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THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY BESTSELLER, & INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER!Look for The Lies I Tell, the next novel from Julie Clark, coming in June 2022!"The Last Flight is thoroughly absorbing—not only because of its tantalizing plot and deft pacing, but also because of its unexpected poignancy

Author Julie Clark

Pages 288

Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc.

Published Date 2020-06-23

ISBN 1728215730 9781728215730

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Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "Very enjoyable. Audio version was excellent with great narration and interesting characters."

Emma Geiler's profile image

emma_geiler shared a tip "Started: Apr. 19 | Finished: Apr. 24 | Pages: 302"

Bobby Hannafey's profile image

bobbyhannafey shared a tip "ADDICTIVE & CHILLING! Had me turning each page with excitement and interest!!"

Abby Swisher's profile image

abby_swisher_2660 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

melissa_craver shared a tip "Had to ask my library to order this on ebook and so glad I did. Read in a day. Great thriller!"

Diane Morello's profile image

diane_morello shared a tip "Two women collide in an airport and they are never the same"

Maureen Webb Motte's profile image

maureen_webb_motte shared a tip "So good and loved the twist"

Kari Goble's profile image

kari_goble shared a tip "Amazing twist! Never saw it coming."

Missy Britton's profile image

missy_britton shared a tip "It was not what I expected!"

Alexis 's profile image

alexis_spurrell shared a tip "Right now I’m reading it ends with us"

alexandra_de_forest shared a tip "So good. Loved every bit."

Sarah Beausoleil's profile image

sarah_beausoleil shared a tip "Great, fun thriller"

Heidi Johnston's profile image

heidi_johnston shared a tip "Kept me reading"

Eva Milanowski's profile image

eva_milanowski shared a tip "A real pageturner!"

Melissa Breese's profile image

melissa_breese shared a tip "It is really good!"

talia_596 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down, incredible book!"

Melissa Finnegan's profile image

melissa_finnegan_9097 shared a tip "So good!!! Couldn't put it down."

emily_8551 shared a tip "Loved ittytt"

Adrienne Troutman's profile image

adrienne_troutman shared a tip "I’ve been on a Freida McFadden kick lately!"

Monica O'Neil's profile image

monica_oneil shared a tip "Really good book. Unexpected twist at the end."

Erika Lynne's profile image

erika_lynne shared a tip "January read"

taylor carter's profile image

taylor_carter_4844 shared a tip "Best book I’ve read in a very long time. Page turner to the very end"

Richard Browning's profile image

richard_browning_9376 shared a tip "It’s a good one—-several layers of mystery and suspense/twists"

Jan 's profile image

jan_2568 shared a tip "Love this book"

Jan 's profile image

jan_2568 shared a tip

Ashley Sutphin's profile image

ashley_sutphin_5309 shared a tip "The twists and turns didn’t stop. Loved it!"

Jacqueline Kathleen's profile image

jacqueline_kathleen shared a tip "Great suspenseful book with unexpected plot twists"

melissa_3491 shared a tip "Great story and very suspenseful"

Jaime Neil 's profile image

jaime_neil shared a tip "Good suspense page turner! I hope she writes more!"

Courtney Potts's profile image

courtney_potts shared a tip "Great read and quick. Loved the 2 strong women main characters."

~V 's profile image

victoria_merriman shared a tip "I was sucked right in from the beginning and engaged until the very end."

amy_scharfenstein shared a tip "That ending."

susan_thomas_5578 shared a tip "Kept me guessing, strong female characters"

Crystal Durnan's profile image

crystal_durnan shared a tip "Couldn't put it down."

Michael Baldelli's profile image

michael_baldelli shared a tip "Fast, easy read with great characters. Kept me guessing the entire time. Timely book."

monica_9654 shared a tip "My favorite book ever. So suspenseful! Made my mom read it and she couldn’t put it down either"

Allison Castorino's profile image

allison_castorino shared a tip "I loved this book! What an ending!"

Courtney Buxton's profile image

courtney_buxton shared a tip "Amazing! Invested from the beginning"

Kenna Holt's profile image

kenna_holt shared a tip "Great thriller! Perfect for a poolside read this 4th weekend!"

roz_troutman shared a tip "Enjoyed it. Easy beach read."

Caarin Torsitano's profile image

caarin_torsitano shared a tip "Interesting storyline, I was hooked from the description."

sharon_woloz shared a tip "It deserves a 4.5 Got right into it. Good concept. Held my attention throughout."

laura_gagnon_2135 shared a tip "Loved it, fast and gripping read"

shelley_boynton shared a tip "Grabbed me in the first chapter!"

nicole_riester shared a tip "Such a good plot that kept you guessing!"

Lexi Seipel's profile image

lexi_seipel shared a tip "Hooks you quick and keeps you hooked all the way through"

alicia_anzalone shared a tip "Read in 2 days! Loved the main !!"

Jennifer Weis's profile image

jennifer_weis shared a tip "I read this book in two days! I didn’t want to put it down."

karen_7229 shared a tip "Loved it 😍"

Renee Waldren's profile image

renee_waldren shared a tip "This book was engaging and very much enjoyable all the way through!"

Kiara Maldonado's profile image

kiara_maldonado_3107 shared a tip "Once I started reading I honestly did not want to stop. I would find myself at work wondering what happens next"

vickysaucer 's profile image

vickysaucer shared a tip "the ending was amazing!!"

Lexy Martin's profile image

lexy_martin shared a tip "Captivating story. Disappointing ending. Quick read."

Jess 's profile image

jlynnd shared a tip "Great book. I do wish it went a little further before ending though."

debbie_jones_343 shared a tip "Great story!!"

tess_bartoli shared a tip "Gone girl vibes"

Lindsay Martin's profile image

lindsay_martin_6240 shared a tip "Wow… couldn’t put this book down! Love that you follow two main characters and you never know what to expect"

claire_7576 shared a tip "Awesome!!!"

sandy_lethco shared a tip "Quick read, draws you in. Suspenseful."

Kristin Wick's profile image

kristin_wick shared a tip "Twists and Turns keeps you on the edge of your seat - and what an ending!!"

kari_ivory shared a tip "Can’t remember the last time I binge read a book this fast. Some great plot twists I didn’t see coming!"

Raelynn Migliozzi's profile image

raelynn_migliozzi shared a tip "a favorite top 5 of mine! it’s a must read! i think i read it in less then 24 hours w/ a newborn & 2 year old… it’s THAT GOOD!"

Lori Greeson's profile image

lori_greeson shared a tip "Different- not a plot I had read before."

Mark Bowen's profile image

mark_bowen shared a tip "Well written and fast paced."

Mallory Deck's profile image

mallory_deck shared a tip "So so good! Ending was perfect! Parts of the book were chilling."

Leigh W's profile image

leigh_w_2100 shared a tip "Loved this book."

Serena Van Lanen's profile image

serena_van_lanen shared a tip "6.5/10"

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