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In 1800s England, a well-meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2020-02-13

Runtime 125 minutes

Budget $10m

Revenue $25m


TMDB 7.1


Bella Nicole's profile image

bella_nicole_7663 shared a tip "mr. Knightley crying destroys me emotionally every time. he’s so sweet"

madison_2504 shared a tip "I really tried to like this but I couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen I was so bored."

Ta’Corei Brown's profile image

theefinalboy shared a tip "emma woodhouse my fav blonde rich girl and happy birthday to my gf Anya 🎉👸🏼🎂"

Becca Sangwin's profile image

becca_sangwin shared a tip "This was visually stunning. The story was a bit hard to follow at times - but it was gorgeous to look at!"

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "Austen fan here. This is a really good movie with a wonderful cast. Costumes are to die for!!"

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "This was very cute, but I actually think that I prefer the Gwyneth Paltrow version a little better."

Charlotte Malmin's profile image

charlotte_malmin shared a tip "Absolutely stunning movie. Wonderful portrayal of the story we all love, with period clothing and great actors. Loved it!"

Nikki 's profile image

NikkiStixx shared a tip "I wanted to like it, but just couldn't"

💕💕💕 's profile image

SEN1812 shared a tip "I loved the way the story played out!!"

Elisabeth 's profile image

elisabeth_fairy shared a tip "My sisters took me to see this in theater and it’s my favorite version of Emma! It’s delightful!"

vicky_kay_9460 shared a tip "The soundtrack is to die for, absolute 10/10 matches the book perfectly🤍🤍"

sammy colón's profile image

sammy_coln shared a tip "favorite move ever."

matt_rizzo_7734 shared a tip "Super charming film (8.25/10)"

kat_morten shared a tip "Very different, but captivating, and ooh, Johnny Flynn!"

Crista Hark's profile image

crista_hark shared a tip "It’s a bit more modern but still a great movie."

C 's profile image

c_1732 shared a tip "It was cute! Great date night with Mom or the girls."

Jennifer Emery's profile image

jennifer_emery shared a tip "Loved it. Very funny."

Kelly Liza's profile image

kelly_liza shared a tip "I love this movie, it’s too bad they took it off of all the main streaming services 🥺"

Jasmin .'s profile image

jasmin_. shared a tip "OHMYGODDD YESSSSS"

Cameron Peltz's profile image

cameron_peltz shared a tip "The different tone at the ending"

Wagner Moreira's profile image

wagner_moreira shared a tip "Beautiful drama"

abigail_5430 shared a tip "I'm a fan of any period movie, Yet I perfer the orginal 1990's Emma. This one was unappealing to the eye and frankly... Boring."

Sheri Sauers's profile image

sheri_sauers shared a tip "Just the right amount of everything good and so much fun!"

kristi_doolittle shared a tip "One of my most favorite movies in a long time! A great classical, adaptation of the book! #janeaustin #datenight"

Lily Saxton's profile image

lily_saxton shared a tip "I really liked this one, you should try it!"

Kaye Lipscomb's profile image

kaye_lipscomb_6125 shared a tip "I love all Jane Austin!"

Esther 's profile image

esther_3580 shared a tip "I felt things."

zoe king's profile image

eisforzoe shared a tip "LOVVVEEEDDDD ITTTT -sophia"

Blue 's profile image

jodi_Schmodie shared a tip "L"

Mustapha Garba's profile image

mustapha_garba shared a tip "I like it"

Keely Golden's profile image

keely_golden shared a tip "Hilarious historical romp."

katie_hasty shared a tip "Beautifully shot, full of hot crushes"

jenn_bettincourt shared a tip "It was a cute vividly bright and colorful movie"

bianca_falcilgia shared a tip "Love this classic!"

Audrey Kurtz's profile image

audrey_kurtz shared a tip "Witty, bright and charming"

Amy Hulsizer's profile image

amy_hulsizer shared a tip "Different take on the Emma story, sets and costumes were breathtaking!"

Janice Seiberling's profile image

janice_seiberling shared a tip "The older versions of this movie were so much better"

jonathan_hull shared a tip "Who doesn’t love Jane Austin?"

Emma Hughes-Brett's profile image

emma_hughes-brett shared a tip "The casting was genius!"

Annie Moretto's profile image

annie_moretto shared a tip "This os my favorite movie!!! I love the lightness of it all, I love the teasing of romance, I love the aesthetic."

Elisabeth Harstad's profile image

elisabeth_harstad shared a tip "I don't like their choice of lead and didn't believe their romance. However, I did really like it and would watch it again."

Library Michele's profile image

library_michele shared a tip "My favorite adaptation"

Desi Martinez's profile image

desi_martinez shared a tip "Smart and quick witted"

Lorna Adams's profile image

lorna_adams shared a tip "Similar to Wes Anderson films"

anna_hoang_2399 shared a tip "A charming and well directed version of a Jane Austin classic. Love the actor choices."

Zoe Torres's profile image

zoe_torres_5820 shared a tip "Always like Emma adaptations, anya-taylor is good imo all the time"

emily dawson's profile image

emily_dawson_7479 shared a tip "one of my absolute favorite movies. the cinematography, the outfits, the aesthetics, everything im in love with"

Ana Duran's profile image

spanishaccent shared a tip "Pretty good movie"

anj_8630 shared a tip "I really love a movie that just feels like a work of art."

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