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A New York Times bestseller. In the tradition of Speak, this extraordinary debut novel “is a poignant book that realistically looks at the lasting effects of trauma on love, relationships, and life” (School Library Journal, starred review).Eden was always good at being good. Starting high school did

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Author Amber Smith

Pages 384

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2017-03-07

ISBN 1481449362 9781481449366


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Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Very heartbreaking book! Got through it very fast, had my attention the whole time. Trigger warnings"

gold-digger 's profile image

acherryqueen shared a tip "Definitely search up TW, but wow what a phenomenal book"

Natalee Grover's profile image

nataleegrover shared a tip "Absolutely sad but told wonderfully. I think every person should read this book."

Maren McGuire's profile image

maren_mcguire shared a tip "This is a very hard subject to read about but it’s very intense but accurately portrayed traumatic experiences"

Gabriela 's profile image

gabriela_mejia_v shared a tip "It made me cry"

ruby_brown_9184 shared a tip "This book was heart felt and amazing. I can’t wait for the second one to come out!"

alexis_hernandez_7179 shared a tip "Once I started I just couldn’t stop."

alannah_pokletar shared a tip "I fell in love with this book, I think about it everyday. It is very sad though and I cried 3/4 of the book. Enjoy!!"

allison_laud shared a tip "Beautifully heartbreaking for any person who has to live in this reality"

dessa_rae shared a tip "At first I thought it was super cringy and had to stop a couple times. But once you get into it, it gets better!"

gabrielle colon's profile image

gabrielle_colon shared a tip "Si trié"

Rachel Senecal's profile image

rachel_senecal shared a tip "Heart wrenching. Even after trauma life goes on and you can grow from it"

mads 's profile image

maddaniee shared a tip "survivors of sa need to read this, it helped me heal"

Christiny 's profile image

christiny_2675 shared a tip "Wow this book impacted me in a way I did not expect. Cannot stop thinking about it. Would definitely recommend!!"

rylee foster's profile image

rylee_foster shared a tip "Kept me on my toes, never really knew what was gonna happen next"

Renee Aguayo's profile image

renee_aguayo shared a tip "A MUST."

ava_abbott_7960 shared a tip "i couldn't put it down, amazing, fiction storytelling of the true affects of SA on a teen. would definitely recommend"

Lydia Courtney's profile image

lydia_courtney shared a tip "Awesome"

Addie Kraeling's profile image

addie_kraeling shared a tip "who else liked this?"

Diane !!💋's profile image

d1anellie shared a tip "I’ve just finished reading this, I’m new to this app and looking for suggestions."

jada_shannon shared a tip "this book was amazing!!! it changed my life in so many ways, and it healed a part of me that i never knew needed healing."

Taryn McPherson's profile image

taryn_mcpherson_6676 shared a tip "My first book of 2023 and it did not disappoint. Absolutely heartbreaking and shines a light on the reality of surviving trauma."

Gabrielle Gazzara's profile image

gabrielle_gazzara shared a tip "Best book I have ever read. The emotions I had while reading this was a Rollercoaster."

sherlyn_flores_2495 shared a tip "Loved it so much"

Alyissa Baller's profile image

alyissa_baller shared a tip "Oh gosh honestly when she finally tells someone"

Ava Hawes's profile image

ava_hawes shared a tip "Ahh so many books pop into my head Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin is great too"

Carly 's profile image

carly_cat_1215 shared a tip "I was good. I didn't finish it though bc the topic makes me uncomfortable"

Jasmin 's profile image

littlelibrary shared a tip "The most validating book I have ever read"

McKenna 's profile image

mckenna_p10 shared a tip "This book was incredible 10/10 must read"

aya_9350 shared a tip "I loved the way this was constructed and it had me in tears with the first sentence."

chlo .'s profile image

chloe_dickson shared a tip "not my fave but i did like"

Makayla Britt's profile image

makayla_britt_4567 shared a tip "If he had been with me by Laura Nowlin is a favorite also"

Aspen Bates's profile image

aspen_bates shared a tip "Something touching and if you've gone through similar situations it's easy to fall into this book."

seaweed 's profile image

seaweed shared a tip "i love this book so much it’s so well written"

tammy_fuller_5954 shared a tip "This was a true masterpiece <3"

Natalie Ackerman's profile image

nataliea_11 shared a tip "Amazing highly recommend for people who have under gone trauma. The authors captures and explains it in such a beautiful way."

niyyah callaway's profile image

niyyah_callaway shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. Tear jerker"

Maggie Marcus's profile image

maggie_marcus shared a tip "Tear jerker that is a must read for all women! Young characters, but relatable life moments!"

