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A Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover comes a novel that explores life after tragedy and the enduring spirit of love. When Leeds meets Layla, he's convinced he'll spend the rest of his life with her--until an unexpected attack leaves

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Author Colleen Hoover

Pages 304

Publisher Montlake

Published Date 2020

ISBN 1542000173 9781542000178


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Anna Wieland's profile image

anna_wieland shared a tip "This one is creepy and deals with the supernatural. If you’re not into that this one isn’t or you!"

Brenna Luevano's profile image

brenna_luevano shared a tip "My absolute least favorite of CoHo. I could not get on board with the paranormal in this one. I adore Hoover, but was not a fan"

Cloudia Marie's profile image

cloudia_marie shared a tip "A love story with a dark plot twist. An interesting view on consent and obsession."

Courtney W's profile image

cw_5986 shared a tip "Really enjoyed!! One of my favorite Colleen Hoover books."

Maryn Foote's profile image

maryn_foote shared a tip "This was just a weird book. I love Colleen Hoover, but this wasn’t it for me."

Paige Eilers's profile image

paige_eilers shared a tip "Not something I would usually read, but I actually enjoyed it! Crazy ending that I did not see coming."

mattily_brumley shared a tip "Loved 4.5/5!!!!"

Danielle Coziahr's profile image

danielle_coziahr shared a tip "Best book I’ve read in a long time. Couldn’t put it down!"

Melissa Trecek's profile image

melissa_trecek shared a tip "It was ok. Not amazing CoHo. Strange subject line"

hallie_a shared a tip "This was the weirdest paranormal love story ever 😂"

Isis Haley's profile image

isis_haley shared a tip "i don’t completely dislike it’s just every time i try to read it i can’t it’s just not my type of book. I love colleen though <3"

leslie_lenhardt shared a tip "This is the best book that Colleen Hoover has ever written. Not her typical genre. But I think it should be! "

Angel 's profile image

angelmichelle shared a tip "Definitely an underrated CoHo book! One of my faves!"

sarah_machado_7379 shared a tip "LOVED this! So good!!! So so good!"

Veena ✩'s profile image

VeenaCV shared a tip "On my shelf, needa read it!"

Madeline Sally's profile image

madeline_sally shared a tip "Looooved this one. I’m a sucker for a good love story"

Kess Gordon's profile image

kess_gordon shared a tip "Not big on paranormal love to be honest.. just too.. different for me."

Jess Cook's profile image

sarcasticgrl shared a tip "This book had me so angry with the main character sometimes! Very well written and twisty! A must read!"

Samantha 's profile image

samanthah shared a tip "Different"

ally_codelle shared a tip "I just finished this book and I have missed emotions about it. How do you guys feel about this book?"

caitlyn 's profile image

caitlynomalley shared a tip "it was good but not my favorite. it was kinda weird"

Celeste Ruiz's profile image

celeste_ruiz_9513 shared a tip "This book was a lot to take in, really good… just a lot lol."

Lauren Lewis's profile image

lauren_lewis_7154 shared a tip "I don’t know why a lot of people didn’t like this book. This book was good, I would rate it a 4.5/5 it was a crazy plot twist"

Nicole Howard's profile image

nicole_howard_7840 shared a tip "Slow start amazing end"

lauren bates's profile image

lauren_bates_6681 shared a tip "I love colleen hoover books but this one just was not great. i’m not into the whole paranormal thing"

Books and Coffee's profile image

lets_talk_books shared a tip "Just finished reading Layla and I honestly don’t have words… Colleen Hoover out did herself once again"

Elizabeth 's profile image

oc3an shared a tip "I absolutely love this book one of my favorites!!"

whitley_lands shared a tip "Couldn’t put this one down!!"

elizabeth_carey_9749 shared a tip "different but still good!"

samantha_phothirath shared a tip "Not what I expected from Colleen Hoover….but a good read"

deanna_young_3854 shared a tip "I have read so many of her books but just couldn’t connect to this one"

QB 's profile image

agentq5ft2 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite Colleen Hoover books. Romance and paranormal."

natalia_mariee shared a tip "It kept me intrigued the entire time. I was anxious to read what was going to happen next with Leeds and Willow."

Kelsy Thorndyke's profile image

kelsy_thorndyke shared a tip "Currently reading, pretty scary but keeps me reading. Probably scarier than verity. More paranormal"

jasmine_rodriguez_529 shared a tip "WOW just WOW, this book really had me on my toes and kinda spooked me a bit but oh my goodnesssss!!! It’s sooooo good!"

Ana Young's profile image

ana_young_453 shared a tip "The twist at the end had me on the edge of my seat!"

Serena Van Lanen's profile image

serena_van_lanen shared a tip "7/10"

Serena Van Lanen's profile image

serena_van_lanen shared a tip "Started to get kind of weird half way through but ended good."

