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James is 17 and is pretty sure he is a psychopath. Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school. The pair make a connection and she persuades him to embark on a darkly comedic road trip in search of her real father.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2017-10-24

Last Air Date 2019-11-07

Seasons 2

Episodes 16


TMDB 8.3


Larry Cohen's profile image

Larry.Cohen shared a tip "Very dark, but oh so very good."

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "Such a good show! I need to watch s2 bc I remember it ending on a cliffhanger #comedy #drama"

Rico Sosa's profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "So good"

Rebecca Simmons's profile image

rebasmark shared a tip "Bingeworthy bizarreness at its finest"

philstanford70 .'s profile image

philstanford70_. shared a tip "Very different, love this show"

Lisa Kennedy's profile image

lisa_kennedy shared a tip "So dark & hilarious 😂"

Benny Torres's profile image

benny_torres shared a tip "Wierd!"

Jokers wife But cheating on him with jade west's profile image

jokers_wife_but_che shared a tip "The dry humor will have make you stay till the end"

c.n shared a tip "finished in 1 day"

romana_ibrahim shared a tip "Best movie!! 🙌 | on netflix|"

Peter Alvarez's profile image

peter_alvarez_8431 shared a tip "This show is probably suited for teenagers, but I as an old **** find it very entertaining"

tyli kyneard's profile image

tyli_kyneard shared a tip "Itssss Crazyyyy, But so heartfelt !! I love it"

Kinghoney114 's profile image

kinghoney114 shared a tip "One of the only love stories I enjoyed!!"

Theresa Siragusa's profile image

theresa_siragusa shared a tip "I cant even answer that all of them?"

Francesca Fronczak's profile image

helpmeouthere shared a tip "so many ups and downs i couldn’t stop watching, comedic and dark plot meant for anyone into the weirder side of tv"

Youdelie M's profile image

youdelie_m shared a tip "The best movies you could watch when your, sad, bored but if your 15+ you can't watch it sorry. if you want you can watch it."

Sara Mirzayev's profile image

whitelily shared a tip "Marvin!!!!!"

Kim 's profile image

kimberlyy shared a tip "This one is awesome definitely a must watch"

Steph Dawson's profile image

steffylee shared a tip "Yes. As long as you like sarcasm and campy humor."

Kaeding Skelton's profile image

kaeding_skelton shared a tip "Definitely! It’s dark humor though for sure"

frogbread :]'s profile image

frogbread_ shared a tip "So binge worthy and fun!!"

Tim Dykens's profile image

tim_dykens shared a tip "Esoteric."

Desiree McNeese's profile image

desiree_mcneese shared a tip "Yeah!!! Watch it. You'll love it 😁"

lucas_nelson_4964 shared a tip "Absolutely worth a try - especially season 1."

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Jheimy Garcia's profile image

jheimy_garcia shared a tip "It's amazing, funny and entertaining. Shocks you, one thing after another."

Jared Smith's profile image

jared_smith_6897 shared a tip "Yes definitely"

Gregory Boyd's profile image

gregory_boyd shared a tip "Engrossing and entertaining series you feel for the characters"

leah_carter shared a tip "Season 1 was better. Emotional and funny but still thrilling"

Melissa Corrales's profile image

jellyfishandunicornaliens shared a tip "My favorite season was probably the first one, if I had to pick my favorite episode it might be s1e5 all of it is great though!!"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1620341777306 shared a tip "I literally binged it all day and that ending low-key hurt me🤠 It was really good though"

ForgedFromGold 's profile image

forgedfromgold shared a tip "So good! Watched it when it first came out and had to wait two-ish years for the second season, but it did not disappoint!"

Vanessa Barnwell's profile image

vanessa_barnwell shared a tip "It’s kind of a slow burn. But it’s entertaining and unique from any other show I have seen. Let me know if you like !"

Casey Marchfeld's profile image

casey_marchfeld shared a tip "I really enjoyed it!"

sarah jayne's profile image

sarah_jayne_6657 shared a tip "i am not okay with this is kinda similar"

Julie Anna's profile image

julie_anna_899 shared a tip "Have you seen spontaneous??"

