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The harrowing true story of the 1993 standoff between the FBI, ATF and the Branch Davidians, a spiritual sect led by David Koresh in Waco, TX that resulted in a deadly shootout and fire.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-01-24

Last Air Date 2018-02-28

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 7.5


Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "Great mini series based on the story within the story"

JRM 's profile image

jrm shared a tip "8/10. Dramatic mini series depiction of a very different version of events of tge Waco massacre. This is credible."

Manie GranCabrio's profile image

manie_grancabrio shared a tip "Great series, of course we know the outcome but it was an interesting outlook from the cult perspective."

Chris Mac's profile image

chris_mac123 shared a tip "Grrrrrrreat!"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Greatdocumentry"

Raquel Ramirez's profile image

redetoto shared a tip "Amazingly great and sad"

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "A powerful look at what happened. I found it infuriating, and I learned a lot that I didn't know. Such a sad situation."

Patrick Hedgecoth's profile image

predge shared a tip "Obviously only the people who were there know the truth. However, the show is riveting with fantastic acting."

Emily Doerner's profile image

emily_doerner_2805 shared a tip "Excellent series"

Alicia McGill's profile image

jeanialice shared a tip "A different story than we've all heard. Great series."

Srijana Pradhan's profile image

srijana_pradhan shared a tip "Final one"

judith_cayton shared a tip "Actually I haven’t watch and can’t figure out undo😔"

Thaddeus Madaus's profile image

thaddeus_madaus shared a tip "Episode 3 is likely the highlight of the show"

Trevor Bailey 's profile image

trevor_bailey shared a tip "A great way to spend an evening."

Jazz C's profile image

jazz_c shared a tip "This is a must watch!!"

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rachel_nicole_2834 shared a tip "Soooo gooood"

Destiny C. Horne's profile image

destiny_c._horne shared a tip "Super interesting"

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alexandra_lambert shared a tip "Playing on netflix"

Hisp4nic Sol4r's profile image

hisp4nic_sol4r shared a tip "Ifff"

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jose_moreira shared a tip "Well acted - good"

Jay Sanzin's profile image

jay_sanzin shared a tip "I probably would have joined this cult if it was half as good as this show!"

Becca Julian's profile image

becca_julian shared a tip "Intense, but amazing!"

Becca Julian's profile image

becca_julian shared a tip "I can't believe the government messed that up so bad"

Joshua Robert's profile image

joshua_robert shared a tip "Great show ! Not perfect for historical accuracy but still a gripping watch."

Aaron Schlechter's profile image

aaron_schlechter shared a tip "Informative"

Daniel Vance's profile image

daniel_vance_4413 shared a tip "Probably Steve Schneider. Lots of good performances though."

Emily Farrell's profile image

emily_farrell_8211 shared a tip "This show was amazing!"

Ariel Shumaker's profile image

ariel_shumaker shared a tip "A whole new perspective"

Kate Shurety's profile image

kate_shurety shared a tip "Excellent - really enjoyed this intense intriguing drama"

Sharon MacNair's profile image

sharon_macnair shared a tip "We watched this right?"

Rhonda Louise Echo's profile image

rhonda_louise_echo shared a tip "Loved it. Interesting viewpoint."

Evan Bennett's profile image

evan_bennett shared a tip "Great show very well done"

John Tully's profile image

john_tully shared a tip "Great. Heartbreaking. Very well done"

Roxy Jones's profile image

roxy_jones shared a tip "It a lot to take in when watching it but having an open mind when watching is really good would definitely recommend"

TeamJustinCCE/ WalkerStalkerStyle's profile image

teamjustincce_walkerstalkerstyle shared a tip "I felt it was one of the better shows about Waco."

Pablo Ramos's profile image

pablo_ramos_3528 shared a tip "Recommended"

Nilraj Punvar's profile image

nilraj_punvar shared a tip "Another series based on real life incident. Brilliant watch."

Holly Stevens's profile image

holly_stevens_2860 shared a tip "Worth a watch for the historical perspective..."

Jason Phegley's profile image

jason_phegley shared a tip "Great series very well acted. Bunch of folks from the boardwalk empire cast."