Kassy Buhmann 's profile image

kassy_ shared a tip "Not your typical Collen Hoover book. Also, it was a paranormal story which I was not expecting."

Kathryn Lang's profile image

kathryn_lang shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. I couldn't put it down"

ellie_alexander_373 shared a tip "It was okay. It was just strange?"

julia_ranallo shared a tip "10/10. Different for CoHo but probably my favorite so far, better than verity! Couldn’t put it down."

Kathryn Myers's profile image

kathryn_myers shared a tip "I like this book be user it is a mix of thriller and romance and those are my two favorite genre."

brittany_george_3343 shared a tip "Gosh. So many twists. Amazing. 5 ⭐️"

Carlie Rice's profile image

carlie_rice shared a tip "weird plot"

Lindsay O'Neil's profile image

lindsay_oneil shared a tip "No, my most recent usually becomes my favourite lol. Do you?"

jada_337 shared a tip "It took a while to get into which was frustrating but the end had a unexpected twist."

aleksa_kastl shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 I’m reading another Colleen Hoover book, Reminders of Him!"

Amanda Hackett's profile image

amanda_hackett_1139 shared a tip "odd plot and ending imo"

Anna Jane's profile image

anna_jane shared a tip "10/10. This book made me feel so many things. Loved it."

rosie 's profile image

rosie_4412 shared a tip "my fav coho book to date. absolutely INSANE twist"

hannah_9812 shared a tip "Did not like the paranormal side of it"

Skylena Taylor's profile image

skylena_taylor shared a tip "Verity vibes but better!!!"

Sydnie Beeman's profile image

sydnie_beeman shared a tip "It took me a while to get into it but I liked it once I started reading"

jessica_charron_9502 shared a tip "Different from her other books, more suspense and eeriness but still an intriguing story with a twist"

julia_3268 shared a tip "Finished in one day! Very different from her other books. Pulls you in and has twists!"

samantha_hipolito shared a tip "I liked this book but it was weird for a bit! I never thought this would be about “ghosts”"

hannah_d_1883 shared a tip "Didn’t really like. Too much fiction"

Justine Dyke's profile image

justine_dyke_2942 shared a tip "It was kind of a mediocre book "

kendayl_ostrovsky shared a tip "The mystery was thrilling"

mellisa 's profile image

karen_smith188 shared a tip "didn’t catch my attention"

amanda_rogers_7750 shared a tip "I didn’t like the ghost aspect"

Marissa Carrillo's profile image

marissa_carrillo_3123 shared a tip "First paranormal book I've read and I really enjoyed it. Colleen Hoover does it again!💙"

Lixsiana Velazquez's profile image

lixsiana_velazquez shared a tip "Mixed feelings but overall good."

alyssa_curl shared a tip "This was awful…not like Colleen. Wouldn’t recommend it to someone who’s just starting with her books."

Alexa Wood's profile image

alexa_wood shared a tip "Great twist!!"

Adriana 's profile image

adriana_2186 shared a tip "Spooky but gripping!"

alejandra_de_casas shared a tip "it was intense & kind of spooky"

Javi Myers's profile image

Javi_Myers shared a tip "It’s a great book to read in the Fall!! A spooky mystery mixed with those #colleenhoover romance vibes. So good!"

Marisol Martin's profile image

wtvmarisol shared a tip "Honestly this book is alright .. I just wouldn’t want to read it again 🥲 ."

Avery Marie's profile image

avery_marie_6208 shared a tip "It was haunting and a lot of anticipation was involved. Overall I liked it a lot."

Emilee Robinson's profile image

emilee_robinson shared a tip "The twist on this book = 👩‍🍳😘"

Karen Jackeline Diaz Melendez's profile image

karen_jackeline_dia shared a tip "loved 🫶🏻"

Makayla Chiarello's profile image

makaaay shared a tip "My #1 recommended book to my friends. Finished it in one day. Emotional rollercoaster of feelings towards characters."

brittany_h_5602 shared a tip "It was a strange read"

anna_fisher_8722 shared a tip "In my opinion this is one of her best books!"

Jeanine Saguiped's profile image

jeanine_saguiped shared a tip "Not enough umph to the storyline. Was upset on how the book ended"

Raquel 's profile image

raquelxo91 shared a tip "This book was crazy but I loved the double plot twist and the ending was good but so wild"

Maggie Martinez's profile image

maggie_martinez_5262 shared a tip "super interesting twist at the end…"

Kimberly Roland's profile image

kimberly_roland shared a tip "Great book! I read in 4.5 hours because I couldn’t put it down."

Elizabeth Hendricks's profile image

elizabethlhendricks shared a tip "Absolutely speechless. I would have never thought this book would end the way it did."

emma_whitt_536 shared a tip "Strange is the perfect word to describe this, enjoyed it, different than any other book I’ve read"

Jenna Bailey's profile image

jennalfay- shared a tip "This book took me by surprise, not her normal writing technique but it was so freaking good!!!"