Rochelle Barkocy's profile image

rochellen shared a tip "I think so, absolutely! My husband and I binged both seasons."

SIA Golfcart's profile image

sia_golfcart shared a tip "very good and emotional story, it really draws you in and its a sort of bonnie and clyde type thing"

Abby Keshena's profile image

abby_keshena shared a tip "This is so good and so oddly relatable very much so worth watching"

Ashley Bedenbaugh's profile image

ashley_bedenbaugh shared a tip "I was surprised how much I liked this series!! Love the twists it takes you down. Dark coming of age!"

Perry McAlister's profile image

perry_mcalister shared a tip "It’s well worth watching!"

Victoria Whitlock's profile image

victoria_whitlock shared a tip "So bingable and leaves you wanting more (in a good way) 100% worth the watch."

George Moran's profile image

george_moran shared a tip "Quirky drama/ comedy funny binge show."

Amiya Engram's profile image

amiya_engram shared a tip "Season 1 is amazing but season 2 gets very dull"

Lulu UwU's profile image

lulu_uwu shared a tip "I liked it! It's one of my favorites"

Ruby Parker's profile image

bee_parker shared a tip "So good"

Hollie Kirkwood's profile image

hollie_kirkwood shared a tip "This show is sarcastic, disturbing, and endearing if you like odd-ball, dark comedies."

ava_3308 shared a tip "A little weird"

Morgan Lewis's profile image

morgan_lewis_1015 shared a tip "Such an amazing plot and a emotional roller coaster"

jessica_erwin shared a tip "Love this series, very much recommended"

Taylor Chilton's profile image

taylor_chilton shared a tip "Yes definitely!"

David Lopez Maza's profile image

david_lopez_maza shared a tip "Idk out of Tony or Alyssa"

Denise Deleon's profile image

denise_deleon shared a tip "Cool weird show"

Kayla Maxile's profile image

kayla_maxile shared a tip "This is a binge worthy, hilariously odd, and unforgettable show."

tessa_smith_4140 shared a tip "I like the first episode the best because they introduced the character and I’m fascinated with both of them!"

ExistenceEdits 's profile image

karathesoftiee shared a tip "Yeah"

Vanessa Smith's profile image

vanessa_smith_9452 shared a tip "This show is so funny. A lot of cussing but very funny."

Alayna C's profile image

alayna_c shared a tip "Its really quick and has you on the edge of your seat, very emotional. Definitely one of my favorite shows if not my favorite"

Trinity Walton's profile image

trinity_walton shared a tip "EVERYTHING! and there british."

leeanni shared a tip "Pretty weird but wild show kept my attention"

Mengying Li's profile image

mengying_li shared a tip "It’s about love and “what’s the point of anything?”."

Sanath Muret's profile image

sanath_muret shared a tip "Season 1 only"

Metallifan 's profile image

metallifan shared a tip "It really is the perfect show to binge watch if you like comedy's mixed with Seriousness."

Geraldine Reyes's profile image

geraldine_reyes shared a tip "Well written. Good story and well acted."

katie_frechette shared a tip "It’s weird at first. You get over that really quickly though. It’s dark and has a lot of angst. Highly recommend."

Lucy H's profile image

too_cute shared a tip "So good!! Great for binging."

jaidyn_goodwin shared a tip "favorite netflix show"

i s s a c e e j's profile image

i_s_s_a_c_e_e_j shared a tip "Just trust me"

ziraili_martinez shared a tip "It’s so badass and this is my favorite show and I would watch it over and over. 10/10 for me. 💜"

Master's at nothing 's profile image

masters_at_nothing shared a tip "So dark and goooooood super funny"

jonathan_1056 shared a tip "I think the acting is superb among the two leads. If I had to choose it would be Alyssa played wonderfully by Jessica Barden."

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "Loved"

essence_lewis-wagner shared a tip "I actually watched most of it with my mom and we both loved it! It’s got twists and turns + humor (and a whole lot of sass too)."

Dave Thurlow's profile image

dave_thurlow shared a tip "It reminds me of an indie comic. No specific one. It just has that same "words from an introvert" feel sick things have."

