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Alone on a tiny deserted island, Hank has given up all hope of ever making it home again. But one day everything changes when a dead body washes ashore, and he soon realizes it may be his last opportunity to escape certain death. Armed with his new “friend” and an unusual bag of tricks, the duo go o

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2016-06-24

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $3m

Revenue $4.9m


TMDB 6.9


Gabrielle Grosbety's profile image

gabrielle_grosbety shared a tip "@agonza28 this one’s for you 😏"

Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "Interesti... I'm leaving the theater.""

Kathy Clyne's profile image

kathy_clyne shared a tip "This movie is weird as **** but oddly funny 😆😆😆"

olivia cain's profile image

garraty_mcvries shared a tip "Controversial? Perhaps. A heartbreaking love story? Yes."

Nadia 's profile image

PousseLananas shared a tip "It was absolutely weird, and I loved it."

aj_4853 shared a tip "This movie was so weird and so funny and so beautiful. Absolutely loved it"

Hannah Grivna's profile image

hannah_grivna shared a tip "This movie is hysterical!!!!"

Micah 's profile image

mario_8349 shared a tip "This movie is… challenging. One of my favorite movies overall though"

Megan H's profile image

meghei shared a tip "a terribly odd film, in the best way"

Raymond Malone's profile image

raymond_malone shared a tip "Great film, only if you can accept the 1st 10 minutes. Very heartfelt."

Dax Bayler's profile image

dax_bayler shared a tip "So damn weird and powerful."

Justin 's profile image

JuiceBokz shared a tip " all I can say about this movie is weird as hell. But super interesting."

laura_wills shared a tip "The soundtrack is also amazing. Jurassic Park and Montage are especially good."

ryan_dugan shared a tip "It’s very weird but if you get past that it’s really good"

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "Enjoyed this one. Had a nice ending.."

Deanna Alston Lambert's profile image

deanna_alston_lambe shared a tip "Loved it!! Funny in an ironic way!"

Shyla 's profile image

shyla_gartner shared a tip "Stupid but sad and funny"

tyrelle 's profile image

jest shared a tip "a gay necrophilic movie- yeah that’s about it . 10 out of 10"

sharon_lestage shared a tip "You just have to watch it. Not like anything else you will EVER watch."

sharon_lestage shared a tip "The craziest weirdest most wonderful film. Must see!"

Laurent 's profile image

laurent_5699 shared a tip "fucken cried 3 times at this ****"

Caitlin Ewing's profile image

caitlin_ewing shared a tip "If you don't like **** jokes, don't watch this. If you do, you'll love it."

Shawn Adams's profile image

shawn_adams_9199 shared a tip "Hideous excuse for a movie"

Kayla Phillips's profile image

kayla_phillips_1356 shared a tip "Absolutely absurd and yet somehow absolutely heartwarming. Daniel Radcliffe is a farting corpse, so yeah, it's that kind of movie"

bihskizz shared a tip "Very funny comedy"

Hayley Anderson's profile image

hayley_anderson_5356 shared a tip "I can watch this one over and over. Great story, great soundtrack, huge surprise at the end. 10/10"

Mirren Bodanis's profile image

mirren_bodanis shared a tip "My new favorite film. Beautiful."

Casey Robert's profile image

casey_robert shared a tip "Best movie so funny and heartwarming"

Jennifer Gensch's profile image

jennifer_gensch shared a tip "It's unusual and totally entertaining!"

Allie Barden's profile image

allie_barden shared a tip "Story lags but it's visually pleasing."

Kasandra Natewa's profile image

kasandra_natewa shared a tip "I thought this movie was hilarious at first, but then the truth hit me and I was sad. It had me thinking. Really well done."

Raind Shrum's profile image

raind_shrum shared a tip "Very strange but also very entertaining"

Alex Batcheller's profile image

alex_batcheller shared a tip "[7/10] 01/06/22 - Very unique film…"

domino 's profile image

domino shared a tip "what the **** is going on with a24 films"

Kat McKague's profile image

kat_mckague shared a tip "So cringy. 5/5 do not recommend."

Jaelyn Hargraves's profile image

jaelyn_hargraves shared a tip "Its not what you would expect at all! "

Jawsh Davys's profile image

jawsh_davys shared a tip "Orginal and adventurous"

Brooks Lewis's profile image

brooks_lewis shared a tip "Daniel Radcliffe does another upsettingly weird movie"

trisha_etienne shared a tip "Weird movie but I was here for it! Oddly enjoyed it."

Breanna Stewart's profile image

breanna_stewart shared a tip "Funny"

alexis_butcher shared a tip "AMAZING MOVIE. Funny and sad. Pulls on the heart in a beautiful way throughout with a huge twist."

Min Max's profile image

min_max shared a tip "Irreverent and just plain weird"

Max 's profile image

whatissouptoagod shared a tip "So weird. So good. Came for the farting corpse, stayed for the emotional torture. 5/5 would have sex to it."

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