Makayla Looney's profile image

makayla_looney shared a tip "Truly heartbreaking and beautifully written. #tearjerker"

taylorlarson22 shared a tip "so good. takes you through the years of high school through the pov of a young girl who went through something tragic."

josie_bonner shared a tip "I love this story! This is my favorite book at the moment"

Sarah Angelle's profile image

sarah_angelle shared a tip "What did you think of this book? I’m about to read it!"

av 's profile image

averie_jean shared a tip "I loved this one! I forgot about it thank you"

Amanda 's profile image

amandawatches90 shared a tip "This book was such an amazing read!so raw with emotions, this is totally going to be on my tbr again this year!❤"

Priscilla De La Riva's profile image

priscilla_de_la_riva shared a tip "Yes i do"

Julia Perez's profile image

julia_perez_8158 shared a tip "This book was probably a book a could relate to i felt very emotional reading it!! But everything about it was amazingly written."

taryn_denny shared a tip "Amazing book"

Destiny Barker's profile image

destiny_barker_5193 shared a tip "It’s sad and happy and has a good plot i read it about a month ago it’s definitely one of my top tens"

Taylor St. John's profile image

taylor_st._john shared a tip "Dark, intense, heartbreaking and yet I couldn’t put it down."

lace <3's profile image

lacedfruit shared a tip "i just finished this book and absolutely loved it, does anyone know any books similar to this one? <33"

reece_dodson shared a tip "So sad but definitely worth the tears"

Victoria 's profile image

victoria_378 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book made me cry#romance #high_school #triggerwarning #rape"

levi_don shared a tip "this is probably one of the only books that’s had a lasting impact on me. 10/10 recommend."

Kaydence Johnson's profile image

kaydence_johnson_4344 shared a tip "Love it"

Crystal Parker's profile image

crystal_parker_3069 shared a tip "I loved this book so much. My daughter handed it down to me and it was an unbelievable read."

Jayden Rose's profile image

Jayden.rose1994 shared a tip "Such a great coming to age book and I think that every teen should experience this amazing read"

clara_9522 shared a tip "This book will have a lasting impact on me. As a mother it had me very emotional throughout."

Tiffany Zambrano's profile image

tiffany_zambrano shared a tip "Heartbreaking story. Every girl needs to read this"

Sarah Kelly's profile image

sarah_kelly_6758 shared a tip "This book made me cry hard like no other book has in a long time"

Kae Hester's profile image

kae_hester shared a tip "LOVE THIS BOOK"

stephanie_bananas shared a tip "Such a good book! I think you’d like it!!"

keroppia _'s profile image

keroppia__ shared a tip "this is the fastest ive ever read a book.. its so good, i definitely reccommend!!"

Sapph H's profile image

sapph_h shared a tip "Seriously the best book I have ever read"

Hailey Sira's profile image

hailey_sira shared a tip "Does anyone know of some books similar to the way I used to be"

Amber Ell's profile image

amber_ell shared a tip "I so close to finishing this book and I’m OBSESSED! Can anyone recommend books similar to this one?"

Lileigh Keeley's profile image

lileigh_keeley shared a tip "It’s really really good. I absolutely love it, I am. Victim of rape so it can be triggering, but over all it’s amazing"

hailee_like shared a tip "This is my favorite. I have never cried so much during a book."

Karla Jimenez 's profile image

ivy_j shared a tip "Very traumatic and heartbreaking. It was one of those books that tear you up emotionally."

Laura 's profile image

fore shared a tip "I read this in one night, really good!!"

arayeh_kaviani-far shared a tip "i love the way it was written and just everything ahout it great read"

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katie_martinez_1767 shared a tip "Very good"

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