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At the end of the world, a woman must hide her secret power and find her kidnapped daughter in this "intricate and extraordinary" Hugo Award winning novel of power, oppression, and revolution. (The New York Times)This is the way the world ends. . .for the last time.It starts with the great red rift

Author N. K. Jemisin

Pages 512

Publisher Orbit

Published Date 2015-08-04

ISBN 031622930X 9780316229302

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Calum Clark's profile image

calum shared a tip "A grim exploration of a civilization raised in a particularly brutal world."

jellana_c shared a tip "2/11"

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whitney_f_5429 shared a tip "This book is perfection! Feminism, tough topic discussions, fast pacing. 10/10- best in show."

jordan_hodges_4142 shared a tip "Beautiful and thoughtful"

Matt Dorris's profile image

matt_dorris shared a tip "I loved this whole series. It was a lot to wrap my head around at first but once you do, the story is great"

silke_overfield shared a tip "Amazing series!! It’s a little bit of a hard read in the beginning but just stick with it! So very creative and awesome 💕"

JJ Ever's profile image

jj_eve shared a tip "a nearly perfect book. do yourself a favor!! read it!"

Mitch Ward's profile image

mitch_ward shared a tip "Very interesting world. I might be more intrigued by the setting as a geologist than others would be."

Shawnna McGowan's profile image

shawnna_mcgowan shared a tip "It's really good!! It's also a book/series I'd love to re-read in the future!"

Emily Timco's profile image

ceraleen shared a tip "I'm only a quarter of the way through but I'm loving it. Tip:give it at least 50 pages to figure out what's going on."

Alicia Taylor's profile image

alicia_taylor_2958 shared a tip "It does... and it leads into another book."

Dante Burrichter's profile image

dante_burrichter shared a tip "The prose was amazing, the lore was fascinating, the characters were engaging, and the real world commentary is unmatched!"

E B's profile image

cosmic-nobody shared a tip "This series got better and better with each book, which is rare."

Sabrina Perez's profile image

sabrina_perez_6132 shared a tip "Read the first book, just bought the second. Finally some female characters that feel real. Great read!"

Monica Rose's profile image

monica_rose_7428 shared a tip "I haven't read this one yet, but am looking firward to!! 🌞☺️"

Alivia Lulay's profile image

alivia_lulay shared a tip "100%"

Joanna Dueweke-Perez's profile image

joanna_dueweke-perez shared a tip "Incredibly worth it!"

Originaleeacat shared a tip "Easily one of the best fiction books out there!"

shana_dade shared a tip "I loved this series"

Logan Davis's profile image

logan_davis_3883 shared a tip "Really enjoyed this! Very unique magic/powers and interesting take of heading towards apocalypse."

Fredericka W's profile image

fredericka_w shared a tip "Lock every door Riley Sager. Definitely a page turner"

Fredericka W's profile image

fredericka_w shared a tip "Have you read Tiffany D. Jackson Allegedly?"

Fredericka W's profile image

fredericka_w shared a tip "Jennifer Hillier The Butcher another page turner"

atrox shared a tip "Dark, child losses"

Ariel Currie's profile image

ariel_currie shared a tip "Really excellent character development, very enticing world, exciting twists."

Alistair James's profile image

alistair_james shared a tip "Wonderful book. One that I will read again as there a lot to gain from knowing the outcome and watching the story unfold again"

estefan theron's profile image

estefan_theron shared a tip "I am reading farseer trilogy right now, really enjoying it"

Kieryn 's profile image

kieryn42 shared a tip "The best book I have ever read! The worldbuilding and character-building are phenomenal."

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