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For what it's worth: One Piece is my favorite anime/manga, X-Files is my favorite TV show, my favorite Studio Ghibli movie is either Spirited Away or The Tale of Princess Kaguya, my favorite live action movie is The house on haunted hill, my favorite anime franchise movie is either One Piece: Stampede or One Piece Film: RED (I'm biased, I saw both in theaters), my favourite non-franchise anime movie is A Silent Voice, and lastly my favorite Cartoon is between, Gravity falls &, Hilda.


I don't know how to rate this film, I liked it... I think? VERY good movie. For a film in which I already knew the twist for the ending, I was deeply surprised at how gripping I found the final act to be, and how overall upsetting (in the way a thriller is supposed to be) I found the film to be as a whole. Now if you excuse me, I think I'm gonna go cry to a pillow and then comfort watch cute videos until I feel better.

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Perfect Blue

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10/10 got to see this movie at a early showing last night, and this might be my new favorite One Piece Film!!! It's like they merged my two favorite OP films together and I love it! Now I just have to wait for it to come to streaming platforms so I can watch it 10 more times... It as a really great story, music, action, animation and fan service (the kind that has a lot of fan favorite characters, not the other kind, though they did have a bit of that, too. Lol) #onepiece #fantasy #action #animation #drama #movies #adventure #action_and_adventure

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One Piece Film: Red

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I would give "Bubble" a 5/10, the animation was beautiful, voice acting was great, music was awesome (I'm a huge fan of Eve's music). But to cut the fluff, while there was a clear semblance of a great idea... It's execution was where it faltered. Hibiki was great, though I wasn't a fan of his autism-bate that was later healed and just brushed of as him just MAGICALLY hearing something no one else could, and the supporting cast was lovely, but our female lead, Uta, was to flat of a character for me to care about her or the friendships she created. She has no personality other than literally "The Little Mermaid", it caused the climax of the film to feel... Pointless.

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