shared a tip "Pictures misleading it’s genuinely one of the hilarious and best shows I’ve watched"

muiz_lekan shared a tip "Chaos killers"

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lisa_voelzing shared a tip "Too many to choose from"

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mike_hutchison shared a tip "I didnt. They were all pretty good."

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vivo_y20 shared a tip "Wow"

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anakaren_martinez shared a tip "It was the best non zombie but zombie show to watch. The ending will be a wtf! Moment lol"

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harley_case shared a tip "Loved it ❤️❤️❤️"

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lauren_roetman shared a tip "@debra_wolf the beginning of the series , of coarse when major and liv get back together . The ending was epic too ."

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mm_squad shared a tip "Thanks❤"

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steph__4801 shared a tip "Its a very good show recommended."

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georgia_lee_7610 shared a tip "It's cool"

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cloudy_tears_2937 shared a tip "Normally im not a fan of comedy, but this show is hilarious!"

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sandy_franks shared a tip "Drama and comedy and so many puns. A lot of fun."

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stephanie_raff shared a tip "Fun crime show to binge watch. Would watch again."

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maggie_s_3229 shared a tip "It is such a great show! You get some murder mystery, family/friend drama, science. Totally reccomend!"

david_broderick shared a tip "I always love parities"

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declodian_alv shared a tip "Amazing show."

karm_1358 shared a tip "Its a great mix of drama crime and like fantasy its rlly good"

trishy_pooh shared a tip "Its was very. Interesting"

aaliyah_tate shared a tip "I don’t really look at the episodes I let them play but I loved when she got with the zombie boyfriend but then he died"

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briana_rachelle shared a tip "Good humor and i like the main lead as an actress"

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kristena_becerra shared a tip "Best zombie show"

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dillon_bieber shared a tip "That’s tough I don’t have a favorite there are some I didn’t really care for like when the original renegade got killed "

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kayleigh_r_2531 shared a tip "Love it!!!"

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stephany_silvereyes shared a tip "It was so different from the normal zombie shows. It's also pretty funny!"

heather_crader_6166 shared a tip "I hated to see the series end"

aaron_garcia_6475 shared a tip "@Domenic_R_Will how can you choose!? 🤣"

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keagan_colley shared a tip "This is one of my favourite shows it has everything I look for in a crime drama and fantasy series"

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dana_hadaway shared a tip "I like all but Payton would be it or liv"

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lordvader307 shared a tip "Ravi for sure"

jonathan_sanchez_4891 shared a tip "bcuz of the drama"

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cheyanne_fleming shared a tip "Nice combination of supernatural and crime"

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brandi_alexander_6870 shared a tip "I love all things zombie 🤩"

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elizabeth_grey_959 shared a tip "@Likewise"

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michelle_shorten shared a tip "I loved watching this! Kept me interested the entire time, great story!"

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caitlyn_bollinger shared a tip "Good characters, funny spin on the "crime drama" series."

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sam_vandergriff shared a tip "Love this show! Couldn’t get enough wish it was still playing."

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_shell_bee22 shared a tip "Yeah go to my list of favorite shows and movies 👍🏻"

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_shell_bee22 shared a tip "😁"

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talya_schwaegerman shared a tip "#zombie"

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kyla_foley shared a tip "Hilarious and a unique take on zombies!"