Kelsey clarke 's profile image

kelsey_clarke_581 shared a tip "Not the type of book I’m used to reading, ended up loving the supernatural side to it. The plot twists were insane!!"

lily_mann_6769 shared a tip "Scary"

cate_sanders shared a tip "my favourite book by her. so many twists and turns."

Lindsey McCormack's profile image

lindsey_mccormack_2062 shared a tip "The first 2/3 of the book were fantastic. The last third was just kind of creepy."

Tamara Cielen's profile image

tamara_scully shared a tip "It had some very good plot twists."

nikie_hansen shared a tip "This book was amazing but was also a mind ****!"

Madison Marchetti's profile image

madison_marchetti shared a tip "Love how it is written. Amazing book!!!"

audrey_douglas_9394 shared a tip "it was a lot different than stuff i’ve read by her but i really enjoyed it"

Robecca Ragany's profile image

robecca_ragany shared a tip "Page turner!! Couldn't put down read it in one day!"

Jess Rother's profile image

jess_rother shared a tip "Twisty!!"

tielr_packer shared a tip "Good read, just be a little open minded"

Hope McIlrath's profile image

hope_mcilrath shared a tip "The twists and turns keep you guessing."

Ellie <3's profile image

angellicellie shared a tip "First book I’ve read by Colleen Hoover and it’s really good <3"

meghan_298 shared a tip "Convinced CoHo can write any genre after this book, fantastic paranormal romance. Loved this so much!!!"

Stephanie Markus's profile image

stephanie_markus shared a tip "Such a great read! Read it within the day. Definitely pulls you in from the get go! Will booking for more of her books!"

Samantha Fleming's profile image

samantha_fleming_8798 shared a tip "Great book with a twist at the end that makes perfect sense and will make you truly wonder at the end!"

Jenny Fitzmaurice's profile image

jenny_fitzmaurice shared a tip "Very interesting! Couldn’t put it down"

Amanda Crosby's profile image

amanda_crosby shared a tip "It’s amazing"

braelyn_6723 shared a tip "Definitely"

marta_guzzo shared a tip "It was intense and heart tugging"

hcroberson616 shared a tip "This book is strange…. In the middle of it I wasnt very into it, but I powered thru it and the ending was great…"

parie_leotta shared a tip "Easy read"

catherine_fussnecker shared a tip "Suspenseful and surprising!"

Melissa Carozza's profile image

melissa_carozza shared a tip "Colleen Hoover love you but this was just weird but fun to read in October but also just weird"

Taylor Parkey's profile image

taylor_parkey shared a tip "This book pulls you in with every sentence that you read.."

chauntelle shared a tip "I'm not finished it yet, im on chapter 19. I'll let you know lol @ashley_hostetter"

Ariel Wright's profile image

ariel_wright_9603 shared a tip "C.H. writing paranormal!!! Yess!!!"

Alyssa Mundry's profile image

alyssa_mundry shared a tip "Just amazing read. So many turns right from the first page. I literally couldn’t put it down"

Morgan Alvarenga's profile image

morgan_alvarenga shared a tip "Emotional roller coaster! A couple of good plot twists! Addicting read!"

Lee Lee Ennis's profile image

lee_lee_ennis shared a tip "Read this book in four hours. Easy read- hard to put down!"

Selena Knowles's profile image

selenaknowles shared a tip "i was low key scared but omg the emotions i felt reading this wow."

megan_hubbard_1855 shared a tip "this books takes you on twists and turns like no other i highly recommend this book"

Halle Jellis's profile image

halle_jellis shared a tip "Kept me hooked the entire time!"

robin_lynch shared a tip "What a whirlwind of a story, not super spooky but definitely gave me the chills"

Bailee Ethridge's profile image

bailee_ethridge shared a tip "Can’t put it down!!"

Amber Lynn Mancini's profile image

ambmannn shared a tip "So gooooood!"

jamie_6625 shared a tip "I almost didn’t finish this book but the ending was so good"

Nicole Anderson's profile image

nicole_anderson_9783 shared a tip "Didn’t want to put down, I suspected the ending but not like this"

Sara Goulding's profile image

sara_goulding_3576 shared a tip "5/5"

Morg Rose's profile image

morg_rose shared a tip "Started off slow but I LOVED the ending. It was much different than anything I’ve read before!"

Brenda H's profile image

brenda_h12 shared a tip "Different than I expected but very pleasantly surprised!"

Brittany Spath's profile image

brittany_spath shared a tip "So. Much. Suspense."

jodie_grube shared a tip "Definitely different from her usual stories but stick with it- the last 100 or so pages will grab you."

olivia_st._louis shared a tip "I guess it’s just not my style of romance. The whole paranormal love thing."

lindsay_7426 shared a tip "Paranormal genre so different for me but do love Hoover’s writing."

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