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This reminded me of a Jordan Peel movie. I liked!

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The Strays

Movies | Drama

I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I did. The documentary was shot and weaved together beautifully. There wasn’t a boring moment when I watched it. I think what makes it moving is that there is heart behind it and what we see is genuine and humble person that I think most of didn’t know exists because of how she was portrayed by media.

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Pamela, A Love Story

Movies | Documentary

Enjoying this show! It’s a lighthearted with some fortunetelling.

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Shows | Comedy

I was hooked. I could’ve finished in one sitting if I wasn’t watching it with someone else. This show has all elements that I enjoy and I hope it’s picked up for season 2 🤞🤞

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Shows | Drama

Great watch - but show won’t be renewed :(

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Shows | Mystery

I didn’t think I’d like it much but I LOVED everything about this show

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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