Jeffery Anderson's profile image

jeffery_anderson shared a tip "Good movie to understand what happened"

Laura Michmerhuizen's profile image

laura_michmerhuizen shared a tip "It is fairly short episode wise but they are each an hour long. Very well done"

Abbie Samson's profile image

abbie_samson shared a tip "This made me question the government all over again."

Tessa Morris's profile image

tessa_morris shared a tip "Great binge watch. Worth looking up the true history after, because they took some artistic liberties, but loved it!"

Milène Brassard's profile image

milne_brassard shared a tip "That got binged in a day and we are still talking about it."

Syntyche Bio's profile image

syntyche_bio shared a tip "So much suspense!"

frank_gadsden shared a tip "Thoroughly outstanding!"

Cindy Bazis Dunn's profile image

cindy_bazis_dunn shared a tip "Hit the wrong button, gave bever heard or seen this movie"

cass_salzwedel shared a tip "Drew me in from the 1st frame."

Mike Finucane's profile image

mike_finucane shared a tip "Also check out the podcast on American Scandal. Currently on episode 5...not sure how deep Lindsay Graham is going to dive."

Matthew Zassick's profile image

matthew_zassick shared a tip "Excellent for mini series lovers"

GINA MARIE TARSETTI's profile image

gina_marie_tarsetti shared a tip "A must see..True Story"

Kellen Jones's profile image

kellen_jones shared a tip "I would say so. It's not like Ozark."

jack_kelly_38 shared a tip "Too political"

Dianiia Benavides's profile image

dianiia_benavides shared a tip "Yes, so many things went wrong!"

Ayman Alsofi's profile image

ayman_alsofi shared a tip "Gh"

David Marshall's profile image

david_marshall_777 shared a tip "Really changed how this Groupon is viewed."

Veronica L Veras's profile image

veronica_l_veras shared a tip "Ive always said,, when the crime story is TRUE life events,, it CAN be addictive. So yea 😊✌"

Cassidy's makeup's profile image

cassidys_makeup shared a tip "I was on the edge of my seat the whole time great show to watch in one sitting"

Donna Kottmer-Tyson's profile image

donna_kottmer-tyson shared a tip "Kept me watching."

jaimi_bradford_252 shared a tip "Very thought provoking but really good"

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theodora_macleod shared a tip "Amazing!!"

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jr_w. shared a tip "So goood"

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amber_feibel shared a tip "Fantastic."

Amber Feibel's profile image

amber_feibel shared a tip "I can't choose just one. This happened the year I graduated high school, but I learned so much more about it from watching this."

Carey Vogel's profile image

carey_vogel shared a tip "It was a while ago that I had seen it but I really enjoyed the acting and how serious the Cults can be."

sarah_hughes_748 shared a tip "Very well done. There are both a villian and a couple people "doing their jobs" that might actually be the villian."

Megan Kloth's profile image

megan_kloth shared a tip "Historical & gripping - watched the whole thing in one sitting!"

Alysha 's profile image

gucchilife shared a tip "Cults are ****** man."

Lina Akl's profile image

lina_akl shared a tip "Hooked me in so fast! I went through the whole series in day.. no regrets."

Angela Dieckman's profile image

angela_dieckman shared a tip "Excellent series, but also hard to watch at times as you realize, "Yes, there really is always two sides to every story.""

jennifer_odoherty shared a tip "Very interesting"

awesome_user_281287 shared a tip "A fascinating part of history"

charla_863 shared a tip "Absolutely fascinating to see both sides!! Great film!"

Cynthia Marie's profile image

cynthia_marie_4050 shared a tip "The book was good, too."

may_gi shared a tip "The storytelling was amazing as was the acting. Very good series. #bingeworthy"

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derek_jordan_8395 shared a tip "Surprisingly well done, although a very one sided re-telling of events."

Susan Bulavko's profile image

susan_bulavko shared a tip "Couldn’t stop watching"

Hunter Scarlett's profile image

hunter_scarlett shared a tip "Honestly very good telling of this story. Especially good because you get a little bit from most sides of the story"

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