BrwilkeX Tank's profile image

brwilkex_tank shared a tip "Season two episode 4"

Noriah Allen's profile image

noriah_allen shared a tip "This show is sooooo good! Hi ghly reccomend"

Aubree Moment's profile image

aubree_moment shared a tip "Hmmm I don't know"

delila_clark shared a tip "Seen episode 1 thats all"

Mya Wynne Gennerman's profile image

mya_wynne_gennerman shared a tip "Its very interesting and has a hood plot"

Sydney Hook's profile image

sydney_hook shared a tip "So good! Loved the dry, witty humor with the suspense. Binged the whole series in a day!"

Charlie Larzelere's profile image

charlie_larzelere shared a tip "love this show! its very surreal and makes you think would definetely reccomend"

Wolfie Rose's profile image

wolfie_rose shared a tip "It's really messed up but I love the adventure and drama that comes with it. 💖💖"

Bakugou Katsuki's profile image

bakugou_katsuki_2581 shared a tip "eh 🧍"

Daniel Bowman's profile image

truly_youly shared a tip "Not great for kids to watch, but worth a watch. Spectacular? No. But fascinatingly shortlived addiction? Yes."

Matt McCabe's profile image

matt_mccabe_1307 shared a tip "The soundtrack was great, and had some nice dry humor"

Nya Kels's profile image

nya_kels shared a tip "Really good show. Perfect for a binge weekend!!"

baaakkkaaa_ shared a tip "It was really good really entertaining"

Jon Harwood's profile image

jon_harwood shared a tip "Probably the one where the main character kills the guy and the girl freaks out?"

Emily Anderson's profile image

emily_anderson_4623 shared a tip "It's rhe perfect show to binge watch i watched 14 episode's in 2 hours"

Cecilia Reynolds's profile image

cecilia_reynolds shared a tip "First season was so binge worthy!!!!"

wes_hughes shared a tip "the 1st season is such a masterpiece that I refuse to watch the second."

Shelbi Cazee's profile image

shelbi_cazee shared a tip "I can only say good things about this show. It kept me interested the whole time and I wanted to see what would happen next!!"

Paige Padginton's profile image

paige_padginton shared a tip "This is the perfect show to watch if you like dark humor"

AMANDA LATHAM's profile image

amanda_latham shared a tip "I'm just gonna say it this show was amazing"

Bella Cruz's profile image

bella_cruz_2773 shared a tip "It was just so *chef kiss*"

mousey 's profile image

broadwtaylor shared a tip "I binged both seasons in two days. This show made me shake and hyperventilate. I love it. It’s so ******* impactful and intense."

Estefania Mendoza Tortoledo's profile image

estefania_mendoza_t shared a tip "This Series is so tripy but had me hooked 😅"

Julie Cervantes's profile image

julie_cervantes_9516 shared a tip "Blunt, funny, dark.. a show that gives no f*cks."

Gillian D'Aloisio's profile image

gillian_daloisio shared a tip "My favourite tv series! it’s original and doesn’t have usual themes, perfect for binging"

Marionna Parker's profile image

marionna_parker shared a tip "Yes definitely one of my favorites"

Chloe Heisler's profile image

chloe_heisler shared a tip "It’s awesome to watch in a night since it’s so short and so much happens so fast."

Jodie Thomas's profile image

jodie_thomas shared a tip "I would say so! Little bit dry and a little different, but I enjoyed it!"

brisa_robles shared a tip "ITS BEAUTIFUL‼️‼️"

Vivian Dahms's profile image

vivian_dahms shared a tip "just finished spinning out. AMAZING!!"

Avalon B's profile image

avalon_b shared a tip "Definitely!"

Karina C's profile image

karina_c_3865 shared a tip "Wait box set!!?? Is it a series!!!!!!"

Lilian Margaret's profile image

lilian_margaret shared a tip "This show was amazing I would 100% recommend!!!"

gerardtookmyguitar 's profile image

gerardtookmyguitar shared a tip "The storyline was good."

chloe_russell_1970 shared a tip "chefs kiss^^"

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