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Successful author Veronica finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it's too late.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-09-02

Runtime 105 minutes

Budget $15m

Revenue $7.1m


TMDB 6.3


Nicholas Bowlin's profile image

nicholas_bowlin shared a tip "Janelle Monáe’s performance is stunning."

cat_6870 shared a tip "Finally a movie I truly enjoyed and kept my attention."

Markey Mark's profile image

markey_mark shared a tip "A horror thriller that will creep u out big time ."

Kelis K's profile image

kelis_k shared a tip "Gave me Jordan Peele vibes & took me a while to understand what was going on but it was a good thriller"

Jason ON's profile image

jason_on shared a tip "Great movie. The tension is so high throughout."

Mama Chef's profile image

mama_chef shared a tip "Disturbing... Perfect Juneteenth watch."

Erica ThatByouKnow's profile image

ArYka shared a tip "Sorry, you can't get this on Netflix I was trying to remove it but I don't know how."

David Sims's profile image

davidesims shared a tip "Very clever."

Jamie Tadlock's profile image

jamie_tadlock shared a tip "Entertaining, exciting ans with a strong point of view about slavery and confederate statues."

Joseph Manley's profile image

joseph_manley shared a tip "The plot of the story was actually much better than I expected, however it still left me wanting something else."

Lina 's profile image

lina_belikova shared a tip "A bit of a slow burner, but I loved the twist"

K J's profile image

kj415 shared a tip "X"

Christa Coulter-Scott's profile image

christa_coulter-sco shared a tip "I can't rave about this enough. We loved the suspense!"

Damon Pierson Jr's profile image

damon_pierson_jr shared a tip "I lovvvvvvvvve this movie! It’s literally one of my favorites of all time"

Jasmine Scott's profile image

jasmine_scott_4181 shared a tip "This movie in my opinion is so bad. Like literally why. The only people who enjoy this movie are white people I am so sorry."

Gail Flores's profile image

gail.aka.G shared a tip "I enjoyed the suspense"

Danielle Zyla's profile image

danielle_zyla shared a tip "Just terrible"

Serenity Robinson's profile image

Rennii_Rose shared a tip "just watched tonight, it was a good movie. I don't understand why people didn't like it?"

Jamisa Spalding's profile image

jamisa_spalding shared a tip "This story was a mindbend. Excellent twist and turns and it was extremely different kind of movie#horror"

WAIANUHEA MULFORD's profile image

waianuhea_mulford shared a tip "Thought provoking. Trippy"

Ysa Hernandez's profile image

ysa_hernandez shared a tip "#thriller"

emmah shared a tip "I loved this movie and the real history it captured! #blm"

Jade Morganfield's profile image

jade_morganfield shared a tip "Nice plot twist towards the end. Everything clicks together in the end. I would watch it again."

Ashley Merk's profile image

ashley_merk shared a tip "Really cool twist, reminds me of the movie “Get Out”."

Angelo Bagtas's profile image

angelo_bagtas shared a tip "Great concept, it's like Shyamalan works"

Angelo Bagtas's profile image

angelo_bagtas shared a tip "The mystery will give you a gasp. And if you thought you know what's going on, you're wrong."

Be Wilder's profile image

be_wilder shared a tip "Loved it!"

Kionna McFadden's profile image

kionna_mcfadden shared a tip "Great movie"

Naty Plasencia's profile image

naty_plasencia shared a tip "Intense/suspenseful scenario"

connie_neils shared a tip "Good movie. I didn't expect the twist."

Christina Barrish's profile image

christina_barrish shared a tip "Everyone should see this movie now"

Matthew Cowser's profile image

matthew_cowser shared a tip "Very underated movie 8/10"

karen_florek shared a tip "This was very disturbing, but it was an excellent movie."

iko_pew shared a tip "Terrifying and horrifying."

Bioluminary 85's profile image

bioluminary_85 shared a tip "This may be the best movie I've ever seen. Highly recommend."

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